2021's best referral programs

Eat better with these 15 food & nutrition referral programs

Food & Nutrition referral and affiliate programs

We've listed the referral programs our user love, but please let us know if we should add more to the list!

For a quick overview, here's a table comparing the different programs:

App / Site Reward for invitee Rating Infos Save Post
BiteSquad referrals BiteSquad $10 & Free Delivery Details
BiteSquad referrals BiteSquad $10 & Free Delivery Details
Blue Apron referrals Blue Apron $30 Details
Blue Bottle Coffee referrals Blue Bottle Coffee $10 Details
Bulk Powders referrals Bulk Powders 35% off your first order Details
CTFO referrals CTFO Free Training & Support Details
Caviar referrals Caviar $20 Details
Daily Harvest referrals Daily Harvest $10 Details
Drizly referrals Drizly $5 Details
Eat24 referrals Eat24 $5 Details
Farm Fresh to You referrals Farm Fresh to You $25 Details
Farmdrop referrals Farmdrop Β£40 Farmdrop Credit Details
Firehouse Subs referrals Firehouse Subs Free Drink & 300 Points Details
FoodHero referrals FoodHero $5 Details
Freshly referrals Freshly $20 Details
G Fuel referrals G Fuel $5 Details
GNC referrals GNC $10 off Details
GoPuff referrals GoPuff $4 off your next four deliveries Details
Graze referrals Graze 1st, 5th and 10th boxes totally free Details
Green Chef referrals Green Chef 4 Free Meals Details
GrubHub referrals GrubHub $12 Details
Home Chef referrals Home Chef $35 Details
Huel referrals Huel $15 off order Details
Imperfect Foods referrals Imperfect Foods $10 Details
Instacart referrals Instacart $10 Details
JOE & THE JUICE referrals JOE & THE JUICE Free Ginger Shot Details
Jimmy Joy referrals Jimmy Joy €10 Details
Moes referrals Moes 50 points Details
Myprotein referrals Myprotein Β£10 + 3 months free next day delivery Details
NatureBox referrals NatureBox 1 box Details
Noodles referrals Noodles Details
Panera Bread referrals Panera Bread Free Month Of Coffee Details
Peapod referrals Peapod $20 Details
Qdoba referrals Qdoba 100 points Details
Revive Superfoods referrals Revive Superfoods 55% off Details
Seamless referrals Seamless $7 Details
Smoothie King referrals Smoothie King $2 Credit Details
Soylent referrals Soylent $10 off Details
Starbucks referrals Starbucks 1 Free Drink Details
Territory Foods referrals Territory Foods $25, Details
TheFork referrals TheFork 1000 Yum points (equivalent to 20€/Β£/$) Details
Thrive Market referrals Thrive Market 25% Details
Walmart referrals Walmart $10 Details

1. Walmart referral program

Walmart referral and affiliate program

Invite a friend to join and shop at Walmart. Once they’ve completed the purchase, you will receive a $10 promo code for your next order. Read review

πŸ‘‰   Walmart referral codes

3. GrubHub referral program

GrubHub referral and affiliate program

If you make your first order using a Grubhub referral promo code you will get a $12 referral coupon. The person who invited you to join will also get a $12 Grubhub referral reward.

πŸ‘‰   GrubHub referral codes

4. Thrive Market referral program

Invite friends and they will get 25% off their first order. For each person invited who becomes a paid member, you will get $25 in Thrive Cash.

πŸ‘‰   Thrive Market referral codes

5. Seamless referral program

Seamless referral and affiliate program

Get $7 for every friend you refer. Your friends get $7 off their first time seamless order of $15+ and you get $7 off after their first order!

πŸ‘‰   Seamless referral codes

6. Blue Bottle Coffee referral program

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee offers a $10 referral reward to both the referred and the referrer when using a referral code. The $10 reward can be used towards your next purchase on Blue Bottle Coffee and will be rewarded once the referred places a subscription order.

πŸ‘‰   Blue Bottle Coffee referral codes

7. Caviar referral program

Caviar referral and affiliate program

Caviar brings the city's best restaurants straight to your door. Customers can order on the web or directly from Caviar's app. Caviar provides service in Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Queens, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area (including the East Bay & Marin), Seattle, Portland and Washington D.C.

πŸ‘‰   Caviar referral codes

8. Soylent referral program


Give $10 off to a friend, get $10 worth of points.

πŸ‘‰   Soylent referral codes

9. Peapod referral program


Earn $20 on Peapod when you use an Peapod promo code or referral link.

πŸ‘‰   Peapod referral codes

10. Eat24 referral program

Eat24 is part of Yelp's corporation and shares the idea of simplify the personalized experience for users. Eat24 operates in over 1,500 cities and is completely free. Eat24 is the food delivery service arm of Yelp and they provide exclusive offers for their customers through their Eat24 VIP Program.

πŸ‘‰   Eat24 referral codes

11. Starbucks referral program

Starbucks referral and affiliate program

As a Starbucks Rewardsβ„’ member, your purchases add up to free food and drinks. And that’s just the start.

πŸ‘‰   Starbucks referral codes

12. Moes referral program

Earn 50 points when you sign up using a referral code and earn 100 points each time your referral code is used.

πŸ‘‰   Moes referral codes

13. Smoothie King referral program

Download the Smoothie King Healthy Rewards app using a referral to spend your $2 credit on Smoothies blended to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

πŸ‘‰   Smoothie King referral codes

14. BiteSquad referral program

Simply create an account, choose the food you want delivered and at checkout use promo code to get $10 off and free delivery.

πŸ‘‰   BiteSquad referral codes

15. Qdoba referral program

When registering Qdoba App and complete first purchase, both referred and referrer get 100 points.

πŸ‘‰   Qdoba referral codes

16. Farm Fresh to You referral program

Farm Fresh To You brings the seasons mix of 100% certified-organic produce farm products directly to your door by growing and partnering with local farms and artisans. Each delivery comes with customized tips, recipes, and family farm products. You have the ability to decide which produce or farm products you would like delivered in each box to either your home or business. For current members when you refer a friend or family member who joins Farm Fresh To You, you will receive a $25 account credit. When you are a new member who uses a referral code from your friend or family you will receive $15 off your first delivery of organic fruits and vegetables.

πŸ‘‰   Farm Fresh to You referral codes

17. Home Chef referral program

Home Chef referral and affiliate program

Those who sign up using the referral invitation will receive a $35 discount off of their first order and the active subscriber will earn $35 in Home Chef credit. Customers are not permitted to refer members of the same household.

πŸ‘‰   Home Chef referral codes

18. Green Chef referral program

Green Chef is a customized meal delivery system built around your specific meal plan. Green chef has a variety of meal plans to suit any lifestyle including, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, omnivore, carnivore and vegetarian. Their organic ingredients allow customers to put together delicious dinners in approximately 30 minutes. Each box contains new recipes so you won't be stuck eating the same meal day after day either. Customers receive the meals directly to their door on whatever schedule they prefer. You can have the food delivered every week, 2 or 4. There is no minimum commitment and you can easily skip orders to adjust to your travel schedule or any other unknown plans that may arise. The meals include step-by-step instructions to ensue the easiest cooking possible. This opportunity allows people to have the dining out experience in the comfort of their own home.

πŸ‘‰   Green Chef referral codes

19. Firehouse Subs referral program

1. Download the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching for "Firehouse Subs". 2. Copy a referral code (case-sensitive) and enter it in the "referral code" field when you sign up. 3. Visit any Firehouse Subs location and enter your phone number at the register when you order.

πŸ‘‰   Firehouse Subs referral codes

20. NatureBox referral program

NatureBox is dedicated to providing high-quality ingredients that are free from artificial ingredients. They guarantee, no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. No corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or MSG in any of their products. On their website they have even broken down every ingredient in their snacks and explained why they use it and what foods it is commonly in. If you receive snacks that you do not enjoy, simply let them know and they will add additional credit onto your next order. There are over 100 snacks from and new ones are being added every single month. You will receive free shipping on all orders over $25.

πŸ‘‰   NatureBox referral codes

21. Myprotein referral program

Myprotein referral and affiliate program

Earn Β£10 Credit per successful referral when your friends spend Β£35. And when they do, they'll get 3 months free next day delivery.

πŸ‘‰   Myprotein referral codes

22. Panera Bread referral program

Subscribe to MyPanera+ Coffee and get your first month free.

πŸ‘‰   Panera Bread referral codes

23. Freshly referral program

You choose your meals from our constantly rotating weekly menu of over 30 different gluten-free options. All of your meals are prepared and cooked by chefs and delivered fresh – never frozen. Save $20 off your first and second order. Give $20, Get $20.

πŸ‘‰   Freshly referral codes

24. Territory Foods referral program

Give the gift of healthy eats. Territory customers can give referrals free food with their personal referral code. Refer a friend and we’ll add $25 of Territory credit to your referrals account, and $25 to yours when they complete their order.

πŸ‘‰   Territory Foods referral codes

25. Blue Apron referral program

Blue Apron may provide you with the opportunity to invite your friends and family members (each, an β€œInvitee”) to join Blue Apron. Participation in the Referral Program is by invitation only and completely voluntary. If you have Referral Program invitations, we will notify you in the Free Meals section of your Account (you can find a link to the Free Meals section by logging into your Account and looking at the top navigation bar). Blue Apron may, from time to time, provide you with the opportunity to earn referral credits (β€œReferral Credits”) when you refer an eligible Invitee to Blue Apron through the Referral Program. The Referral Credits can only be used towards future eligible Orders for your Meal Subscription. We provide more information about Referral Credits below. If you are eligible to earn Referral Credits we will let you know in the Free Meals section of your Account. You may only receive a Referral Credit if your Invitee clicks on your Referral Program invitation link, is a new Blue Apron customer (who has not previously subscribed to Blue Apron), completes the registration process, is over the age of 18, resides in the United States, and participates in a Meal Subscription program as described in connection with the respective Referral Credit(s). We will notify you via email if you have earned a Referral Credit. The amount of Referral Credits that you may receive and the time period in which you may earn Referral Credits are subject to limitation. Referral Credits will expire upon the cancellation of your Blue Apron account.

πŸ‘‰   Blue Apron referral codes

26. Noodles referral program

Our members haven't found much information on Noodles & Company's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Noodles & Company offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   Noodles referral codes

27. FoodHero referral program

FoodHero referral and affiliate program

When your friends join FoodHero with your referral code, you both get $5 off.

πŸ‘‰   FoodHero referral codes

28. Farmdrop referral program

You will receive Β£40 in Farmdrop Piggy Bank credit, which can be used to pay for 25% of each shop.

πŸ‘‰   Farmdrop referral codes

29. Drizly referral program

Share your link to save friends $5 on Drizly. You get a $5 credit if they use it.

πŸ‘‰   Drizly referral codes

30. Bulk Powders referral program

Click the referral link to get 35% off your first order at BULK POWDERSβ„’, home of award-winning Sports Supplements, high-quality protein and health foods. Referrer gets Β£10.

πŸ‘‰   Bulk Powders referral codes

31. G Fuel referral program

Refer a friend and get 100XP when they make their first purchase of $30 or more.

πŸ‘‰   G Fuel referral codes

32. Graze referral program

Sign up and get your first, fifth and tenth boxes free.

πŸ‘‰   Graze referral codes

33. CTFO referral program

Receive 20% of products sold by those you refer

πŸ‘‰   CTFO referral codes

34. Huel referral program

Every referral and purchase over $50 will get you $15 off your next order.

πŸ‘‰   Huel referral codes

36. BiteSquad referral program

Simply create an account, choose the food you want delivered and at checkout use promo code to get $10 off and free delivery.

πŸ‘‰   BiteSquad referral codes

37. TheFork referral program

- Share referral code - Referee uses referral code for their first reservation - 3 days after the meal, referrer will receive 500 Yums and referral will receive 1000 Yums

πŸ‘‰   TheFork referral codes

40. JOE & THE JUICE referral program

The loyalty app offers pre-ordering, storing loyalty cards, earning points for every purchase made with the app, and completing achievements that are rewarded with points. When earning points, you unlock different tiers and gain access to benefits, ranging from free items, vouchers, to exclusive merch.

πŸ‘‰   JOE & THE JUICE referral codes

41. Jimmy Joy referral program

Make account using the referral link. Make an order of €50+ (-€10). You also earn loyalty points for later discounts.

πŸ‘‰   Jimmy Joy referral codes

42. GNC referral program

Give your friends $10 off their first order of $75+ by sharing a code. When they make a purchase, you’ll get $10 off $75+ too!

πŸ‘‰   GNC referral codes

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