$1400, 30 stocks

@aviolet + Webull

NEW PROMO ALERT DONT MISS OUT‼️ THOSE WHO JOIN WITH ME MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW STEPS 2 &3 FOR REWARD‼️ Cashed out $1500 already 🫶🏼 Steps: Click link 👇🏼: hidden-url Sign up 👉🏼 MUST Open account a brokerage account with any amount ( wait for account approval usually right then and there ) 👉🏼 MUST DEPOSIT a penny YES JUST A PENNY😅 to get up to $1400 (wait 3-5 days for it to settle ) You will get up to $1400 worth of stocks and you refer people to do the same steps! You can keep them or sell them for money ‼️💸 * MUST FOLLOW STEPS TO GET REWARDED * Easy money

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