2020's best referral programs

List of gig platforms that pays good referrals

Host on Airbnb, Drive with Uber and Lyft, Shop with Instacart.

Gig referral and affiliate programs

The gig economy is here to stay and help number of people supplement their income. Referring qualified new rideshare drivers or airbnb hosts have some of the biggest payouts. You are basically referring an employee which is invaluable for the platforms, and they'll reward you generously. For example, referring an Airbnb host will earn you 8 times the amount you'd make referring guests to the platform. If you're only promoting a few programs, these offer great rewards! These platforms can be lucrative if you have the time to give them a try!

We've listed the referral programs our user love, but please let us know if we should add more to the list!

For a quick overview, here's a table comparing the different programs:

App / Site Reward for invitee our rating website
Aibnb Host
Airbnb Experience
DoorDash Driver $500 www.doordash.com
Instacart Shoppers 0 shoppers.instacart.com
Lyft Driver $500 www.lyft.com
Uber Driver +$1,000 on the 1st trip www.uber.com

Some popular options:

Is Instacart Shoppers referral program worth it?

Instacart Shoppers referral and affiliate program
Instacart Shoppers

Instacart connects customers with shoppers to deliver fresh groceries to their door.

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Is Uber Driver referral program worth it?

Uber Driver

Depending on location, minimum rides and referral amounts vary. For a limited time until Oct 29th, enjoy HUGE cash rewards of $2,500 when you invite TDVL-holders to rent a vehicle from LCR on a 12-month contract. They also get up to $7,000 in their 1st month, $1,000 on their 1st trip, and $10,400 in rental rebates! Earning $2,500 is easy – simply invite one friend who has a taxi license to rent from Lion City Rentals on a 12-month contract!

👉   Uber Driver invite codes

Is Lyft Driver referral program worth it?

Lyft Driver referral and affiliate program
Lyft Driver

Lyft is a transportation network company (TNC) operating in USA and Canada. Lift develops, markets, and operates the mobile app, offering car rides, scooters, and a bicycle-sharing system.

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