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Cashback referral and affiliate programs

There's a new breed of apps that offers cash back and various reward when you link your credit card or bank account. An easy way to double on this income source is to refer friends. While that sort of scheme may sounds too good to be true, we've tested these to make sure no initial investment is required and that it's not anything dodgy behind. You're good to go!

We've listed the referral programs our user love, but please let us know if we should add more to the list!

For a quick overview, here's a table comparing the different programs:

App / Site Reward for invitee our rating website
Aspiration $25 www.aspiration.com
Befrugal 10$ www.befrugal.com
Bumped Acces to Bumped bumped.com
Clarity Money Rewards help.claritymoney.com
Cleo $5 www.meetcleo.com
CoinOut $5 www.coinout.com
Dosh $5 www.dosh.cash
Drop $5 www.earnwithdrop.com
Fetch $2 www.fetchrewards.com
Freebird $25 www.freebirdrides.com
Hooch $5 hoochrewards.com
Ibotta $10 ibotta.com
LifeSlide Points play.google.com
Miles 1,500 bonus miles www.getmiles.com
Pei $5 getpei.com
Rakuten $10 www.rakuten.com
RebatesMe $5 www.rebatesme.com
Recoup + Chime DUPE ISH $30 www.recoup.ai
Sift $5 www.siftwallet.com
Vimvest $10 www.vimvest.com
Waldo $5 www.getwaldo.com

Some popular options:

Is Cleo referral program worth it?


Your AI pal that looks after your money. Budget, save and track your spending. Sign up on Messenger in under 2 minutes.

👉   Cleo invite codes

Is Dosh referral program worth it?

Dosh referral and affiliate program

Dosh is a cash back app that searches all available coupons and discounts on the internet. Add a referral code to your app to get $5 added to your account and to give $5 to the friend that referred you.

👉   Dosh invite codes

Is Fetch referral program worth it?

Fetch referral and affiliate program

Easy savings at any grocery store, every time. We work directly with popular brands to bring you savings on thousands of products every day, no matter where you get your groceries. Just scan your receipts and let us do all the work.

👉   Fetch invite codes

Is Hooch referral program worth it?


The user gets $5 TAP and 20% bonus on their friends' total earnings.

👉   Hooch invite codes

Is Ibotta referral program worth it?

Ibotta referral and affiliate program

Ibotta enables users with its smartphone app to earn cash back on in-store and mobile purchases with receipt and/or purchase verification. Add a referral code to your account to get $10 added to your account and to give the friend that referred you $10.

👉   Ibotta invite codes

Is Miles referral program worth it?


Frequent Flyer Program for Ground Transportation. The Miles app automatically earn miles for all of your ground travel. Then redeem those miles for exclusive rewards.

👉   Miles invite codes

Is Pei referral program worth it?

Pei referral and affiliate program

Pei is a free app that allows you to receive up to 20% cash rewards on any debit or credit card with the ability to cash out in Bitcoin or cash.

👉   Pei invite codes

Is RebatesMe referral program worth it?


RebatesMe has helped over 350,000 shoppers earn more than $30,000,000 in cash back just by shopping at their favorite stores. RebatesMe is among the top cashback sites offering deals, discounts, and cash back services partnering with over 2,000 stores worldwide. Our stores cover all your shopping needs, including fashion, electronics, cosme cs, and clothing. RebatesMe features the most up-to-date deals and the best cashback offers.

👉   RebatesMe invite codes

Is Sift referral program worth it?

Sift referral and affiliate program

Sift unlocks hidden credit cards benefits like price protection, warranty, theft and damage protection. Sift will not only detect the benefits available to you, but it will automatically file claims on your behalf with credit card issuers to get your money back.

👉   Sift invite codes

Is Vimvest referral program worth it?


Vimvest is an app that helps you invest, save, and give all at once. Curate a holistic set of financial goals worth believing in, and have fun doing it.

👉   Vimvest invite codes

Is Waldo referral program worth it?

Waldo referral and affiliate program

Automated discount service. The app let you link your credit card and automatically apply any discount retroactively.

👉   Waldo invite codes

Is CoinOut referral program worth it?


CoinOut analyze your transactions to show you more relevant offers and opportunities to earn more cash.

👉   CoinOut invite codes

Is Aspiration referral program worth it?


Free online bank account! Every time a friend or loved one opens an account using your invitation link, you both will receive $25 Do Good dollars to donate to the charitable cause of your choice.Together, we can Do Well and Do Good!

👉   Aspiration invite codes

Is Freebird referral program worth it?


Freebird helps you reward your customers with cash back on their Uber and Lyft rides when they come and dine or drink at your establishment. Ensures safety/reduces liability: Customers leave their cars at home and arrive safely via Uber or Lyft.

👉   Freebird invite codes

Is Clarity Money referral program worth it?

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is a personal finance mobile app that acts as your financial champion. Ushering in a new era of mobile personal finance management apps, Clarity Money uses artificial intelligence and data science to help consumers make smarter financial decisions and get the most from their money. The revolutionary features allow users to cancel bills, get a better credit card and create a savings account, all from within the app, and all at the push of a button. Sign up and link a bank account for deposits and earn $3 for both parties.

👉   Clarity Money invite codes

Is Bumped referral program worth it?


Get free stock when you spend with the brands you love. Turn your spending into investing.

👉   Bumped invite codes

Is Drop referral program worth it?

Drop referral and affiliate program

Drop turns everyday purchases into cash rewards Drop is an app that gives you cash rewards for shopping at your favorite places. Automatically. Rack up Drop points for going grocery shopping, taking an Uber to work, and more.

👉   Drop invite codes

Is Rakuten referral program worth it?

Rakuten referral and affiliate program

Rakuten, Inc. is a Japanese e-commerce company based in Tokyo. Shop through Rakuten at your favorite stores & earn Cash Back on your purchases.

👉   Rakuten invite codes

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