2023's best referral programs

30 softwares with refer-a-friend systems

Software referral and affiliate programs

We've listed the referral programs our user love, but please let us know if we should add more to the list!

For a quick overview, here's a table comparing the different programs:

App / Site Reward for invitee Rating Infos Save Post
AdBlock Pro referrals AdBlock Pro Get 1 Extra Feature Details
Airtable referrals Airtable $10 Details
Appy Pie referrals Appy Pie $5 off Details
Archbee referrals Archbee 50$ Details
Artboard Studio referrals Artboard Studio Details
Avast referrals Avast Free Antivirus Details
BigMind referrals BigMind 1 GB Free storage Details
Book of the Month referrals Book of the Month Details
Brave Browser referrals Brave Browser Privacy browser Details
Bublup referrals Bublup Free Account Details
Canva referrals Canva 1 Canva-Credit (for premium elements) Details
Civo referrals Civo Up to $70 credit Details
ClickUP referrals ClickUP 150 points Details
Cloudux referrals Cloudux Mining speed Details
Cocoon MDR referrals Cocoon MDR $2 Details
Coggle referrals Coggle Details
Copysmith referrals Copysmith 50 credits Details
CryptoTab referrals CryptoTab Details
Dashlane referrals Dashlane 6 months of premium Details
Dictanote referrals Dictanote One month of free Dictanote Pro usage Details
DocuSign referrals DocuSign 10% discount Details
Dropbox referrals Dropbox 500 MB Details
Dynalist referrals Dynalist One month of free Dynalist Pro Details
Evernote referrals Evernote 1 month Premium Details
ExpressVPN referrals ExpressVPN 30 days free Details
FluidStack referrals FluidStack $5-$50 per month Details
GitKraken referrals GitKraken Chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card Details
Google Apps referrals Google Apps Details
Grammarly referrals Grammarly Details
Gusto referrals Gusto $100 Details
Hashflare referrals Hashflare Details
Hey referrals Hey Early invite Details
Honeygain referrals Honeygain $5 Details
IPRoyal referrals IPRoyal $1 (can withdraw) Details
Integrately referrals Integrately 500 free tasks Details
Ivacy referrals Ivacy 30 days free Details
Jitbit referrals Jitbit 2 months free Details
JoinSecret referrals JoinSecret Varies Details
Koofr referrals Koofr 2 GB free space Details
Krisp referrals Krisp 1 month free pro Details
Kryptex referrals Kryptex Details
LastPass referrals LastPass 1 month free premium Details
Luna Display referrals Luna Display Details
Malwarebytes referrals Malwarebytes Details
Mighty Deals referrals Mighty Deals Details
Notion referrals Notion Details
OneDrive referrals OneDrive 0.5 GB Details
PC Matic referrals PC Matic $5 off Details
Packetstream referrals Packetstream $0.10/per GB of shared bandwidth Details
Perfect Audience referrals Perfect Audience $120 Free Credit Details
Private Internet Access referrals Private Internet Access 30 days free Details
PureVPN referrals PureVPN 1 month Details
Raffall referrals Raffall Entry to Β£1,000 prize draw Details
RescueTime referrals RescueTime Details
SearchLotto referrals SearchLotto Free lotto entry Details
Slidejoy referrals Slidejoy Details
SurfShark referrals SurfShark Free Month of SurfShark VPN Details
Sync referrals Sync 1 GB Details
The Skimm referrals The Skimm Details
Trello referrals Trello 1 free month Details
TurboTax referrals TurboTax 20% off Details
Upcloud referrals Upcloud $25 Details
VPNCity referrals VPNCity 1 month free VPN and a 7-day free trial Details
Verydice referrals Verydice 50 free rolls Details
Vultr referrals Vultr $100 to test out the Vultr platform! Details
Weebly referrals Weebly $25 credit for each referral signed up to paid plan Details
Windscribe referrals Windscribe +1GB/Month Details
ZOHO referrals ZOHO $100 wallet credit Details
imyfone referrals imyfone Details
readwise referrals readwise 30 days free Details
todoist referrals todoist 2 free months Details

1. Airtable referral program

Airtable referral and affiliate program

Get $10 US in credit for every person you refer to Airtable. You will only receive credit when the person you invite signs up and verifies their email. Read review

πŸ‘‰   Airtable referral codes

2. Dropbox referral program

Dropbox referral and affiliate program

Invite your friends to join Dropbox, and for each one who installs Dropbox, you'll both get 500 MB of bonus space up to 16 GB. Read review

πŸ‘‰   Dropbox referral codes

3. Evernote referral program

Evernote referral and affiliate program

Evernote gives you ten points for each of the first three friends you refer. You also get five points every time a referral buys the Evernote Premium package. For their part, they get one month of Evernote Premium free. Read review

πŸ‘‰   Evernote referral codes

4. Trello referral program

Trello referral and affiliate program

Refer a friend to Trello and get a free month of Trello Gold (up to 12 months) when they subscribe. Read review

πŸ‘‰   Trello referral codes

6. Perfect Audience referral program

Share your referral link with other marketers. They get a special $120 free trial when they sign up. You get 5% of what they spend during 12 months after free trial.

πŸ‘‰   Perfect Audience referral codes

7. TurboTax referral program

TurboTax referral and affiliate program

How it Works: 1. Get it – Get the opportunity to refer a friend by being a TurboTax Online customer. Customers can refer from the end of the product experience and via a special email invitation. 2. Share it – Invite your friends to try TurboTax Online and they’ll get 20% off a paid federal online product. 3. Enjoy it – For each "new to TurboTax Online" friend who files using TurboTax Online you get a $10 Amazon Gift Card. They’ll reward you for up to 20 friends per year.

πŸ‘‰   TurboTax referral codes

8. CryptoTab referral program

CryptoTab referral and affiliate program

The user gets a % of their friends' mining activities. Even if you're not online and anyone you refer is, you still get the % from them. Your % doesn't affect theirs at all whatsoever. It's the same thing as using Google you're just getting paid for it.

πŸ‘‰   CryptoTab referral codes

9. LastPass referral program

LastPass referral and affiliate program

For every friend that signs up for LastPass, you both get 1 month free Premium (up to a limit of 1 year)!

πŸ‘‰   LastPass referral codes

10. Raffall referral program

Raffall referral and affiliate program

Raffall is the world's first SaaS raffle platform that enables users to host their own raffles and competitions online.

πŸ‘‰   Raffall referral codes

11. Dashlane referral program

Dashlane referral and affiliate program

The user gets 6 months of Dashlane Premium, the referred customer gets 6 months of Dashlane Premium

πŸ‘‰   Dashlane referral codes

12. Gusto referral program

Get a $100 Amazon Gift Card when you sign up for Gusto using a friend’s referral link and run payroll. The referrer gets a $200 Amazon Gift Card once you do so.

πŸ‘‰   Gusto referral codes

14. The Skimm referral program

The Skimm

Our members haven't found much information on The Skimm's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify The Skimm offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   The Skimm referral codes

15. Notion referral program

Notion referral and affiliate program

For every new Pro or Business Plan upgrade, you’ll earn 50% of all payments for the first 12 months β€” with no limits. The affiliate program is a way for bloggers, writers, community owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, Notion creators, and others to spread the word about Notion and earn financial rewards.

πŸ‘‰   Notion referral codes

17. Google Apps referral program

Google Apps referral and affiliate program

Join the Google Workspace Referral Program and you can earn for every new user that signs-up: USD $8 (for the Business Starter plan), USD $15 (for the Business Standard plan), or USD $23 (for the Business Plus plan) up to USD $2300 per domain.

πŸ‘‰   Google Apps referral codes

18. DocuSign referral program

Each referral to join DocuSign will get a 10% discount card, for each referral who buys an annual plan, they'll receive $20!

πŸ‘‰   DocuSign referral codes

19. Appy Pie referral program

App Builder Appy Pie is the fastest growing cloud based Mobile Apps Builder Software (App Maker) that allows users with no programming skills, to create Android & iPhone applications for mobiles and smartphones; and publish to Google Play & iTunes. App Builder Appy Pie’s Closed Beta was released on 14th Jan 2015 . App Builder Appy Pie shot to popularity immediately after its Out of Beta release. Finding widespread acknowledgment from worldwide press and the blogosphere, App Builder Appy Pie’s Marketplace scored over 850 Mobile Apps within a month. Small and medium businesses are finding App Builder Appy Pie particularly useful to reach out to new customers as well as engage with the existing ones. With App Builder Appy Pie, there is no need to install or download anything, you can just drag & drop app pages to create your mobile app online. Once the App is published, you will receive an HTML5 based hybrid app that works with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Since its inception, App Builder Appy Pie has been adding new app features every week. App Builder Appy Pie platform enables brands to cost-effectively build and manage apps across operating systems and devices. App Pie can be utilized to build highly custom apps that can run on iOS and Android devices, in native code, as well as a progressive web app for much less than working with a dev shop. Appy Pie’s App Builder is highly customizable and feature-rich, unlike other template solutions. Design your own App in Minutes. No Coding Skills Required. Just Drag & Drop. Publish on App Stores, Google Play & iTunes. App Revisions/Updates are Real Time. Send Push Notifications. Apps can be easily Monetized with Ads. App publishers get real-time App Analytics. Share App with Friends.

πŸ‘‰   Appy Pie referral codes

20. Vultr referral program

Sign-up using the referral link and get $100 in credit toward Vultr services.

πŸ‘‰   Vultr referral codes

21. Jitbit referral program

Refer a customer and get $50 straight to your PayPal. And the person you referred will get two months for free.

πŸ‘‰   Jitbit referral codes

22. Weebly referral program

Use a referral link and you'll get 10% off when you subscribe to a paid plan.

πŸ‘‰   Weebly referral codes

24. RescueTime referral program

For every new account you refer to RescueTime you will earn a 15% commission

πŸ‘‰   RescueTime referral codes

25. todoist referral program

todoist referral and affiliate program

Staying organized is tough - that’s why it’s always nice to get a little help. So if someone in your life could use a helping hand, refer them to Todoist, and they'll get two free months of Todoist Premium. And if they go ahead and purchase a yearly subscription to Todoist Premium, you’ll receive two free months, too.

πŸ‘‰   todoist referral codes

26. Brave Browser referral program

Brave Browser referral and affiliate program

Creators can earn up to $7.50 USD in Basic Attention Tokens for qualified referrals* that download brave using their referral code. You'll need to verify your website so it's a bit more complicated than the usual signup and refer scheme.

πŸ‘‰   Brave Browser referral codes

29. Canva referral program

Canva referral and affiliate program

Online Design Templates. When you refer friends to Canva, and they create their first design, you’ll both get Canva Credits as a reward. You can earn up to 20 Canva Credits this way. Canva credits can be redeemed for premium images from the library – the best photos, icons, and illustrations that Canva has to offer. You can redeem your credits when you download or share your design.

πŸ‘‰   Canva referral codes

30. FluidStack referral program

Fluidstack guarantees $5-$50 per month paid for your extra bandwidth.

πŸ‘‰   FluidStack referral codes

31. Packetstream referral program

Packetstream referral and affiliate program

Share PacketStream with friends, and you'll be credited 20% of the points they earn. Earned rewards can be cashed out via Paypal. Sign up using a referral link, install the application on your Windows PC or Laptop, sign in and leave it running in the background

πŸ‘‰   Packetstream referral codes

32. Honeygain referral program

Honeygain referral and affiliate program

Invite friends and get 10%. They get $5 for signing up, and they can withdraw when they hit $20, no deposit required.

πŸ‘‰   Honeygain referral codes

33. PureVPN referral program

PureVPN referral and affiliate program

Just your basic referral link. You get a month, referrer gets a month.

πŸ‘‰   PureVPN referral codes

34. Dictanote referral program

Everytime you refer a friend to Dictanote, both you and your friend get one month of Dictanote for free https://support.dictanote.co/hc/en-us/articles/115002814507-Referring-friends-to-Dictanote

πŸ‘‰   Dictanote referral codes

35. Malwarebytes referral program

Our members haven't found much information on Malwarebytes's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Malwarebytes offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   Malwarebytes referral codes

36. Ivacy referral program

For every friend who signs up, Ivacy will give you both 30 days free.

πŸ‘‰   Ivacy referral codes

37. SurfShark referral program

Gift a free month of VPN to your friends. Stack your rewards and earn up to 19 months of Surfshark. Here’s what rewards you can get: 1 invited friend: 30 free days 3 invited friends: 6 free months 5 invited friends: 1 free year

πŸ‘‰   SurfShark referral codes

38. Civo referral program

Scaled referral tiers starting at $20 per referral.

πŸ‘‰   Civo referral codes

39. Sync referral program

Users sign up using the referral link and they get 1 GB of storage.

πŸ‘‰   Sync referral codes

40. GitKraken referral program

Share your referral link for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! When someone uses your referral link to create a free account, you are both entered to win. If the person you referred is selected at random to win, you also win

πŸ‘‰   GitKraken referral codes

41. SearchLotto referral program

Both new users and referring users can get free tickets when using Search Lotto.

πŸ‘‰   SearchLotto referral codes

42. BigMind referral program

When a user joins with a referral code, both parties receive 1 free GB of cloud storage.

πŸ‘‰   BigMind referral codes

43. Bublup referral program

For every new user that you refer, you each earn 1 GB of free and permanent cloud storage in addition to your plan. You can earn up to 12 GB of additional storage. Pro tip: You can also earn referral rewards by inviting a new user to Bublup via a group folder invitation. There is no sign up bonus for the referee, but you get 1GB of extra space for every invite that signs up with your code.

πŸ‘‰   Bublup referral codes

44. Cocoon MDR referral program

When someone you refer signs up with the code you provided, uses the browser and earns $7 or more in rewards, $2 will be deposited in your MyData Rewards account. Increase your balance and start referring friends today by copying your unique code

πŸ‘‰   Cocoon MDR referral codes

45. Coggle referral program

Our members haven't found much information on Coggle's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Coggle offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   Coggle referral codes

46. Slidejoy referral program

Get 10 carats for every 50 carats your friends receive!

πŸ‘‰   Slidejoy referral codes

47. Cloudux referral program

Refer and you'll get gh/s for speeding your (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, dollar) mining just like that

πŸ‘‰   Cloudux referral codes

48. Upcloud referral program

The invited person signs up with the given referral link. When they deposit the first minimum amount of money, $25 gets automatically saved in their account.

πŸ‘‰   Upcloud referral codes

49. Mighty Deals referral program

Refer a friend to Mighty Deals and earn a $5 credit for each successful referral. The credit applies for first time customers only that you refer using your special referral link, provided that they make a purchase of at least $10. You can send this link to as many friends as you like, or tweet it or post in on your Facebook wall or anywhere else you want to.

πŸ‘‰   Mighty Deals referral codes

50. PC Matic referral program

When your referral purchases the program, they save $5 and you earn 6 months free.

πŸ‘‰   PC Matic referral codes

51. ClickUP referral program

You get 150 points for referring people. 100 points = $1 USD.

πŸ‘‰   ClickUP referral codes

53. Windscribe referral program

Invite your friends to join Windscribe, you'll get 1Β GB of data every month for every user you refer. Your friend will also get the same amount of bonus traffic every month. If anyone signs up to a Pro account, you'll also get the same Pro account, for free.

πŸ‘‰   Windscribe referral codes

54. imyfone referral program

Our members haven't found much information on iMyFone's current referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify iMyFone offers for other members' benefit.

πŸ‘‰   imyfone referral codes

55. ZOHO referral program

Refer your friends and once they start using Zoho, you will get 15% of their subscription payment to Zoho as your wallet credit. Also, your friend will earn $100 as wallet credit for subscribing through referral. You can refer as many friends as you wish. The amount will be credited to your wallet after 90 days, if the friend you referred continues to stay as a paying customer.

πŸ‘‰   ZOHO referral codes

56. Dynalist referral program

The rules are simple: for every friend you refer, you get $5 Dynalist Pro credit. Use your credit to get up to 50% off when upgrading! The friend invited by you gets one month of free Dynalist Pro.

πŸ‘‰   Dynalist referral codes

57. Krisp referral program

Free Signup to Desktop - $0.5 flat-fee Pro Plan Purchase - $20 flat-fee Team Plan Purchase - $20 recurring

πŸ‘‰   Krisp referral codes

58. Archbee referral program

You will both receive $50 discount on your subscriptions when the person you invite signs up for a paid Archbee subscription.

πŸ‘‰   Archbee referral codes

59. JoinSecret referral program

Each offer is different, some are instant discounts, others ask for a brief description of your product. They have 4 levels of membership, which give you access to more discounts.

πŸ‘‰   JoinSecret referral codes

61. Kryptex referral program

Invite friends and get 3% of their earnings Rewards are paid by Kryptex from its own funds. The invited person doesn't lose anything.

πŸ‘‰   Kryptex referral codes

62. Copysmith referral program

Give friends 50 credits, and get 50 credits when they sign up πŸš€

πŸ‘‰   Copysmith referral codes

63. Koofr referral program

You can get free space by simply inviting your friends to join Koofr. Each friend that starts using Koofr will bring you 2 GB of additional free space. And we will give them the extra 2 GB as well.

πŸ‘‰   Koofr referral codes

64. Integrately referral program

For every friend who signs up to Integrately, you'll both get 500 tasks. You get to keep them on the freeplan after the trial.

πŸ‘‰   Integrately referral codes

65. IPRoyal referral program

IPRoyal referral and affiliate program

You will get 10% of every invited user payout amount.

πŸ‘‰   IPRoyal referral codes

66. Hey referral program

There's no referral rewards, but since new users need one, they'll be grateful.

πŸ‘‰   Hey referral codes

67. VPNCity referral program

VPNCity referral and affiliate program

VPNCity referral program allows you to earn 45% of the purchase your referee makes, and it also gives you 3 years worth of free VPN for referring 3 of your friends with a special referral link.

πŸ‘‰   VPNCity referral codes

68. Avast referral program

Avast referral and affiliate program

Share your personal recommendation link through social media, email or copy and paste it to any message, website or forum. Tell your friends to open the link in their browser, download Avast Free Antivirus from the page displayed and install it on their PC. Once your friends install Avast Free Antivirus they downloaded through the webpage, Avast servers get notified that someone installed the software using your link and save the information into the database. In the next 48 hours, your Avast desktop app will synchronize the count of recommendations with the database and show the number in the Recommendation screen. When the count of recommendations in the Recommendation screen reaches level needed to unlock the rewards, a β€˜Claim now’ button will appear in the box with the reward - after a click on the button, a page opens where you can download your reward.

πŸ‘‰   Avast referral codes

69. OneDrive referral program

Just follow the invitation link and sign up for an account.

πŸ‘‰   OneDrive referral codes

70. Artboard Studio referral program

Artboard Studio in an online design platform for digital branding and content creation.

πŸ‘‰   Artboard Studio referral codes

71. AdBlock Pro referral program

AdBlock Pro referral and affiliate program

By using a referral link or referral code you can unlock one new feature in the app.

πŸ‘‰   AdBlock Pro referral codes

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The gig economy is here to stay and help number of people supplement their income. Referring qualified new rideshare drivers or airbnb hosts have some of the biggest payouts. You are basically referring an employee which is invaluable for the platforms, and they'll reward you generously. For example, referring an Airbnb host will earn you 8 times the amount you'd make referring guests to the platform. If you're only promoting a few programs, these offer great rewards! These platforms can be lucrative if you have the time to give them a try!

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Regular travelers might already use a number of these apps, so now is time to get your hands on your invite code and post it on this site!

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It's annoying to switch website hosts, so companies are investing aggressively into referrals. If you are a developer, work in tech or related field, you might earn generous rewards by recommending hosting and domain names providers. DigitalOcean is especially easy to recommend as it's priced very aggressively. On top of the invite bonus, company making to switch are often able to slash their hosting cost in half. We recommend services with rewards or not, so it just make sense to claim our due. Who doesn't love free computing?

Digital Ocean referral and affiliate program

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