2021's best referral programs

213 coins, wallets, marketplaces and other crypto apps with generous referral programs

The best time to buy a bitcoin was 5 years ago, the seconds best is now.

Crypto referral and affiliate programs

We've listed the referral programs our user love, but please let us know if we should add more to the list!

For a quick overview, here's a table comparing the different programs:

App / Site Reward for invitee Rating Infos Save Post
2captcha referrals 2captcha Details
8Bet referrals 8Bet Details
8bit referrals 8bit Details
ATAIX Trading referrals ATAIX Trading Details
Abra referrals Abra $30 Details
Accointing referrals Accointing Details
Ad-Doge referrals Ad-Doge 10.000DOGE - 50.000DOGE Details
Airdrop Alert referrals Airdrop Alert Access to unlimited airdrops Details
Airtm referrals Airtm $2 Details
Althub referrals Althub Details
Anycoin Direct referrals Anycoin Direct Details
Atari Tokens referrals Atari Tokens 5% of tokens bought Details
Atomic Wallet referrals Atomic Wallet You will receive 10 AWC for registration. Details
Autofaucet referrals Autofaucet Details
Automatic Bitcome referrals Automatic Bitcome 2% in cash Details
Automining.cc referrals Automining.cc 1000 GH/Z Free Details
BTCExch referrals BTCExch 1000 BIX Details
Bank of hodlers referrals Bank of hodlers $10 Details
Basic Income Token referrals Basic Income Token 100 Basic Income Tokens Details
BeerMoneyForum referrals BeerMoneyForum Details
Bestchange referrals Bestchange 0.65$ for each sign up Details
Bestmining.top referrals Bestmining.top 2500 GH/s Free Details
Binance Jersey referrals Binance Jersey low fees Details
Bit Fun referrals Bit Fun Free bitcoins Details
Bit Fun referrals Bit Fun Free bitcoins Details
BitShark referrals BitShark 5 free mining turns Details
Bitcoin Black referrals Bitcoin Black 3600 (36$) Details
Bitcoin Classic referrals Bitcoin Classic 130BXC - 5$ Details
Bitcoin Rewards referrals Bitcoin Rewards 1 000 sat, cashback up to 40% Details
Bitcoinspin referrals Bitcoinspin Details
Bitladon referrals Bitladon Details
Bitmex referrals Bitmex 10% fee discount (6m) Details
Bitpanda referrals Bitpanda €10 Details
Bitsgap referrals Bitsgap Free to use & 10% off for 1st order Details
Bittrex referrals Bittrex 10% on you referrals commissions Details
Bituniverse referrals Bituniverse 10 Details
Bitvavo referrals Bitvavo Waived fees for $1000 trade Details
Bityard referrals Bityard 6BYD Details
BlockFi referrals BlockFi Details
Blockcard referrals Blockcard 10$ Details
Blockchain Poker referrals Blockchain Poker 100 sats free + bonuses Details
Blockchain.com referrals Blockchain.com Details
Bonus Bitcoin referrals Bonus Bitcoin Up to 5,000 satoshi per claim Details
Bonustrade referrals Bonustrade Free win up to 2000$ Details
Bugaminning.com referrals Bugaminning.com Get 200 GH/S as Sign up Bonus Details
Buzz Break referrals Buzz Break 100 points Details
Celsius referrals Celsius 20€ Details
Change referrals Change 10€ Details
Changelly referrals Changelly exchange crypto, best rates Details
ClaimBTC.io referrals ClaimBTC.io Hourly free rolls. Details
Cobinhood referrals Cobinhood $10 Details
Coin referrals Coin 1000 coins on signup Details
CoinCasso referrals CoinCasso $35 Details
CoinField referrals CoinField 40 SOLO Details
CoinPayU referrals CoinPayU Free Bitcoins Details
CoinSmart referrals CoinSmart $15 Details
Coinapp referrals Coinapp 1000 coins Details
Coinbase referrals Coinbase $10 Details
Coinbase EOS referrals Coinbase EOS $50 Details
Coinbase OXT referrals Coinbase OXT $12 Details
Coinbase XLM referrals Coinbase XLM $12 XLM coins Details
Coinberry referrals Coinberry $20 Details
Coinex referrals Coinex Up to 40% of Trading Fee for Referral Reward Details
Coinlist referrals Coinlist Details
Coinmerce referrals Coinmerce Details
Coinpoker referrals Coinpoker 500 CHP Details
Coinsbit referrals Coinsbit 30'000 CNG (300$) Details
Coinseed referrals Coinseed $5 Details
Coinspot referrals Coinspot 10$ of bitcoin Details
Cointiply referrals Cointiply Bitcoin faucet Details
Computta referrals Computta 0.10mBTC Details
Crypterium referrals Crypterium $5 Details
Crypto Place referrals Crypto Place 1000 GH/s free mining power Details
Crypto Treasure referrals Crypto Treasure 200 Coins Details
Crypto.com referrals Crypto.com $50 Details
CryptoHuge referrals CryptoHuge $100 Free On Signup+$20 For Each Referral Details
CryptoMiningGame referrals CryptoMiningGame Endless opportunities from rewards! Details
CryptoTab referrals CryptoTab Free Download Details
CryptoTrader.tax referrals CryptoTrader.tax 10% discount coupon Details
Cryptomarket referrals Cryptomarket $1002 Details
Cryptozilla referrals Cryptozilla 10$ Details
Cudo Miner referrals Cudo Miner 15k Satoshis Details
Current referrals Current $1 Details
DDEX referrals DDEX $5 Details
Delta Exchange referrals Delta Exchange 10% discount in trading fees for 6 months Details
Doge live referrals Doge live Details
DogeBitsFree referrals DogeBitsFree up to 10.000bits every 3 min. Details
DoubleWay referrals DoubleWay max 20000ETH Details
Dualmine referrals Dualmine You get 100 GH/s free mining power Details
Ducatus referrals Ducatus 50$ Ducatus Coins Details
Dukascopy referrals Dukascopy 5 DUK+ coin Details
ESFaucet referrals ESFaucet Details
Earn.com referrals Earn.com $1 in BTC Details
Earnsats.co referrals Earnsats.co 500 sats Details
Ecoin referrals Ecoin 600 ecoin (3.3$) Details
Einstein Exchange referrals Einstein Exchange $10 Details
Electroneum referrals Electroneum 1% bonus on mining income Details
Faucet Collector referrals Faucet Collector Details
Faucet Crypto referrals Faucet Crypto Details
FaucetPay referrals FaucetPay Earn crypto by completing offers. Earn reward points for your activity on the site. Details
Feel Mining referrals Feel Mining Details
Fire Faucet referrals Fire Faucet earn ETH automatically Details
Fold App referrals Fold App 20,000 Satoshis Details
Free Mining referrals Free Mining Details
Free-ethereum.io referrals Free-ethereum.io Details
FreeBitcoinFaucet.io referrals FreeBitcoinFaucet.io Free Bitcoins Details
Freebitcoin referrals Freebitcoin Free Bitcoins s Details
Freebitcoin.io referrals Freebitcoin.io free roll up to 0.32BTC every hour Details
Freedogeon referrals Freedogeon free roll up to 150$ every hour Details
Freeusdc referrals Freeusdc free roll up to 300USDC/hour 😍 Details
GILminning referrals GILminning 100 GH/s free mining power Details
Gemini referrals Gemini 10 Details
Genesis mining referrals Genesis mining 3% discount on any purchase Details
Global currency unit referrals Global currency unit Perhaps 25,000 GCUs Details
Hashflare referrals Hashflare Details
Hashter referrals Hashter 100GHz of Hashrate Details
Hashtrust Mining referrals Hashtrust Mining 1 ride Details
Honeyminer referrals Honeyminer Just for installing, your referrals will get 1,000 Satoshis to get them started and excited. Details
Horizen faucet referrals Horizen faucet up to 1 ZEN Details
HourlyMiner referrals HourlyMiner 0.5 bitcoin Details
Indacoin referrals Indacoin 3% of the amount user invested Details
Initiative Q referrals Initiative Q 3230Q Details
Instacoin referrals Instacoin Β£10 Details
Jumblebox referrals Jumblebox No bonus for sign up Details
KickEX referrals KickEX Get 5,000 KICK Details
Klever referrals Klever 200klv Details
Klever wallet referrals Klever wallet 200klv Details
Kraken referrals Kraken 20% Details
Kriptomat referrals Kriptomat 0 Details
Kucoin referrals Kucoin Details
Ledger wallet referrals Ledger wallet hardware wallet Details
Libra Dragon Token referrals Libra Dragon Token 2 LDT Details
LifeCoin referrals LifeCoin 5 points Details
Liquid.com referrals Liquid.com 10% Of your trading fee Details
Litecoin Miner referrals Litecoin Miner 0.001 LTC for free every day Details
LoadTeam referrals LoadTeam 0.2$ Details
Lolli referrals Lolli BTC Details
Lootbits referrals Lootbits 50 diamonds Details
Luno referrals Luno ZAR 25.00 Details
Mercatox referrals Mercatox Details
Mercuryo referrals Mercuryo Free to use, including virtual cards. Details
Metal Pay referrals Metal Pay $10 Details
Midoin referrals Midoin 5x mining boost Details
Minds referrals Minds +1 Token Details
MinerGate referrals MinerGate Free Bitcoins Details
Mining Company LTD referrals Mining Company LTD $1 towards hashrate Details
Mining up referrals Mining up ? Details
Miny wallet referrals Miny wallet 25 Details
Monfex referrals Monfex Details
Moon Bitcoin referrals Moon Bitcoin Details
Moon Cash referrals Moon Cash Earn as often as every 5 min. Details
Moon dogecoin referrals Moon dogecoin Free Dogecoins Details
MoonDash referrals MoonDash Free Dash Details
MoonLitecoin referrals MoonLitecoin Free Litecoins Details
MoreMoney.io referrals MoreMoney.io Free Bitcoins Details
Morpher.com referrals Morpher.com $60 Details
MyConstant referrals MyConstant 10.00 Details
Netbox NBX referrals Netbox NBX 10 NBX and more Details
Newton referrals Newton $25 Details
Nydronia referrals Nydronia Free 100 NIA Details
Oikos referrals Oikos 200oks Details
Okex referrals Okex 10$ + 400 sats every day Details
Orange Pie referrals Orange Pie Extra 2$ ontop of your % Details
Paxful referrals Paxful Unlimited earning Potetial! Details
Phemex referrals Phemex $72 Details
Pi Network referrals Pi Network early access Details
PipeFlare referrals PipeFlare Details
Pitacoin referrals Pitacoin 1000 Satoshi Details
Pivot referrals Pivot 20,00 power Details
Platincoin referrals Platincoin Access to PLATINCOIN technology (registration only possible with invitation link) Details
Powerj referrals Powerj 15$ Details
Presearch referrals Presearch 25 PRE Details
Prime XBT referrals Prime XBT 35$ deposit bonus Details
Probit referrals Probit Details
Publish0x referrals Publish0x Details
Read.cash referrals Read.cash Variable Details
Redeeem referrals Redeeem earn passively Details
Relictum Pro referrals Relictum Pro EARLY ACCESS Details
Rollercoin referrals Rollercoin 0.00000200 BTC Details
Ronex referrals Ronex 20$ + 80 RX(48$) Details
Shakepay referrals Shakepay $10 Details
SparkEarn referrals SparkEarn 10000 SRK Details
Spire-x referrals Spire-x 0.05 etherium Details
Spot referrals Spot Details
Stake referrals Stake 1 free share Details
Stakecube referrals Stakecube Your in my Team, and start with an higher level Details
StormGain referrals StormGain +15% bonus deposit Details
StormX referrals StormX 5$ Details
Sweatcoin referrals Sweatcoin $10 Details
Swissborg Community referrals Swissborg Community 3'000 points (free BTC) Details
Swyftx referrals Swyftx AUD$10 + 30% off trading fees for life! Details
TV-TWO referrals TV-TWO 555 credits Details
The Digital Dollar referrals The Digital Dollar 10 USD-D Details
TimeBucks referrals TimeBucks $5.00 Details
Tokenbix referrals Tokenbix 25% Details
Topcoins referrals Topcoins free roll every 15 minutes up to 250BAT/12BNB Details
Tradesanta referrals Tradesanta Get paid 20% for each payment of your referrals Details
TradingView referrals TradingView $30 Details
Triip referrals Triip 11 TIIM Details
Trust Wallet referrals Trust Wallet 100 TWT coins Details
Trustwallet referrals Trustwallet 100 TWT tokens Details
Trybal referrals Trybal 500 TRY Details
Uplandme referrals Uplandme 6000 UPX crypto coins Details
Verminning referrals Verminning You get 1000 GH/s free mining power Details
Vest referrals Vest $5 Details
Vixes Mining referrals Vixes Mining $3 Details
Voyager referrals Voyager $25 Details
Wirex referrals Wirex $10 Details
Xcrypto referrals Xcrypto 15$ Details
Zoogg referrals Zoogg 1 ETH or 1 LINK or 1 ZGG Details
adBTC referrals adBTC β‰ˆ0.000005 BTC daily Details
bc.game referrals bc.game 1 Free spin to win up to 1 BTC Details
best fit traders referrals best fit traders Details
best mining referrals best mining 2750 gh/s Details
betfury.io referrals betfury.io Details
binance.us  referrals binance.us 40% off trades Details
bittube referrals bittube $20 Details
bybit referrals bybit $90 Details
civic wallet referrals civic wallet Details
cointrading.biz referrals cointrading.biz upto 20 USD at least Details
earncrypto.com referrals earncrypto.com Details
freebcc referrals freebcc Details
lbry.tv referrals lbry.tv 15 LBC Details
litecoinADS referrals litecoinADS Details
xTrend referrals xTrend $200 coupon and $5 credit Details

1. Abra referral program


Sign up with a referral code and get a $30 bonus

πŸ‘‰   Abra referral codes

2. Coinbase referral program


Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. You can invite your friends by sharing the provided link. Once your friend buys or sells $100 of digital currency or more, you will both get $10 of free bitcoin. Learn more at: https://www.coinbase.com/invite_friends

πŸ‘‰   Coinbase referral codes

3. Coinbase EOS referral program

Coinbase EOS

EOSIO is a protocol designed for fast and free blockchain apps. Learn how it works and you’ll earn EOS.

πŸ‘‰   Coinbase EOS referral codes

4. Global currency unit referral program

Global Currency Unit (GCU β„’) is the hottest new crypto currency that is being positioned as one of the most valuable newest crypto assets in the world. You can now receive up to 25,000 (YES that’s twenty five thousand!) GCUs, already valued at over $1,500 USD - absolutely FREE. Simply share this message with a few friends from your contact list, and when just 8 of them register, we will deposit up to 25,000 GCUs in your crypto wallet. It is that simple!

πŸ‘‰   Global currency unit referral codes

5. Electroneum referral program


Electroneum is a mobile cryptocurrency which allows you to mine free ETN with our remote mining experience.

πŸ‘‰   Electroneum referral codes

6. Crypto.com referral program


How it works: 1. Share your referral link 2. Friend completes sign up, passes KYC verification and gets Sign Up-Bonus ($50 USD in MCO locked in their MCO Wallet) which is unlocked by staking at least 50 MCO for MCO Visa Card. 3.You get $50 USD in MCO in your MCO Wallet instantly once they have completed staking.

πŸ‘‰   Crypto.com referral codes

7. Automatic Bitcome referral program

Automatic Bitcome

Automatic Bitcome is an online platform that lets you earn Bitcoin or Altcoin.; Automatic Bitcome is an online platform that lets you earn Bitcoin or Altcoin.

πŸ‘‰   Automatic Bitcome referral codes

8. Xcrypto referral program


Xcrypto is an algorithmic trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

πŸ‘‰   Xcrypto referral codes

9. Mercuryo referral program

Mercuryo makes it possible to transfer any amounts of money around the world, as well as the rapid exchange of cryptocurrencies in rubles, dollars and euros.

πŸ‘‰   Mercuryo referral codes

10. Vest referral program


Vest is a Crypto currency app. All you have to do is download our mobile app, hook up your bank account, and choose your mix of coins.

πŸ‘‰   Vest referral codes

11. CryptoHuge referral program


Cryptohuge is a cloud bitcoin mining site. It has 12 mining server contracts from $100/day to $204800/day.

πŸ‘‰   CryptoHuge referral codes

12. Metal Pay referral program

Metal Pay

Metal Pay is the best way to send money. Paying your friends is fun and instant. Sending money costs nothing. Pay anyone, anytime, for free. Make money better

πŸ‘‰   Metal Pay referral codes

13. Bituniverse referral program


BitUniverse is an all-in-one cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and trading terminal.

πŸ‘‰   Bituniverse referral codes

14. DDEX referral program


The most user-friendly decentralized exchange for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

πŸ‘‰   DDEX referral codes

15. Cobinhood referral program


COBINHOOD helps you maximize returns on your cryptocurrency investment. 0% trading fees without any conditions.

πŸ‘‰   Cobinhood referral codes

16. Change referral program


Change app allows you to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies and manage your payment card safely in one place.

πŸ‘‰   Change referral codes

17. Stakecube referral program


StakeCube is an automated and community-driven POS Crypto Pool with aim to provide an easy way for everyone to join a staking community to profit.

πŸ‘‰   Stakecube referral codes

18. Einstein Exchange referral program

Einstein Exchange

Looks like the service closed! Many negative reviews on their app page.

πŸ‘‰   Einstein Exchange referral codes

19. Gemini referral program

When you sign up for a new account using a referral link, you can earn a bonus of $10 in Bitcoin once you trade $100 within the first 30 days of account creation.

πŸ‘‰   Gemini referral codes

20. Bitmex referral program


Fee discount Trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage

πŸ‘‰   Bitmex referral codes

21. Celsius referral program


Referral codes are meant to bring in new people, someone can use your referral code to create their account, and if they deposit $200, you will both receive $10* in BTC. *$10 in BTC is distributed when a new user makes the first deposit of $200 or more using your referral code at the time of signup". You can find your referral code by tapping on the "Profile" button and then on the "Refer your friends".

πŸ‘‰   Celsius referral codes

23. Fold App referral program

Fold App

Get up to 20% cashback in bitcoin when you shop at your favorite retailers. AMAZON STARBUCKS UBER TARGET REI HOME DEPOT SOUTHWEST AIRLINES AMC MACY'S DUNKIN' DONUTs and more to come! All paid In SATS or Satoshis and can be saved up over time & used for discount on the purchase of a gift card. The company provides a great service with unused GIft cards & similar to Raise or the like except it works with a Bitcoin rewards that turn into instant rewards.

πŸ‘‰   Fold App referral codes

24. Pi Network referral program

Pi Network

Pi is a digital currency for everyday people, representing a major step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide. Pi Network is a new crypto currency introduced in March 2019 that allows users to gain coins just by using their phones. It's a very simple concept and is definitely worth a try since it's completely free. Pi network is going into phase 2 on 03.14.2020. In phase 2 pi network is going public and users can start exchanged their currency for valuables and services. Once the network reaches 10M users, the users will not be able to mine anymore coins, the only way to get them is to exchange them for something. There's still a chance to join. Start mining the first cryptocurrency for everyday people for free on your smartphone. Download 'Pi Network' in the App/Play Store register.

πŸ‘‰   Pi Network referral codes

25. Earn.com referral program


Things are moving to Coinbase, let's see what happens!

πŸ‘‰   Earn.com referral codes

26. Bitladon referral program


You can introduce new customers to our website with the referral program. We want to reward you for every new customer you bring to us! - Receive a 0.25% commission on every order they make on our website. You'll get this percentage whenever the customer buys coins. There's no end date to this! The commission is paid in BTC (Bitcoin)

πŸ‘‰   Bitladon referral codes

27. Bitvavo referral program


Bitvavo has updated its affiliate program to make it even more attractive to invite people. Now both you and the person you have referred will earn a reward. The person you have referred can trade the first €1.000 of cryptocurrency without trading fees in the first 7 days and you will receive a 15% commission of your friends trading fee for an unlimited period of time.

πŸ‘‰   Bitvavo referral codes

28. Lolli referral program

Crypto cashback (in BTC). Great website leading the way in earning BTC or Bitcoin cash back. I highly recommend adding this service, so I may invite others

πŸ‘‰   Lolli referral codes

30. Morpher.com referral program


When you sign up you get $60 worth of our token. For every person you invite you get $30 more of the token. Our official launch date is set for March 31st.

πŸ‘‰   Morpher.com referral codes

31. Probit referral program

1. CREATE AN ACCOUNT 2. INVITE FRIENDS Invite your friends by email, referral link, referral code or sharing on social media 3. EARN REWARDS Receive rewards for every user who registered using your referral

πŸ‘‰   Probit referral codes

32. Coinlist referral program

Refer a friend and, when they buy or sell $100, you’ll each earn 0.0015 BTC (~$10) and a chance to win 1 BTC

πŸ‘‰   Coinlist referral codes

33. Kucoin referral program


Kucoin is one of the most known exchanges in the crypto sphere

πŸ‘‰   Kucoin referral codes

35. bittube referral program

Bittube is a unique Bitcoin Faucet that allows you to earn Bitcoin by watching any Youtube video you like.

πŸ‘‰   bittube referral codes

36. Luno referral program


1. Sign up with my invite link 2. Deposit and buy ZARΒ 500 in BTC (Luno exchange not included) 3. We both get ZARΒ 25.00 free BTC

πŸ‘‰   Luno referral codes

37. BlockFi referral program

BlockFi provides the wealth management products cryptoinvestors need, all powered by blockchain technology.

πŸ‘‰   BlockFi referral codes

39. Coinspot referral program

It works buy awarding both users 10$ in bitcoin once they have signed up with the referral code and made a deposit

πŸ‘‰   Coinspot referral codes

40. Genesis mining referral program

Share the code with any person you’d like - friends, family, or followers. They’ll get a 3% discount on their purchase, and you’ll get a hashpower upgrade corresponding to your tier.Promo codes can be used for the purchase of all Genesis Mining plans, with the exception of 6-month mining plans.

πŸ‘‰   Genesis mining referral codes

41. Coinbase OXT referral program

Sign up for a crypto currency wallet. You'll have to submit valid ID for verification but once approved you'll have opportunity to make more than just $12 if your new and haven't done so. But there are several others such as DAI, Basic Attention Token, etc. You watch videos and answer questions to receive payment and then you can invite friends and earn $10 per friend that joins. Invite up to 4 friends to earn OXT too! They can be new or existing Coinbase users. You’ll earn $10 in OXT for each eligible friend who completes a lesson.

πŸ‘‰   Coinbase OXT referral codes

42. Spot referral program

Each time you invite a friend, you will earn a $5 reward in bitcoin when your friend makes his/her first purchase of any amount in the app.

πŸ‘‰   Spot referral codes

43. Bitsgap referral program

All-in-one trading platform for your Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrency Trading, Portfolio, Arbitrage, Signals, Demo, Bots - everything you need to easily manage crypto assets, within one interface.

πŸ‘‰   Bitsgap referral codes

44. Wirex referral program


β‘΄ Follow the link that is shared here. β‘΅ Create a Wirex account and confirm registration in your email. β‘Ά Get verified. β‘· Log in and check out what Wirex offers. β‘Έ Link your local card to your Wirex account. β‘Ή Use your local card to buy $100 worth of crypto (BTC, LTC, XRP and ETH) on the Wirex platform. When you do that, Wirex will send the first reward to both of us: $5 in BTC. Your reward is measured in Satoshis, the sub-unit of Bitcoin. β‘Ί Order a contactless Wirex Visa card. Both of us will each receive another $5 BTC reward when you use your card in-store for the first time.

πŸ‘‰   Wirex referral codes

46. civic wallet referral program

cryptocurrency and turn it into money and transfer it to your bank

πŸ‘‰   civic wallet referral codes

47. Coinberry referral program

Every time you invite a new friend, you’ll both get $20 after they get verified and trade at least $50! πŸ’°

πŸ‘‰   Coinberry referral codes

48. Bitpanda referral program

There are no special criteria, every verified Bitpanda user on the Bitpanda platform can invite friends and use the Tell-a-Friend programme. However, to receive your reward your referred friend must meet a couple of requirements. They must be a brand new Bitpanda user, which means that they must not have created a Bitpanda account before.

πŸ‘‰   Bitpanda referral codes

51. Cointiply referral program


Log in each day to get Bitcoin. Complete offers and surveys for even more Bitcoin!

πŸ‘‰   Cointiply referral codes

52. Coinmerce referral program


Simply invite your friends & family with your referral link. Receive 0,30% of every trade done by anyone that registered through your link. That’s it.

πŸ‘‰   Coinmerce referral codes

53. Cryptozilla referral program


Refer and both of you gets 10USD to be reinvested,, daily profits can be withdrawn.

πŸ‘‰   Cryptozilla referral codes

54. Faucet Crypto referral program

Faucet Crypto

Share your referral link with your friends and earn a percentage of all their earnings for lifetime!

πŸ‘‰   Faucet Crypto referral codes

55. Voyager referral program


For every friend that you get to sign up and trade a minimum of $100, we'll give you both $25 of free Bitcoin!

πŸ‘‰   Voyager referral codes

57. Publish0x referral program

Earn 5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at the bottom of each article. This includes both the tip to the author and the amount claimed by your referral.

πŸ‘‰   Publish0x referral codes

58. LifeCoin referral program

When you sign up with my code, we both get rewarded. No time limit for the code.

πŸ‘‰   LifeCoin referral codes

59. Blockchain.com referral program


The Crypto Exchange You Can Count On. Built by crypto pioneers for speed, reliability, and liquidity.

πŸ‘‰   Blockchain.com referral codes

60. Atomic Wallet referral program

Atomic Wallet

To receive rewards you and your referrals should be active Atomic wallet users - have a balance of any popular asset (from top200 CoinMarketCap) in the wallet at least for $10 equivalent.

πŸ‘‰   Atomic Wallet referral codes

61. CoinSmart referral program


Each party gains $15 for referring or being referred to the platform.

πŸ‘‰   CoinSmart referral codes

62. Orange Pie referral program

The same as CryptoTab just with an extra bonus to earn more.

πŸ‘‰   Orange Pie referral codes

64. Coinsbit referral program

For every friend who registers on the site through your referral link and passes the KYC you immediately receive 30'000 CNG (total value of 300$ according to the official CNG website) and your friend will receive the same amount. This referral has a 5-level structure, which means that if the person who signed up through my link has another user sign up, I will also receive a bonus (second level bonus in this case). The bonus structure is the following: First level: 30'000 CNG (300$) Second level: 15'000 CNG (150$) Third level: 7500 CNG (75$) Fourth level: 5000 CNG (50$) Fifth level: 2500 CNG (25$)

πŸ‘‰   Coinsbit referral codes

65. The Digital Dollar referral program

Referral Rewards Tier 1 Sign Up: 10 USD-D | Tier 1 Purchase Commission: 75% Tier 2 Sign Up: 5 USD-D | Tier 2 Purchase Commission: 45% Tier 3 Sign Up: 2 USD-D | Tier 3 Purchase Commission: 25%

πŸ‘‰   The Digital Dollar referral codes

67. Bittrex referral program

Got referrals? Get rewarded! We’ll bring the tech, you bring the people and reap the rewards. All you gotta do is share Bittrex with your friends and you’ll earn 10% on ALL commissions they spend. It's easy... Share the referral link and code to whoever you want Once they sign up for a new account, you are set Earn crypto every time they make a trade

πŸ‘‰   Bittrex referral codes

68. Honeyminer referral program

Referred signs in and Starts Mining, honeyminer takes his share and rewards the miner for providing hardware. From honeyminers share the referal will be paid 10 percent

πŸ‘‰   Honeyminer referral codes

71. Bit Fun referral program

Play games, have fun, earn bitcoin! Claim from our high-paying faucet every 3 minutes!!! Get 50% lifetime commission on all referrals!

πŸ‘‰   Bit Fun referral codes

72. Ecoin referral program

You get 600 ecoin for every referral. "Invite friends how much you can their is no limitations they give 600 Ecoin for per referral who signed up with your link. You can withdraw into your wallent monthly"

πŸ‘‰   Ecoin referral codes

73. Paxful referral program

You will earn a commission from Paxful each time a Tier 1 Referral or Tier 2 Referral of yours completes a BTC β€œBuy” transaction using Paxful.

πŸ‘‰   Paxful referral codes

74. Lootbits referral program

Claim gems every hour and open up the gems to get bitcoin, xp and badges Unique visit 1* 1xp (*=diamonds) Registration 2* 2xp Country bonus 10* 2xp Email confirmation 25* 10xp Completed offers 30%

πŸ‘‰   Lootbits referral codes

75. Swissborg Community referral program

Swissborg Community

For each friend who creates an account on the app and enters the referral code you will both receive 3000 points.

πŸ‘‰   Swissborg Community referral codes

76. MoreMoney.io referral program


Refer users using your referral link and earn 15% of their faucet claims FOR LIFE!

πŸ‘‰   MoreMoney.io referral codes

77. Jumblebox referral program

You get $1 for every referral. Jumble box plans 1. Starter plan Subscription fee:10$ Daily earnings:1$ 2. Basic plan Subscription fee:20$ Daily earnings:2$ 3. Max plan Subscription fee:50$ Daily earnings: 5$ 4. Pro plan Subscription fee:100$ Daily earnings: 10$ 5. Gold plan Subscription fee:200$ Daily earnings: 20$ 6. Platinum plan Subscription fee:500$ Daily earnings:50$ 7. Enterprise plan Subscription fee:1,000$ Daily earnings:100$

πŸ‘‰   Jumblebox referral codes

78. TradingView referral program

Get $30 for every friend you refer.Your friends and you get $30 each after they upgrade to a paid plan

πŸ‘‰   TradingView referral codes

81. xTrend referral program


1. You sign up. 2. You create your referral link. 3. You send the link to a friend. 4. He signs up. 5. You both get 5 dollars worth of credits for trading, the friend gets a 200 dollar coupon.

πŸ‘‰   xTrend referral codes

82. Earnsats.co referral program


For each user who subscribes to the site with your referral link you receive 10% referral commission on all his faucet claims, shortlinks, offers and survey completions for life!

πŸ‘‰   Earnsats.co referral codes

83. bc.game referral program

You get USD for every referral and a % of what they play. Invite users, get % commission. 3 tier referral commissions, tier 1 is 25%, tier 2 is 10%, & tier 3 is 5%!

πŸ‘‰   bc.game referral codes

84. BTCExch referral program

You will earn 2000 BIX coins for each referral valued at $200.

πŸ‘‰   BTCExch referral codes

85. Fire Faucet referral program

Refer your friends and earn 20% of all coins claimed by your referrals!

πŸ‘‰   Fire Faucet referral codes

86. Free-ethereum.io referral program

Every invite friends generate 50% of his earn lifetime for you.

πŸ‘‰   Free-ethereum.io referral codes

87. Airtm referral program

Get paid by sharing Airtm with friends, family, and followers! Give $1.00 AirUSD and get $2.00 AirUSD for each guest who completes 3 add funds of at least $5.00 AirUSD each as a verified user. Also, you will earn a variable percent of the volume of each transaction your guests complete. Learn more about our referral program here. *Rewards are paid 24 hours after invite requirements are achieved. Por cada amigo que invite y verifique la cuenta usted recibe $2

πŸ‘‰   Airtm referral codes

89. adBTC referral program

After referring a friend you get 10% from you referral surfing earnings and 5% from your referral advertisement spendings for life. Share your link and earn -> 10% from you referral surfing earnings 5% from your referral advertisement spendings

πŸ‘‰   adBTC referral codes

90. Okex referral program

User get 10$ bonus when buy 100$ worth of crypto. When you refer someone, you get 10$ when person deposit 100$. You can also earn 400 sats every day for learning about crypto and you get 100% from your referral (400 per user). 1. When your friend buys $100 or more crypto on their first order via Buy Crypto within 180 days after registration, you’ll both receive $10 in free Bitcoin. 2. Once 10 of your friends receive the reward, you could become an affiliate of OKEx and receive extra trading fee commissions. 3. Your reward will be distributed on the next day at 18:00(UTC+8). 4. Referral rewards are only paid to your master account. Know someone curious about crypto? You’ll both receive $10 in free Bitcoin when they buy $100 or more of crypto on the first order in OKEx! βœ… INSTRUCTION: 1) Sign up for free. 2. do the first step of the KYC verification (without personal proof) 3. purchase a cryptovaluta for min. $100 - you will receive a bonus of $10.

πŸ‘‰   Okex referral codes

91. Dukascopy referral program

Referrer and referee each get 5 DUK+ coin, worth roughly 7€.

πŸ‘‰   Dukascopy referral codes

92. BitShark referral program

REFERRAL COMMISSION RATES Mining 50% of base prize Multiply BTC 0.25% of wager / bet New Referrer User 5 turns for mining Simply promote your referral URL or share it with your friends, and anybody who signs up using it will be automatically registered as your referral and you will earn commissions whenever they use the website! Your referral commissions are added to your main account balance (at the top right) in real time, as and when you earn them. The numbers below are just for reference and show the commissions that you have accumulated over time. Commissions for the MULTIPLY BTC game are only calculated and credited for every 0.00000500 BTC that your referred users wager. If they wager lower amounts, these are recorded in our database but commissions are only credited at increments of 0.00000500 BTC wagered by each individual user. Referral statistics are updated hourly.

πŸ‘‰   BitShark referral codes

93. Vixes Mining referral program

Vixes has developed a loyal partner program for users who are used to working with their partners. The partner program is a system that has 3 levels. First level partners bring a bonus of 7% of the purchased power. Partners of the second level bring 2% of the amount of purchased power. Partner bonus from partners of the third level is 1%. Please note that the partner bonus is credited in the currency in which the partner made the purchase of power.

πŸ‘‰   Vixes Mining referral codes

94. Shakepay referral program

Signup using referral link, complete the requirements and both parties get $10. Referral link, sign up a new account and buy $100 worth of crypto to rexeive $10 for you and your referee.

πŸ‘‰   Shakepay referral codes

95. Ad-Doge referral program

*0.005DOGE Unlimited No time limit, quick Hcaptcha Claims. *0.100DOGE - 50.0/500.000DOGE Lucky # Roll Faucet / every 5 min Claim. **Shortlinks, Mining 11.52 H/s

πŸ‘‰   Ad-Doge referral codes

97. Buzz Break referral program

Get 100 points at sign-ups and refer others an receive 2700. Get friends to sign up using your promo code and Recieve extra points.

πŸ‘‰   Buzz Break referral codes

98. Midoin referral program


Similarly, Midoin’s value will depend on what’s called the β€œnetwork effect” so, the number of Midoins that you earn will mostly depend on the number of friends you have invited. referred users: 5x mining boost ex: multiply my earnings by 10 x per new registered user

πŸ‘‰   Midoin referral codes

99. DoubleWay referral program

1. Install trust wallet(Shield) in Google Store 2.After installing the wallet, put 0.12 Ethereum into the your wallet 3.Click on the square at the bottom of the trust wallet 4. Use a link. 5. + Sign up per 1 click 6.Click OK 7.When the green window disappears, completed

πŸ‘‰   DoubleWay referral codes

100. Stake referral program


Download Stake app from the AppStore / Google Play. Copy & paste the referral code during sign up.

πŸ‘‰   Stake referral codes

101. Bestchange referral program

The minimum amount of earned money that can be withdrawn from your affiliate account is $1.00. If the user engaged by you: uses the exchanger monitoring service, you additionally get $0.01 x 9; returns to the site in 3 days, you additionally get $0.02; returns to the site in 7 days, you additionally get $0.03; returns to the site in 14 days, you additionally get $0.04; returns to the site in 30 days, you additionally get $0.06; returns to the site in 60 days, you additionally get $0.09; returns to the site in 90 days, you additionally get $0.13; returns to the site in 120 days, you additionally get $0.15; registered as a partner, you earn 30% of their income in our system; registered as a partner and engaged another partner, you earn 10% of the latter's income in our system. After signing up from the affiliate program tab on the website, get your referral link and promote it to get your friends sign up and visit the site daily atleast once and earn dollars upto $0.65 for their daily visit

πŸ‘‰   Bestchange referral codes

103. Airdrop Alert referral program

Airdrop affiliate partnership Become an Airdrop Alert Affiliate and earn bitcoin and ether 5% commission on each sale! Do you have a blog or Youtube channel about cryptocurrencies and airdrops? Are you that salesperson nobody can say no to? Do you work for a marketing agency? Don't miss this great opportunity to create interesting content and earn crypto at the same time. Try our airdrop affiliate program to promote airdrop listings and earn bitcoin or ether while spreading the word about crypto airdrops. Why become an affiliate? 1. Earn commission paid in btc or eth 2. Redeem payment when it suits you 3. Ask us anything about airdrops, marketing, and promotion 4. Create passive crypto income

πŸ‘‰   Airdrop Alert referral codes

104. Trust Wallet referral program

You get 100 TWT tokens that you can sell save or use to buy things like CryptoKitties or Dapps gift cards etc. every user that go thru link https://share.trustwallet.com/XRriFm get 100 TWT. It is Binance token, stake e.g. TRX and get rewards. Its wallet from Binance company, so rewards and bonuses can grow

πŸ‘‰   Trust Wallet referral codes

105. Autofaucet referral program

Get life time referral bonuses through every new user you suggest us! The bonus will be added into your account, everytime they make a claim!

πŸ‘‰   Autofaucet referral codes

107. Dualmine referral program

You get 100GH mining power if you sign up and you can refer as much as you like

πŸ‘‰   Dualmine referral codes

108. Sweatcoin referral program


Walk to make money (some sort of crypyo-coins actually). Sweatcoin is an app that will give you points for exercising outside. Once you download the app onto any iOS device they will begin tracking and verifying your outdoor steps using GPS. Then your steps are converted into sweatcoins. Their goal is to get people out of the homes to enjoy the outdoors and they are sponsors will to pay you for it. With sweatcoins you can purchase items such as yoga classes, high-tech shoes and even iPhones and Apple Watches.

πŸ‘‰   Sweatcoin referral codes

109. Freebitcoin.io referral program

We offer 50% referral commission for friends you bring who play the Free Bitcoin (BTC) game. In the future we will offer commission for playing our Multiply BTC game once it’s ready as well.

πŸ‘‰   Freebitcoin.io referral codes

110. PipeFlare referral program

Claiming You just need to select which Token you want to claim, solve the captcha and hit claim Claiming can pay Satoshis every 20 hours. If you claimed the previous day, the star multiplier will increase your reward according to your star level. Satoshis given out will be within a random range, adjusted based on the daily USD price. We need to make sure the faucet has sustainable economics. Withdraw You do not have an official ZCASH or PIVX wallet If you do not have a ZEC wallet, please visit ZCash official wallet page and choose the wallet that suits your needs. If you do not have a PIVX wallet, please visit PIVX official wallet page and choose the wallet that suits your needs. Get a ZEC or PIVX address from your wallet Go to Rewards Paste the address inside the β€œYour ZEC address” field in the Faucet Paste the address inside the β€œYour PIVX address” field in the Faucet Save Click Withdraw Funds to enable Automatic Payments Referrals Multiplier To get the referral multiplier reward, you will need to make enough eligible referrals. And eligible referral is someone who has signed up to PipeFlare.io using your unique referral link, and made a claim at least one time. You will receive a multiplier based on how many referrals you’ve made. The current tiers are in the image below. For example, if you referral 5 people, you will have a 1.25x multiple on all Faucet rewards. Star counter On the upper part of the screen you will have a star counter that will start filling as soon as you start claiming. Each consecutive daily claim will accumulate a star (between 20-30 hours apart from your last claim). Once the star count reaches 5 stars, you can claim the Bonus Round. In the following explanation, we will explain how the star counter works in detail. Star Counter rules: For each consecutive day of claiming ZEC in our Faucet, you accumulate a star and your claimed reward is multiplied by a defined value depending on your star level: Day 2: 1.05X Reward Day 3: 1.1X Reward Day 4: 1.15X Reward Day 5: 1.2X Reward + Bonus Round Day 6: 1.25X Reward Bonus round will remain active after the fifth consecutive day, it is important to consider that Bonus Rounds are not accruable, this means that in order to claim it successfully you will need to play it before accumulating again the five stars. After the claiming of Day 6, the star counter will reset to zero. Missing a consecutive day would also reset the star counter to zero Bonus Round A bonus round could be only activated by two events: Claiming consecutively for five days. Let's discuss each case: Claiming consecutively for five days A consecutive claim will accumulate a star in your star level, once you have the 5 stars on the star counter, you will be able to play the bonus round when desired. Bonus Rounds are not accruable, this means that in order to claim it successfully you will need to play it before accumulating the five stars. A bonus round can reward you up to $5 USD Rewards The bonus tab is used to link your social media accounts into the Faucet. Currently, you can link your Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. In the future, we plan to add more options. The amount of accounts linked will determine the multiplier you will end up having every time you claim on the Faucet. This means that the more you authenticate, the higher the multiplier and higher your rewards will be! This new feature is intended to help ensure real users get more, and dissuade malicious actors from using the Faucet. You can view the benefits of linking your social media by clicking on the Extra Rewards tab. "Tier 1 Referral: 50% Tier 2 Referral: 30% Tier 3 Referral: 20% Tier 4 Referral: 10%"

πŸ‘‰   PipeFlare referral codes

111. Faucet Collector referral program

If someone makes a purchase when using your affiliate url you will receive 25% of the purchase.

πŸ‘‰   Faucet Collector referral codes

112. Current referral program


It’s sort of like Stash and Chime mixed in one. See also "Current Music".

πŸ‘‰   Current referral codes

113. CoinPayU referral program

Coinpayu is a bitcoin faucet that allows you to earn some satoshis for free. The most valuable feature of this faucet is that you can buy referrals directly on the site, in exchange for your satoshis earned on the tap to multiply your earnings!

πŸ‘‰   CoinPayU referral codes

114. Klever referral program

200klv that you can swap to any coin of your choice.

πŸ‘‰   Klever referral codes

115. Swyftx referral program

A referee is created when you share your affiliate link (This will appear after you sign up) and people use it to sign up on Swyftx.

πŸ‘‰   Swyftx referral codes

116. 2captcha referral program

You can invite people to work with the service. They will be your referrals. Your reward is 10% from everything they earn or spend.

πŸ‘‰   2captcha referral codes

117. TV-TWO referral program

install the app , watch youtube videos and get paid in TTV token ( ERC20 )

πŸ‘‰   TV-TWO referral codes

118. Litecoin Miner referral program

You can invite your friends or share your referral link on social networks, blogs or forums online. For massive results we recommend you to advertise your referral link on platforms such as BTCClicks.com. You can also Upgrade Litecoin Miner to increase affiliate rate up to 100%.

πŸ‘‰   Litecoin Miner referral codes

119. Bit Fun referral program

Play games, have fun, earn bitcoin! Claim from our high-paying faucet every 3 minutes!!! Get 50% lifetime commission on all referrals!

πŸ‘‰   Bit Fun referral codes

120. Topcoins referral program

Currently claiming both BNB & BAT tokens, in the process of reaching enough to withdraw.Once I reach that point I will return with another review for this site, but so far so good. No hype, no reoccurring ads, no annoying pop-ups. Take advantage of this opportunity today

πŸ‘‰   Topcoins referral codes

122. betfury.io referral program

β„–1 I-Gaming Platform with BTC/TRON/TRX/USDT/BTT Enjoy the best gaming entertainment with the advantages: BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT Dividend pools, Rank VIP system, Cashback up to 25%. It's easy to make profit on BetFury β€” just play and multiply BFG tokens!

πŸ‘‰   betfury.io referral codes

124. 8Bet referral program

The Bitcoin Casino and Bitcoin Lottery you have been waiting for! With the best crypto-only provably-fair Bitcoin Slots, Bitcoin Scratch Cards and Bitcoin Lottery there are plenty of chances to get lucky! Maximum win potential with 100% return - zero house edge!

πŸ‘‰   8Bet referral codes

125. Presearch referral program

You become eligible for your 25 token bonus, per referral, once each referral has earned 50 search reward tokens, and has been active 30 days after their initial sign up.

πŸ‘‰   Presearch referral codes

126. CryptoTab referral program


The user gets a % of their friends' mining activities. Depending on the level, you make a percentage. Level 1 (popel you invite) - 15% share. Level 2 (people invited by your invites) - 10% share. Level 3 - 5% share. Level 4 - 3% share. Level 5 - 2% share. etc. It goes all the way to level 10. Shared mining rewards from everyone in your network. More people you invite, the more you make.

πŸ‘‰   CryptoTab referral codes

127. Klever wallet referral program

200klv that can be swap on the app into any cryptocurrency

πŸ‘‰   Klever wallet referral codes

128. Triip referral program

With the Triip app you can earn cryptocurrency just for traveling. Create a travel plan and submit proof of hotel stays etc... and you earn crypto.

πŸ‘‰   Triip referral codes

129. Moon Cash referral program

Moon Cash is a bitcoin cash faucet with a difference...YOU decide how often to claim! You can increase your claim amounts by up to 300% by taking advantage of the Daily Loyalty Bonus Daily Loyalty Bonus, Referral Bonus Referral Bonus and Mystery Bonus Mystery Bonus schemes!

πŸ‘‰   Moon Cash referral codes

130. Kraken referral program

Kraken is the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange on the market. Trade with confidence. Earning the trust of our clients has always been our highest priority. We earn that trust through the best security in the business β€” most of our digital assets are held safely in cold wallets so bad actors can't reach it. Our platform provides world class financial stability by maintaining full reserves, healthy banking relationships and the highest standards of legal compliance.

πŸ‘‰   Kraken referral codes

131. Crypterium referral program

Don’t leave your friends behind! Invite them using your referral link and earn $5 + 25% of their commissions for a year. Meanwhile, your friends will get a $5 gift for their first transaction. It lets you buy, send, exchange or cash out crypto, and even get the first global crypto card. I’m already loving it. Register with my code k5iw9 or this link, make a €50 transaction and get a $5 bonus πŸ˜‰

πŸ‘‰   Crypterium referral codes

133. Moon Bitcoin referral program

Refer your friends, enemies and everyone else to Moon Bitcoin and recieve a massive 50% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims! All commission payments are paid instantly to your CoinPot account. Additionally, for each active referral that you have, you will get a bonus 1% (up to a maximum of 100%) added on to every claim that you make from the faucet. (A referral is considered to be "active" if they have made at least 1 faucet claim in the previous 72 hours).

πŸ‘‰   Moon Bitcoin referral codes

134. Coinbase XLM referral program

Coinbase XLM

You will receive $12 USD worth of XLM coins once you complete the "Stellar Lumens" course. You can earn an additional $10 in XLM coins for up to 4 referrals.

πŸ‘‰   Coinbase XLM referral codes

135. CoinCasso referral program

2 steps are required to receive the bonus: - Use your unique referral link - Your friend has 30 days to sign up, go through KYC and trade 200 EUR

πŸ‘‰   CoinCasso referral codes

136. Platincoin referral program


The basic concept of the PLATINCOIN referral program is to earn a percentage on the purchases made by users that you brought to the site. (*) The basic referral program is structured on 6 bonus levels according to the following scheme and and the following percentages: Level 1: 20% (users registered with your referral link) Level 2: 7% (users registered under your direct friends in level 1) Level 3: 4% (and so on) Level 4: 4% Level 5: 4% Level 6: 4% PLATINCOIN referral program also provides rank bonuses based on the turnover brought by the user. The different ranks are as follows and provide the following bonuses based on turnover: Basic rank: Amber | required turnover: 0 € | Bonus: 0 € Rank 1: Jade | required turnover: 5000 € | Bonus: 100 € Rank 2: Pearl | required turnover: 10'000 € | Bonus: 200 € Rank 3: Sapphire | required turnover: 25'000 € | Bonus: 500 € Rank 4: Ruby | required turnover: 50'000 € | Bonus: 1'000 € Rank 5: Emerald | required turnover: 100'000 € | Bonus: 2'000 € Rank 6: Diamond | required turnover: 250'000 € | Bonus: 5'000 € Rank 7: Blue Diamond | required turnover: 500'000 € | Bonus: 10'000 € Rank 8: Green Diamond | required turnover: 1'000'000 € | Bonus: 20'000 € Rank 9: Purple Diamond | required turnover: 2'000'000 € | Bonus: 40'000 € Rank 10: Red Diamond | required turnover: 6'000'000 € | Bonus: 120'000 € Rank 11: Black Diamond | required turnover: 12'000'000 € | Bonus: 240'000 € Rank 12: Platin Diamond | required turnover: 60'000'000 € | Bonus: 1'200'000 € Rank 13: Double Platin Diamond | required turnover: 120'000'000 € | Bonus: 2'400'000 € Once the diamond grade is reached, the diamond referral program is activated: Commissions are obtained on all levels regardless of depth (up to infinite levels) and the earnings percentages of the basic program increase as follows: Diamond: +7 % Blue Diamond: +8 % Green Diamond: +9 % Purple Diamond: +10 % Red Diamond: +11 % Black Diamond: +12 % Platin Diamond: +13 % Double Platin Diamond: +14 % This means, for example, that the earning percentages of a diamond grade will become as follows: Level 1: 20 + 7 = 27% Level 2: 7 + 7 = 14% Level 3 - 6: 4 + 7= 11% Level 7 - ∞ : 0 + 7 = 7% (* )To receive commission and bonuses, you need to maintain your active partner status. You can find more information about it on the PLATINCOIN website in the "bonuses" section of the main menu.

πŸ‘‰   Platincoin referral codes

137. Phemex referral program

Register for an account on Phemex. Follow on Twitter, Retweet pinned tweet while tagging 3 friends. Complete the application process and receive $10 after your claim has been reviewed

πŸ‘‰   Phemex referral codes

138. Horizen faucet referral program

Visit Horizen faucet website every 20 hours and claim free ZEN tokens

πŸ‘‰   Horizen faucet referral codes

139. Coinex referral program

Share your referral link & invite friends to register on CoinEx

πŸ‘‰   Coinex referral codes

140. Freedogeon referral program

The amount of dogecoins that you can win with FREE PLAY depends on the current dogecoin price and the biggest prize is fixed at US$150 and the other prizes in proportion to it. So, when the price of a dogecoin goes down, the reward amount calculated in dogecoins goes up and the other way round is also true. So, regardless of the current dogecoin price, you have a fair chance of winning US$150 in dogecoins on each roll.

πŸ‘‰   Freedogeon referral codes

141. StormX referral program

Earn $5 in bolts when you refer your friend to StromShop

πŸ‘‰   StormX referral codes

143. Delta Exchange referral program

You receive share of the commissions paid by your referrals. This commission share is 15% for 1 year and then 10% for lifetime.

πŸ‘‰   Delta Exchange referral codes

144. Bitcoin Rewards referral program

Bitcoin Rewards

Refer a friend to BitcoinRewards and when they make their first spend of $20.00 or more with one of our partner stores, you’ll earn a sweet 1000 sats.

πŸ‘‰   Bitcoin Rewards referral codes

145. bybit referral program

Bybit bonus can be used as trading margin and to deduct trading loss and transaction fee. Bonus will be deducted to cover loss and fees prior to user's own capital. New users can use Bybit bonus to experience Bybit live trading without risking their own capital. New users receive Bybit bonus by following Bybit social media or placing a trade with TP/SL condition. Bonus cannot be withdrawn, while profit from trading with bonus can be withdrawn.

πŸ‘‰   bybit referral codes

146. Binance Jersey referral program

Binance Jersey

Invite your friends to register through the referral link and QR code and get rewards once they complete a trade

πŸ‘‰   Binance Jersey referral codes

147. Ronex referral program

Get 10 RX COIN ~ 6 USD for each user who comes to your referral link.

πŸ‘‰   Ronex referral codes

148. DogeBitsFree referral program

Affiliate program - share your referral link with your friends and earn commision from their faucet claims, shortlinks and completed offerwalls! More friends = more money.

πŸ‘‰   DogeBitsFree referral codes

149. Changelly referral program

The referral link represents an URL containing your referral ID. When clicking it, a user gets to our home page where he or she can register and exchange cryptos. Once a transaction is complete, 50% of the transaction fee will go to you.

πŸ‘‰   Changelly referral codes

150. Ledger wallet referral program

As far as affiliate offers go, Ledger has an affiliate program built into their website, as well as on the global affiliate network Awin. The program is pretty easy to be approved for, and they pay out 10% commission across their three different offers.

πŸ‘‰   Ledger wallet referral codes

151. Indacoin referral program

Indacoin offer 3% of the amount user invested through your referral link.

πŸ‘‰   Indacoin referral codes

152. FreeBitcoinFaucet.io referral program

Refer your friends to FreeBitcoinFaucet.io and receive 30% of what they earn from the faucet for life ;)

πŸ‘‰   FreeBitcoinFaucet.io referral codes

153. Netbox NBX referral program

NBX rewards are for signup, for daily usage activity, for week activity and month, of course all earned NBX rewards can put to stake and make another daily NBX by hold

πŸ‘‰   Netbox NBX referral codes

154. Moon dogecoin referral program

Refer your friends, enemies and everyone else to Moon Dogecoin and recieve 25% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims! πŸ’Ž Referral bonus πŸ’Ž Additionally, for each active referral that you have, you will get a bonus 1% (up to a maximum of 100%) added on to every claim that you make from the faucet.

πŸ‘‰   Moon dogecoin referral codes

155. MoonDash referral program

Refer your friends, enemies and everyone else to Moon Dash and recieve 25% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims! πŸ’Ž Referral bonus πŸ’Ž Additionally, for each active referral that you have, you will get a bonus 1% (up to a maximum of 100%) added on to every claim that you make from the faucet.

πŸ‘‰   MoonDash referral codes

156. Tokenbix referral program

Each member have a unique referral link to share with friends and receive a bonus - 25.00% of the value of their contribution. If any one sign-up with this link, will be added to your referral program. And for each new user who registered for your referral link, you receive $0.01 instantly and plus $1.00 for each active user.

πŸ‘‰   Tokenbix referral codes

157. MoonLitecoin referral program

"MoonLiteco.in is a site where you can win online litecoin. Earn free litecoins every 5 minutes or wait more minutes to get more litecoins ( cryptocurrency). 25% lifetime commission + up to 100% claim bonus" Refer your friends, enemies and everyone else to Moon Litecoin and recieve 25% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims! πŸ’Ž Referral bonus πŸ’Ž Additionally, for each active referral that you have, you will get a bonus 1% (up to a maximum of 100%) added on to every claim that you make from the faucet.

πŸ‘‰   MoonLitecoin referral codes

158. SparkEarn referral program

Share this with your friends and earn over $0.07 per CLICK.

πŸ‘‰   SparkEarn referral codes

159. lbry.tv referral program

Get a initial sign-up reward Get additonal rewards: Daily Watch Reward Many Views Following Followers Inviting friends

πŸ‘‰   lbry.tv referral codes

160. FaucetPay referral program

"Binary Trading: Referral rewards are distributed each time when your referred users invest. Multiply BTC: Referral rewards are distributed each time when your referred users make a bet. Exchange: Referral rewards are distributed each time when your referred users make an exchange of their cryptocurrencies. Offerwall: Referral rewards are distributed each time when your referred users complete an offer at the offerwalls. PTC: Referral rewards are distributed each time when your referred users visits a PTC advertisement." 0.05% each time your referral places a trade at BINARY TRADING. 0.50% each time your referral places a bet at MULTIPLY BTC. 50% revenue share each time your referral exchanges their coins at our EXCHANGE. 25% of the offer reward each time your referral completes the offer at our OFFERWALL. 50% of the PTC reward each time your referral completes an advertisement at our PTC.

πŸ‘‰   FaucetPay referral codes

161. Liquid.com referral program

Liquid.com is a unified, globally-sourced trading platform that bridges the worlds of fiat and crypto. Liquid puts the power in your hands. Grow and manage your portfolio from a single dashboard. Discover new tokens, take part in quality IEOs, study the market or trade on margin. Liquid is your platform.

πŸ‘‰   Liquid.com referral codes

162. Anycoin Direct referral program

This is another marketplace crypto site. With an Anycoin Direct account you will gain access to our platform where you can buy, sell and trade your cryptocurrencies. Citizens from all over Europe can create an account in a matter of minutes. Just start your order and our step-by-step process will guide you through the procedure. Are you ready to buy BTC, ETH, XRP or one of our other altcoins? With our direct payment methods you can buy cryptocurrency at any given time. You can also sell your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero or other digital currencies and have the money deposited in your bank account. Start now

πŸ‘‰   Anycoin Direct referral codes

163. Pitacoin referral program

Enter your invitation code in the Pitacoin app and complete the daily missions.

πŸ‘‰   Pitacoin referral codes

164. Tradesanta referral program

Information You will receive 20% of each payment from your referrals. The referee must be signed up through your Referral Link or Referral ID. Referral fee can be transferred to TradeSanta balance for plan payments. You can withdraw funds only to your Bitcoin wallet. Any referral balance can be transferred to your TradeSanta balance. Withdrawals to external wallets can be made for the sums of $30 and higher.

πŸ‘‰   Tradesanta referral codes

165. Hashflare referral program

Hashflare is a reputed cloud Mining service who offer you life mining contracts for an attractive price on Bitcoin, Ethereum and ZEC

πŸ‘‰   Hashflare referral codes

166. MyConstant referral program

It's a crypto currency website where you can draw interest on your $10 or you can add money as well. You can also withdraw to your bank. They have good benefits such as borrow money etc

πŸ‘‰   MyConstant referral codes

167. Rollercoin referral program


πŸ‘‰   Rollercoin referral codes

168. Blockcard referral program

When your friends sign up and load $100 worth of crypto on their cards, you both will receive an additional $10 in TERN spending power.

πŸ‘‰   Blockcard referral codes

170. Feel Mining referral program

Feel Mining is a complete platform created in 2018 by a French company (Blockchain Process Security) established in the Paris region. The platform offers a wide variety of mining, cloud-mining, masternode and hardware hosting services. You can register Feel Mining and benefit from your income 5 minutes only after taking out a subscription!

πŸ‘‰   Feel Mining referral codes

171. MinerGate referral program

Free mining app for PC and access to a mining pool with a great reputation

πŸ‘‰   MinerGate referral codes

172. Coinapp referral program

Whatever is mined a percentage is added on and sent to the referer

πŸ‘‰   Coinapp referral codes

173. Bitcoin Black referral program

3.6 Billion coins up for grabs to members who help share the Airdrop (10% of the project rewarded to 110 members) Simple 1 click social share platform. Social share a message which has an introduction to crypto video and the app download link which will have your friends coins waiting for them once downloaded. People want to learn on their own time and want free things/ coins. Currently has been active and is working well. Click on the link, go down and fill your gmail name, join and wait for confirmation email. You get 3600 BB (aprox. 36 usd). Its platform, their project is about transaction of coin with free fee. They have their roadmap, whitepaper. After time start wallet mobile apk and IOS. Seems promised if they success. They also planed nodes, so be possible stack and earn I think.

πŸ‘‰   Bitcoin Black referral codes

175. Zoogg referral program

just signup, dont scam and dont create more accounts, you be banned. Reward is for 1st 1000 users, so hurry up.

πŸ‘‰   Zoogg referral codes

176. Computta referral program

Invite friends with your personal referral link and earn 10% of their mining earnings.

πŸ‘‰   Computta referral codes

177. Blockchain Poker referral program

Share the link below to get 8% of your friends' generated rake.

πŸ‘‰   Blockchain Poker referral codes

178. CryptoTrader.tax referral program

Special Offer for your friends and followers. You can get 10% discount coupon when they subscribe with the promo code below

πŸ‘‰   CryptoTrader.tax referral codes

179. Trybal referral program

TRY is a new cryptocurrency that is mined by user's activity, rather than using expensive computing hardware and a lot of electricity. Good for the environment and good for you! Every 24 hours users may claim/mine new TRY tokens. This token appears to be in the pre IEO phase right now as it does not have any market pairs listed on coinmarket cap. That being said since there is no deposit or KYC required at this time there is no risk to the user

πŸ‘‰   Trybal referral codes

181. Redeeem referral program

For every person that signs up with your affiliate link you earn 1% of their total crypto trade volume, paid nightly in bitcoin. This has no expiration nor limits so you continue to earn passively as long as your old and new affiliates trade.

πŸ‘‰   Redeeem referral codes

184. Bityard referral program

Bityard Global Partner Recruiting Project When you surpass 100 referrals, you will be upgraded to a diamond KOL. Want to achieve even more? You can become a special KOL by filling out an application with us!

πŸ‘‰   Bityard referral codes

186. CryptoMiningGame referral program

Complete registration and verify your email and SHABLAM! You’re in for a ride of your life! I Donely can you earn BTC but there’s also bitcoin cash, dodge coin, i Ethereum, and Litecoin!

πŸ‘‰   CryptoMiningGame referral codes

187. Monfex referral program

Only verified accounts are eligible for promotional credit. All referral accounts need to be verified in order to receive referral credit. Promotional credits are non-redeemable and auto-expire in 30 calendar days from launch. Only 1 promotional credit per person/entity.

πŸ‘‰   Monfex referral codes

188. Bitcoin Classic referral program

By joining the Bitcoin Classic community through social networks Telegram, Facebook, twitter. Set signature, avatar and Bio for your Telagram to receive the reward.

πŸ‘‰   Bitcoin Classic referral codes

193. Relictum Pro referral program

What is Relict Coin (RLC)? Relict Coin is the coin that is not subject to external economic and political influences, it is based on the complex mathematical algorithm that excludes coin inflation.

πŸ‘‰   Relictum Pro referral codes

194. Crypto Treasure referral program

Just download the app and start playing and earn crypto for every treasure box you open.

πŸ‘‰   Crypto Treasure referral codes

196. Cryptomarket referral program

Debe registrarse y verificar su cuenta en nivel bΓ‘sico al menos

πŸ‘‰   Cryptomarket referral codes

198. Hashter referral program

For everyone that signs up, they get 100GHz of hashrarte.

πŸ‘‰   Hashter referral codes

199. Instacoin referral program

Once you've spent Β£100, you will receive Β£10 extra in Bitcoin.

πŸ‘‰   Instacoin referral codes

200. earncrypto.com referral program

Watch entertaining videos, Answer surveys, Download apps, Complete tasks and mini jobs and find great deals to earn over 100 free cryptocurrencies.

πŸ‘‰   earncrypto.com referral codes

201. litecoinADS referral program

Depends on the loyalty class - you can buy higher class - your claims are higher:)

πŸ‘‰   litecoinADS referral codes

203. Uplandme referral program

Just have to invite people and get more virtual propoerties

πŸ‘‰   Uplandme referral codes

206. CoinField referral program

An exchange where you can buy, sell crypted currencies, also using FIAT currencies

πŸ‘‰   CoinField referral codes

207. Freeusdc referral program

We offer 50% referral commission for friends you bring who play the Free USDC game. In the future we will offer commission for playing our Multiply USDC game once it’s ready as well.

πŸ‘‰   Freeusdc referral codes

208. ESFaucet referral program

with every claim you wil get es-xp that level you up plus the crypto and bonuses

πŸ‘‰   ESFaucet referral codes

209. Newton referral program

Each party receives a $25 bonus once the referee has completed the steps.

πŸ‘‰   Newton referral codes

210. ATAIX Trading referral program

Invite people you know to join ATAIX and you will earn 10% from their trading commissions.

πŸ‘‰   ATAIX Trading referral codes

211. Coinpoker referral program

As of today, you can collect CHP rewards for every referral. No complicated signups or terms, it’s as easy as logging in and using your referral link. Once you have two players signed up through your unique referral link, each player needs to earn a minimum of 500 CHP in the form of Community Contributions.

πŸ‘‰   Coinpoker referral codes

212. Mining Company LTD referral program

MiningCompany has developed a loyal affiliate program for users who are used to working with their partners. The affiliate program is a system that has 3 levels. First level partners bring a bonus of 7% of the purchased capacity. Partners of the second level bring 2% of the volume of acquired capacity. Affiliate bonus from partners of the third level is 1%. The profit from partners received as a reward is credited in the currency in which the power purchase was made. 1 LEVEL 7% 2 LEVEL 2% 3 LEVEL 1%

πŸ‘‰   Mining Company LTD referral codes

214. Minds referral program

If your friend signs up for Minds within 24 hours of clicking the link you shared with them, they’ll be added to your pending referrals. Once they sign up for the rewards program by setting up their Minds wallet, the referral is complete and you’ll both get +1 added to your contribution scores!

πŸ‘‰   Minds referral codes

216. Bugaminning.com referral program

Bugamining.com offers 5 level affiliate program that allows you to receive from 5% to 20% instant income from investments of your personally introduced referrals.------ 5% FIRST LEVEL(1-30 referrals) --- 8% SECOND LEVEL(1-30 referrals) --- 10% THIRD LEVEL(1-30 referrals) --- 15% FOURTH LEVEL(1-30 referrals) --- 20% REPRESENTATIVE PARTNERSHIP

πŸ‘‰   Bugaminning.com referral codes

217. ClaimBTC.io referral program

You get 50% of base prize for your partner, bonus is not taken. Commissions for the Dice game are only calculated and credited for every 0.00000500 BTC that your referred users wager. You get 50% of the commission of the system, which is 10% for win, you get 5% even if your partner loses! You get 10% from every bet of your partner, it does not matter if he lost or won.

πŸ‘‰   ClaimBTC.io referral codes

218. HourlyMiner referral program

4 different referral commission system and the amounts paid in each one varies depending on the plan that your referral made a deposit. - (3.00% for the 1.18% Hourly Plan) - (6.00% for the 0.5% Hourly Plan) - (10.00% for the 2.5% Hourly Plan) - (15.00% for the 6% Hourly Plan)

πŸ‘‰   HourlyMiner referral codes

219. cointrading.biz referral program

"Standard Affiliate: Receive a 3 level 5-2-1% commission of your referral's investment, once they invest in our platform. Representatives: Be a pioneer of new normal of investment habits by uplifting the ecosystem and receive 10-4-2% commission. Check out more on the website" FACEBOOK BOUNTY Complete the task according to Application Rules You have to fill the application form separately for each entry #2 Week Rate: $1 in ETH per accepted entry (max 1 entry daily) TWITTER BOUNTY Complete the task according to Application Rules You have to fill the application form separately for each entry #2 Week Rate: $1 in ETH per accepted entry (max 1 entry daily) TELEGRAM BOUNTY Complete the task according to Application Rules You have to fill the application form separately for each entry #2 Week Rate: $0.25 in ETH per accepted entry (max 1 entry daily) TRUSTPILOT BOUNTY Complete the task according to Application Rules You have to fill the application form separately for each entry #2 Week Rate: $0.5 in ETH per accepted entry (max 1 entry daily)

πŸ‘‰   cointrading.biz referral codes

221. Accointing referral program

Invite a friend to Accointing and get a discount! Send this link to your friends and acquaintances. As soon as they register on accointing.com and purchase a package you will receive 10%

πŸ‘‰   Accointing referral codes

223. best fit traders referral program

Share your affiliate link and collect a commission of 5% - 10% from your referrals contributions.

πŸ‘‰   best fit traders referral codes

224. Atari Tokens referral program

We are building the token that will power the future of the interactive entertainment industry

πŸ‘‰   Atari Tokens referral codes

225. best mining referral program

sign up and start mining without deposit , you can increase your profit with bonuses every one hour or from replenishment and investing

πŸ‘‰   best mining referral codes

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List of gig platforms that pays good referrals

57 referral programs

The gig economy is here to stay and help number of people supplement their income. Referring qualified new rideshare drivers or airbnb hosts have some of the biggest payouts. You are basically referring an employee which is invaluable for the platforms, and they'll reward you generously. For example, referring an Airbnb host will earn you 8 times the amount you'd make referring guests to the platform. If you're only promoting a few programs, these offer great rewards! These platforms can be lucrative if you have the time to give them a try!

Instacart Shoppers referral and affiliate program  Uber Driver referral and affiliate program  Lyft Driver referral and affiliate program  DoorDash Driver referral and affiliate program  GigSmart referral and affiliate program  Lime Juicer referral and affiliate program  Premise referral and affiliate program  UpVoice referral and affiliate program  ClipClaps referral and affiliate program

93 banks with generous signup and referral bonus

532 referral programs

There's now a wealth of banking services that offers generous rewards when you invite friends. In many case, these online banks are amongst the best service of in the banking industry so it'd definitely worth checking these out!

N26 referral and affiliate program  Tangerine referral and affiliate program  Mylo referral and affiliate program  Acorns referral and affiliate program  Digit referral and affiliate program  Mezu referral and affiliate program  moomoo referral and affiliate program  Privacy referral and affiliate program  Qapital referral and affiliate program  Robinhood referral and affiliate program  Sofi Money referral and affiliate program  Long Game Savings referral and affiliate program  Xendpay referral and affiliate program  Dave App referral and affiliate program  Numbrs referral and affiliate program  Earnin App referral and affiliate program  Curve referral and affiliate program  Stash referral and affiliate program  USEND referral and affiliate program  Chime referral and affiliate program  TransferGo referral and affiliate program  Payoneer referral and affiliate program  Bondora referral and affiliate program  Cash App referral and affiliate program  Bunq referral and affiliate program  Chase Bank referral and affiliate program  MoneyLion referral and affiliate program  WorldRemit referral and affiliate program  Revolut referral and affiliate program  CurrencyFair referral and affiliate program  Beem It referral and affiliate program  Trade Republic referral and affiliate program  Interactive Brokers referral and affiliate program  Yap referral and affiliate program  Bnext referral and affiliate program  Skrill referral and affiliate program  Twisto referral and affiliate program  Bitwala referral and affiliate program  Current referral and affiliate program  Commerzbank referral and affiliate program  One referral and affiliate program  Bison referral and affiliate program  Neon referral and affiliate program  Radius Bank referral and affiliate program  Satispay referral and affiliate program  Tickr referral and affiliate program  Bankiom referral and affiliate program  Zelf referral and affiliate program  Common referral and affiliate program  Recoup referral and affiliate program  Muchbetter referral and affiliate program  Netspend referral and affiliate program  Oxygen referral and affiliate program  Card.com referral and affiliate program  Crypto.com referral and affiliate program  Worthy Bonds referral and affiliate program  Varo referral and affiliate program  Rakuten referral and affiliate program  ClipClaps referral and affiliate program  Toss referral and affiliate program  SBI Buddy referral and affiliate program

The 30 best referral programs for travellers

179 referral programs

Here's our full list of travel apps and platforms that offers generous rewards. From the leaders like Airbnb and Booking Uber, to the big bonus offered by insurance companies like WorldNomad, you are sure yo find programs that fit you here.

Regular travelers might already use a number of these apps, so now is time to get your hands on your invite code and post it on this site!

Airbnb referral and affiliate program  Uber referral and affiliate program  Lyft referral and affiliate program  2nd Address referral and affiliate program  Groupon referral and affiliate program  Ola referral and affiliate program  Grab referral and affiliate program  Tesla referral and affiliate program  Turo referral and affiliate program  Lime referral and affiliate program  SpotHero referral and affiliate program  Bird referral and affiliate program  Carvana referral and affiliate program  Stash Hotel Rewards referral and affiliate program  Zipcar referral and affiliate program  Maven Car Share referral and affiliate program  Hotel Tonight referral and affiliate program  Didi referral and affiliate program  NowBoarding referral and affiliate program  Waze Carpool referral and affiliate program  Omio referral and affiliate program  CityBee referral and affiliate program  ViaVan referral and affiliate program

The tastiest referral programs

155 referral programs

Here's a mix of food delivery and meal kit services that offer great signup incentives, as well as generous bonuses when you invite friends. Have a bite!

Flashfood referral and affiliate program  Uber Eats referral and affiliate program  Miss fresh referral and affiliate program  Cook It referral and affiliate program  Doordash referral and affiliate program  Postmates referral and affiliate program  Hello Fresh referral and affiliate program  Instacart referral and affiliate program  MealPal referral and affiliate program  Checkout 51 referral and affiliate program  Swiggy referral and affiliate program  Skip the Dishes referral and affiliate program  GoodFood referral and affiliate program  Caffe Nero referral and affiliate program  Seated referral and affiliate program  Delivery.com referral and affiliate program  Karma referral and affiliate program  Sun Basket referral and affiliate program  Foodpanda referral and affiliate program

List of best Cashback apps

372 referral programs

There's a new breed of apps that offers cash back and various reward when you link your credit card or bank account. An easy way to double on this income source is to refer friends. While that sort of scheme may sounds too good to be true, we've tested these to make sure no initial investment is required and that it's not anything dodgy behind. You're good to go!

Cleo referral and affiliate program  Dosh referral and affiliate program  Fetch referral and affiliate program  Hooch referral and affiliate program  Ibotta referral and affiliate program  Miles referral and affiliate program  Pei referral and affiliate program  RebatesMe referral and affiliate program  Sift referral and affiliate program  Vimvest referral and affiliate program  Waldo referral and affiliate program  CoinOut referral and affiliate program  Aspiration referral and affiliate program  Freebird referral and affiliate program  Clarity Money referral and affiliate program  Bumped referral and affiliate program  Drop referral and affiliate program  Befrugal referral and affiliate program  Rakuten referral and affiliate program  iConsumer referral and affiliate program  Airtime Rewards referral and affiliate program  Killi referral and affiliate program  Quidco referral and affiliate program  Makeena referral and affiliate program  gamezop referral and affiliate program  Trunow referral and affiliate program  Albert referral and affiliate program  Fluz referral and affiliate program  Gas Buddy referral and affiliate program  Widilo referral and affiliate program  Honeygain referral and affiliate program  Capital One referral and affiliate program  Acorns referral and affiliate program  Cointiply referral and affiliate program  GetUpside referral and affiliate program  SwagBucks referral and affiliate program  Current Music referral and affiliate program

Hosting platform with great referral bonus

31 referral programs

It's annoying to switch website hosts, so companies are investing aggressively into referrals. If you are a developer, work in tech or related field, you might earn generous rewards by recommending hosting and domain names providers. DigitalOcean is especially easy to recommend as it's priced very aggressively. On top of the invite bonus, company making to switch are often able to slash their hosting cost in half. We recommend services with rewards or not, so it just make sense to claim our due. Who doesn't love free computing?

Digital Ocean referral and affiliate program  HostGator referral and affiliate program  mediatemple referral and affiliate program  repl.it referral and affiliate program  Cloudinary referral and affiliate program