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Your guide to referral marketing

Free & hands-on resources to boost your passive income.

The passive income that's both awesome and unglamorous

Tell a friend; both get a reward.

  • Referral marketing rewards are small but plenty.
  • It requires basically no work.
  • Anyone can earn from it.
  • It's risk free and boring.
  • * It nicely complements other (riskier or more involving) revenue stream.

What's in it for me?

Rewards = revenue

Free trips, rides, rebates and gift cards are just a different currency.

Some site offers generous discounts when you refer someone, while others more traditional affiliates will simply give you a cut of the sale you generate(~10-50%).

In our program reviews, we'clearly highlighted the reward type and its value to make sure you can focus on what best suits your needs.

Small rewards that adds up

You'll quickly realize that even small rewards can be surprisingly lucrative over the long term.

You'll sometimes earn rewards years later after you posted a link or invited someone. It takes very little work to get started now, and you'll keep reaping the benefits over time.

Being risk free and requiring little work; this certainly won't keep you up at night!


It works on autopilot

how it works, mostly AUTOPILOT - BENEFITS