2023's best referral programs

Earn money by filling surveys, completing online tasks, and referring other users.

Task + Survey referral and affiliate programs

We've listed the referral programs our user love, but please let us know if we should add more to the list!

For a quick overview, here's a table comparing the different programs:

App / Site Reward for invitee Rating Infos Save Post
20 Cogs referrals 20 Cogs Β£5 Details
2captcha referrals 2captcha Details
Ad-Doge referrals Ad-Doge Details
AdWallet referrals AdWallet $1 Details
Adsrepay referrals Adsrepay 10 Details
AppKarma referrals AppKarma 300 Karma Points Details
Aticlix referrals Aticlix Details
AttaPoll referrals AttaPoll 50 Points Details
Bananatic referrals Bananatic 150 bananas Details
BidCash referrals BidCash Chance at $25 Details
Bituro referrals Bituro Earn 50 points on install Details
Blockreward referrals Blockreward $2 Details
Boostchain referrals Boostchain $10 Details
Bucksify referrals Bucksify 5000 BXT Details
Buzz Break referrals Buzz Break 100 points Details
Cash'em All referrals Cash'em All 3333 coins Details
CashKarma referrals CashKarma Details
Cashzine referrals Cashzine 8000 Coins Details
Cinchbucks referrals Cinchbucks 50 CB Details
Clickloot referrals Clickloot 250 points Details
Clicks Genie referrals Clicks Genie Make up to $0.042 for every email you read. Details
Clickworker referrals Clickworker Details
Collectskins.com referrals Collectskins.com €1 Details
Dabbl referrals Dabbl $0.25 Details
Earnably referrals Earnably Details
Earnin Cash App Make Money Now referrals Earnin Cash App Make Money Now 555 Credits Details
Earnit.gg referrals Earnit.gg 500 Diamonds Details
Faucet Crypto referrals Faucet Crypto Details
FeaturePoints referrals FeaturePoints 50 points Details
Free Bitcoin Cash referrals Free Bitcoin Cash Direct link to play-protected app, BCH satoshi rewards, own referrals Details
Free my app referrals Free my app Details
Free-litecoin referrals Free-litecoin Details
FreeSkins referrals FreeSkins 100 coins Details
Fusion Cash referrals Fusion Cash $5 Details
GAMEE referrals GAMEE $0.10 and 500 tickets Details
GCLoot referrals GCLoot 500 points Details
GG2U referrals GG2U $1 Signup bonus Details
Gain.gg referrals Gain.gg 100 points Details
Gamehag referrals Gamehag 200 soulgems Details
GetPaidTo referrals GetPaidTo 200 free points Details
Gift Hunter Club referrals Gift Hunter Club Free cents Details
Givvy referrals Givvy 130 coins Details
Grab points referrals Grab points 1000 points ($1) Details
Grabfreemoney referrals Grabfreemoney $1 Details
HashingAdSpace referrals HashingAdSpace Asimi coins Details
Heartbeat referrals Heartbeat $5 Details
Hello Ping Pong referrals Hello Ping Pong €5 Details
Hideout.tv referrals Hideout.tv Details
Idle Empire referrals Idle Empire 500 points Details
Inbox Research referrals Inbox Research $2 Details
Inbox pays referrals Inbox pays Details
InboxDollars referrals InboxDollars Details
Jot Form referrals Jot Form 1 Extra Form Details
KashKick referrals KashKick - Details
Loot Bull referrals Loot Bull $3 Details
Lucky Cash referrals Lucky Cash 500 points Details
MSR referrals MSR 0.50 Details
McMoney referrals McMoney 0.28 Details
Methinks referrals Methinks $5 Details
Microsoft Rewards referrals Microsoft Rewards some gift cards Details
Milieu referrals Milieu 500 Details
Mobee referrals Mobee 300 Points Details
Mobile Performance Meter referrals Mobile Performance Meter 300 points Details
Money Guru referrals Money Guru $10 Details
Money SMS referrals Money SMS €0.25 Details
Money Tree Rewards referrals Money Tree Rewards 100 pts Details
Money app referrals Money app Details
NeoBux referrals NeoBux Details
Next cash referrals Next cash Every new member earns $25 as startup bonus Details
NomadTask referrals NomadTask - Details
Octopus Group referrals Octopus Group Details
Olacity referrals Olacity Details
OneForma referrals OneForma Details
Ozone referrals Ozone up to $5 Details
PTCshare referrals PTCshare Details
PaidVerts referrals PaidVerts Details
PaidViewpoint referrals PaidViewpoint Details
Paidera referrals Paidera $0.50 Details
Panda research referrals Panda research $3 sign up bonus Details
Panel App referrals Panel App 500 points Details
Part-timeStar referrals Part-timeStar Details
Peekage referrals Peekage 1000 coins Details
PerkWiz referrals PerkWiz $25 Details
Perksy referrals Perksy 100 points Details
Pick My Postcode referrals Pick My Postcode 20p Details
Picoworkers referrals Picoworkers $0.50 USD Details
PinchMe referrals PinchMe 40 coins Details
PlayNANO referrals PlayNANO Earn Nano tokens Details
Poll Pay referrals Poll Pay $0.25 Details
Presearch referrals Presearch 25 PRE Details
Prize Rebel referrals Prize Rebel 30% of all referrals earnings Details
Promotad referrals Promotad $10 Details
Qmee referrals Qmee $0.50 Details
Quicrypto referrals Quicrypto 1000 Satoshis Details
Qureka referrals Qureka 30$ Details
ReceiptPal referrals ReceiptPal 1550 Points Details
Receiptjar referrals Receiptjar 200 points Details
Remotask referrals Remotask $5 bonus Details
Reshort.com referrals Reshort.com Details
Respondent referrals Respondent - Details
Reviewhunt referrals Reviewhunt Simple Quests, Get Paid Details
RewardXP referrals RewardXP 0 Details
Rewardia referrals Rewardia 3,000 ponts Details
Rewardingways referrals Rewardingways $0.20 Details
Rewardr referrals Rewardr 10 points Details
RluVideon referrals RluVideon Details
Rotate4all referrals Rotate4all Details
S'more referrals S'more 25 points Details
STOREWARDS referrals STOREWARDS 250 extra coins Details
SaySo referrals SaySo Gift cards Details
Scarlet-clicks referrals Scarlet-clicks Details
Shopkick referrals Shopkick 250 kicks Details
Shping referrals Shping $10 Details
Split referrals Split $5 Details
Squishy Cash referrals Squishy Cash $3 Details
Star Clicks referrals Star Clicks Details
Streetbees referrals Streetbees $2 Details
Superpayme referrals Superpayme Details
Surveys on the Go referrals Surveys on the Go Up to $10.00 Details
SwagBucks referrals SwagBucks Details
TaskRabbit referrals TaskRabbit $10 Details
TestingTime referrals TestingTime Details
The Panel Station referrals The Panel Station 500 points Details
TimeBucks referrals TimeBucks $1 upon sign-up Details
Toluna referrals Toluna Details
Treasure Trooper referrals Treasure Trooper Details
Typing Sensei referrals Typing Sensei 500 points Details
UniqueRewards referrals UniqueRewards Details
Vindale Research Program referrals Vindale Research Program $5 Details
ViralPoints referrals ViralPoints $25 Details
Voxpopme referrals Voxpopme $1 Details
Yandex Toloka referrals Yandex Toloka Details
YouGov referrals YouGov Details
Ysense referrals Ysense Details
Zareklamy referrals Zareklamy Details
Zebra referrals Zebra $1 Details
Zoombucks referrals Zoombucks 500 Zoombucks (50 cents) Details
Zynn referrals Zynn Up to $20 Details
adviev referrals adviev Details
earn2flex.com referrals earn2flex.com Details
iRazoo referrals iRazoo 500 points Details
kolotibablo referrals kolotibablo 10% Details
mGamer referrals mGamer 200 coins Details
paid to read email referrals paid to read email $3 Signup bonus Details
pointsprizes referrals pointsprizes 1 - 10 points Details
renaissance referrals renaissance 5* Details
rupee4click referrals rupee4click β‚Ή500 Details
univox referrals univox $1 Details
whatsaround referrals whatsaround Details

1. Toluna referral program

Toluna referral and affiliate program

Each time you invite someone, your account will be credited with 500 points once they complete their registration to join the Toluna community.

πŸ‘‰   Toluna referral codes

3. Shopkick referral program

Shopkick referral and affiliate program

If you were invited to join Shopkick by a friend who sent you an invitation code, here's how to enter the code in your Shopkick app: Tap on your Avatar on the top left of the app then you'll find "Add Invite Code" in the menu. Only new users are eligible for invites kicks. After using your friend's code, you will get 250 kicks as soon you walk in or scans within 7 days after signing up to Shopkick.

πŸ‘‰   Shopkick referral codes

4. PaidViewpoint referral program

PaidViewpoint referral and affiliate program

When you register with a referral code you will receive a welcome bonus reward and can earn additional funds as you complete more surveys. When you refer someone to register you will receive a 20% bonus of all the surveys they complete. You can receive up to $25 per person you refer to join Paid Viewpoint. There are currently no maximums on the number of people you can refer to join!

πŸ‘‰   PaidViewpoint referral codes

5. SwagBucks referral program

SwagBucks referral and affiliate program

Shop at your favorite stores, answer surveys, and more. Invite your friends to do the same. Earn points (called SB) Redeem your SB for free gift cards.

πŸ‘‰   SwagBucks referral codes

6. Bituro referral program

Bituro referral and affiliate program

Earn referral bonuses of 10% of all redeemed points lifetime + up to 50 points on install

πŸ‘‰   Bituro referral codes

7. Microsoft Rewards referral program

Microsoft Rewards referral and affiliate program

Get rewarded when you search, shop, and play with Microsoft. It's easy to earn points and redeem them for rewards like gift cards and sweepstakes entries.

πŸ‘‰   Microsoft Rewards referral codes

9. Perksy referral program

Perksy referral and affiliate program

You earn the equivalent of one penny per survey, but will get $1 (100 points) if you refer friends.

πŸ‘‰   Perksy referral codes

10. Dabbl referral program

Dabbl referral and affiliate program

$0.25 offered when you refer a friend to Dabbl and when they sign up.

πŸ‘‰   Dabbl referral codes

11. Voxpopme referral program

Voxpopme referral and affiliate program

The current referral program offers a reward of $1 to the referrer for each friend who successfully registers for the App and submits a Video Response that meets the Voxpopme approval criteria. The reward is credited to the referrer’s Account upon approval of the friend’s first Video Response.

πŸ‘‰   Voxpopme referral codes

12. Qmee referral program

Qmee referral and affiliate program

For every friend that signs up to use Qmee through your personal invite link, you get a reward on the first PayPal or Gift Card cash out.

πŸ‘‰   Qmee referral codes

13. YouGov referral program

YouGov referral and affiliate program

Our members haven't found much information on YouGov's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify YouGov offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   YouGov referral codes

14. InboxDollars referral program

InboxDollars referral and affiliate program

For each friend you refer who signs up and activates their account, you can earn $1.00 per referral up to 5 referrals. In addition, InboxDollars offers you a way to earn an additional 30% on all qualified earning made by your referral!

πŸ‘‰   InboxDollars referral codes

15. Money app referral program

Money app referral and affiliate program

Our members haven't found much information on moneyapp's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify moneyapp.org offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   Money app referral codes

16. SaySo referral program

Survey site. Your opinion is more valuable than you think. Share your opinion. Shape Brands. Get rewarded.

πŸ‘‰   SaySo referral codes

17. FeaturePoints referral program

FeaturePoints referral and affiliate program

Sharing FeaturePoints with your friends is an easy way to earn points. When you refer your first two (2) friends, you will receive 25% of qualifying points they earn with FeaturePoints. Once your refer three (3) friends, you will earn 50% of qualifying points all your referrals earn going forward.

πŸ‘‰   FeaturePoints referral codes

18. iRazoo referral program

Refer your friends to iRazoo, and they’ll earn an extra 500 points just for accepting your invitation. After that, all they have to do is use the website. Once your referral earns their first 1000 points, you’ll get a Referral Bonus of 100-500 points (depending on country). Every referral you invite can earn you this bonus. Invite all your friends and family and watch your points soar!

πŸ‘‰   iRazoo referral codes

19. CashKarma referral program

Share invite link / referrer code and earn 10% of everything their referrals earn.

πŸ‘‰   CashKarma referral codes

20. Methinks referral program

Methinks referral and affiliate program

You can use a referral code and get a bonus upon completing your first project. When you refer someone, and after they complete their first project that pays at least $10, both of you will receive the $5 bonus.

πŸ‘‰   Methinks referral codes

21. Promotad referral program

Participate in consumer research surveys and make up to $10 per survey completed.

πŸ‘‰   Promotad referral codes

22. Rewardingways referral program

Get 25% of earnings made on the site. New members you refer automatically receive $0.20 to their account when they join to help encourage them to earn and make you extra money.

πŸ‘‰   Rewardingways referral codes

23. Buzz Break referral program

Buzz Break referral and affiliate program

Get 100 points once you sign up and refer others to receive 2700. Get friends to sign up using your promo code and receive extra points.

πŸ‘‰   Buzz Break referral codes

24. 20 Cogs referral program

20 Cogs referral and affiliate program

Share 20Cogs with your friends to earn even more money! For every friend you refer, you will earn 5% of what your friend earns forever PLUS an additional Β£20 when they cash out. This may not sound like much but the average 20Cogs member cashes out Β£200, that means you could earn roughly Β£30 for every friend that cashes out. You could earn an extra Β£90 per month by referring just 3 friends that go on to cash out! You can refer as many friends as you like, so there's no limit to your earnings. Earning based on an average of Β£200. Referred friends must complete all 20 Cogs and cash out to be eligible for the additional Β£20 bonus

πŸ‘‰   20 Cogs referral codes

26. McMoney referral program

Earn extra money by referring new users to McMoney! All McMoney users will get a referral code they can share with people who haven't installed McMoney yet. Both you and the one who uses your code will get a bonus. You can share your code with as many people as you like. Using a referral link you'll get 28 cents.

πŸ‘‰   McMoney referral codes

27. Bananatic referral program

Bananatic referral and affiliate program

Use the referral link to get a 150 banana bonus after you have earned 500 bananas by playing games or completing offers through Bananatic.

πŸ‘‰   Bananatic referral codes

29. Fusion Cash referral program

Earn $1 when a referral confirms their email, $2 when they complete a Paid to Sign Up offer, and $5 each time they are approved for cashout - for life.

πŸ‘‰   Fusion Cash referral codes

30. Hideout.tv referral program

Hideout.tv referral and affiliate program

When others sign up for Hideout.co using your referral link, you’ll get a % bonus of that user’s earnings for life. The more you refer, the more you earn. Use the referral URL to sign others up. Refer 1-500 users and get 10% of their earnings. Refer 500+ users, and you get 15% of their earnings.

πŸ‘‰   Hideout.tv referral codes

31. Zynn referral program

Zynn referral and affiliate program

Earn up to $20 for each person that signs up using your code and an additional $10 for each 5th person that you invite.

πŸ‘‰   Zynn referral codes

32. Ysense referral program

For each referral that becomes active you will earn a signup commission of $0.10 or $0.30 from select countries (see details). Once your referrals earn their first $5.00 (excluding commissions and bonuses) you will also earn an extra $2.00 bonus.

πŸ‘‰   Ysense referral codes

33. Remotask referral program

Remotask referral and affiliate program

For every $10 earned you and the person whose referral code you used earns a $5 bonus.

πŸ‘‰   Remotask referral codes

34. Inbox pays referral program

Encourage your friends and family to start earning on Inboxpays, start earning 10% of your referrals. Once your friends or family requests payment 10% of the survey earnings will be credited to your account.

πŸ‘‰   Inbox pays referral codes

35. Cashzine referral program

Cashzine referral and affiliate program

Tips of making money 1. You can get a 15% daily commission on the following day from total of your invited friend's daily income of both reading and sharing coins. 2. To invite your family, close friends, classmates, or colleagues, that is easier to approach. 3. To share the invitation link to 3 and above groups of WhatsApp, Facebook, or LINE, that could reach 200% more successfully. 4. To show your Cash Out slip for invitation that is a good way. 5. No limitation of invitation, invite more earn more.

πŸ‘‰   Cashzine referral codes

36. Prize Rebel referral program

Prize Rebel referral and affiliate program

Users may complete tasks and surveys for cash rewards (paid with gif cards from thousands of different retailers. Referrers on the other hand, earn 30% of all cash rewards the referred member earns within the Prize Rebel platform.

πŸ‘‰   Prize Rebel referral codes

37. Receiptjar referral program

You get 200 bonus points for each successful referral.

πŸ‘‰   Receiptjar referral codes

38. Zebra referral program

You get $1 for each friend you invite once they verify their age and upload photo ID.

πŸ‘‰   Zebra referral codes

39. S'more referral program


Share your code with friends. When they sign up using your code, they get 25 points! After 10 days, you get 25 points!

πŸ‘‰   S'more referral codes

40. Idle Empire referral program

Idle Empire referral and affiliate program

The person who refers get 50 points and 20% of the completed tasks.

πŸ‘‰   Idle Empire referral codes

41. PaidVerts referral program

You will earn 10% of all ad purchases your referrals make, both now and in the future. So if your referral buys $100 worth of ads, you will earn an instant $10 commision.

πŸ‘‰   PaidVerts referral codes

42. GG2U referral program

GG2U referral and affiliate program

Every time your referrals receive a payout or gift card, your account will be credited with 5% of the amount!

πŸ‘‰   GG2U referral codes

43. Gamehag referral program

Gamehag referral and affiliate program


πŸ‘‰   Gamehag referral codes

44. Rotate4all referral program

You gain money for each visit you do to a website with your link and if posted on PTC you gain money per view too that people see.

πŸ‘‰   Rotate4all referral codes

45. Loot Bull referral program

Referral program gives the new user $3 and tokens to the referrer

πŸ‘‰   Loot Bull referral codes

46. paid to read email referral program

When you create a new account using a referral link you get a welcome bonus of $3. And for every new user you bring you get 15% of their earnings.

πŸ‘‰   paid to read email referral codes

47. Grab points referral program

Refer as many people as you can to get up to 500 points depending on country they live in. They will receive 1000 points in return.

πŸ‘‰   Grab points referral codes

48. Givvy referral program

Givvy referral and affiliate program

You will both win 130 coins when your friend confirms your phone number, and you will win 240 coins when he gathers 500 coins!

πŸ‘‰   Givvy referral codes

51. Reshort.com referral program

The ReShort referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links! Refer friends and receive 20% of their earnings for life!

πŸ‘‰   Reshort.com referral codes

54. PTCshare referral program

- 7% commission on every ad purchase - 3% commission on the value of their ad clicks - Eligibility for additional daily referral ad issue - A ton of achievement points, increasing your part of the daily achievement ad issue

πŸ‘‰   PTCshare referral codes

55. Grabfreemoney referral program

Recruit new members and get $1 when they earn first 500pts.

πŸ‘‰   Grabfreemoney referral codes

56. Lucky Cash referral program

The referral program works with a link of invitation or a referral code.

πŸ‘‰   Lucky Cash referral codes

57. Ad-Doge referral program

Our members haven't found much information on ad-doge's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify ad-doge offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   Ad-Doge referral codes

58. Faucet Crypto referral program

Faucet Crypto referral and affiliate program

Share your referral link with your friends and earn a percentage of all their earnings for lifetime!

πŸ‘‰   Faucet Crypto referral codes

59. NeoBux referral program

When a referral clicks fixed orange ads you'll earn $0.0005 per click from every referral.

πŸ‘‰   NeoBux referral codes

60. Part-timeStar referral program

Our members haven't found much information on Part-timeStar's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Part-timeStar offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   Part-timeStar referral codes

61. Panel App referral program

Panel App referral and affiliate program
Panel App

You will get a signup bonus of 500 points when you enter a referral code & you can also invite your friends and earn 500 points when they enter your code.

πŸ‘‰   Panel App referral codes

62. Money Guru referral program

Once you sign up you'll receive $10, you can refer your friend and you'll get $5 once they sign up and $0.20 for every click they make. You can also share to Twitter and Facebook to earn $10 from both or make videos on youtube or tik tok about it.

πŸ‘‰   Money Guru referral codes

63. Pick My Postcode referral program

Get up to 20p for each new referral you make, and make up to 1000 referrals. That's an extra Β£200 you could add to your winnings! The amount you earn per referral is based on what Bonus each referral has earned for themselves. If they have 20p or more in their Bonus, then you get the maximum 20p.

πŸ‘‰   Pick My Postcode referral codes

65. Picoworkers referral program

Referrals get $0.5 when they sign up. You earn 5% of their earnings for life. Post jobs or complete job tasks and get paid. Refer friends to your down line to get 5% of their referral earnings/deposits. Minimum withdrawal is $10, and they have multiple payout methods including PayPal. This is Available in most countries if not all.

πŸ‘‰   Picoworkers referral codes

66. Gain.gg referral program

For every referral, the referrer gets 5% of their total earnings. Users who sign up get 100 points.

πŸ‘‰   Gain.gg referral codes

67. Typing Sensei referral program

If a user used your referral to sign up and scored 500 points in the Typing game, the referral points will automatically add for you and to the referrer total points.

πŸ‘‰   Typing Sensei referral codes

68. Zoombucks referral program

Share your referral links with friends and you'll earn points when they reach 1000 points. In addition, they'll earn 500 free points when they sign up with your invite code.

πŸ‘‰   Zoombucks referral codes

69. Yandex Toloka referral program

Invite your friends and get rewards for their tasks. For each task successfully completed by a friend, you will receive from 5% to 20% of the task price.

πŸ‘‰   Yandex Toloka referral codes

70. Rewardia referral program

Invite for 10% referral commission for life. Your friend will receive 3,000 bonus points once they earn their first 3,000 points

πŸ‘‰   Rewardia referral codes

71. Squishy Cash referral program

Earn 25% of your referral's earnings, 5% from your 2nd level referrals, 2% from your 3rd level referrals, 1% from your 4th level referrals, and 1% from your 5th level referrals. Excludes surveys, contests, and SquishySlots. You will also earn 5% of your 1st level referrals' advertising purchases, 2% from your 2nd level, and 1% from your 3rd level Instantly get $1 added to your account balance when your 1st level referrals complete their 1st offer (must be a direct referral, not the result of an account upgrade, and offer payout must be at least $0.25 to qualify)

πŸ‘‰   Squishy Cash referral codes

72. Hello Ping Pong referral program

When they sign up and complete their first session you get €5.

πŸ‘‰   Hello Ping Pong referral codes

73. PerkWiz referral program

Give friends $25 in rewards after they buy any PerkWiz reward plan and get another $25

πŸ‘‰   PerkWiz referral codes

74. TaskRabbit referral program

When your friend signs up with your link and completes their first task, you will receive a $10 bonus. Your friend will receive $10 their first task when they sign up with your link.

πŸ‘‰   TaskRabbit referral codes

75. Respondent referral program

Sign up for Respondent and participate in a paid research study, and you can earn money. You can also refer people to the site and earn up to $20 per referral or to studies and earn up to $50 per referral.

πŸ‘‰   Respondent referral codes

76. Cinchbucks referral program

For everyone you refer you get 20% lifetime rewards off their earnings

πŸ‘‰   Cinchbucks referral codes

77. pointsprizes referral program

You will earn between 1 and 10 points (depending on traffic quality) for every valid account that signs up with us through your referral links. These points are unlimited and in most cases this is the main way that users earn referral points.

πŸ‘‰   pointsprizes referral codes

79. Earnably referral program

Share your unique referral link with your friends, family and followers to earn 10% of everything your referrals earn by completing offers (completely unlimited and for life!). This doesn't include promo codes or any other bonuses given by earnably. Referral Points are credited to your account balance at the start of every month. There's no need to "claim" your Referral Points; they're automatically credited on the first of every month. You can see your pending Bonus Points under Invite or by hovering over your balance on the menu.

πŸ‘‰   Earnably referral codes

80. STOREWARDS referral program

Snap receipts of your grocerie shopping for rewards. Invite users to get 1000 extra coins and your friend will get 250 extra coins! You can cash out for amazon gift cards or PayPal!

πŸ‘‰   STOREWARDS referral codes

82. adviev referral program

Take part in their affiliate program and attract other users by getting them interested in their own achievements on the platform. You will get 4% of purchasing by your referrals, as well as 3% of the amount that they will get from watching advertising.

πŸ‘‰   adviev referral codes

83. PlayNANO referral program

When your referrals do something on our website, like earning some Nano, or spend Nano on a game, you'll earn a commission. And if they invite others, you'll get a commission from them too, up to 3 levels.

πŸ‘‰   PlayNANO referral codes

84. NomadTask referral program

When you attract new workers from your referral link, you will constantly get 5% of the earned rewards that your referred friend has earned from his/her task submissions.

πŸ‘‰   NomadTask referral codes

85. GAMEE referral program

GAMEE referral and affiliate program

Invite a friend and get $0.10 and 500 tickets after your friend confirms their email address. You can also earn 10% of all the tickets earned by your friend. Invite up to 5 persons per day.

πŸ‘‰   GAMEE referral codes

86. Aticlix referral program

Our members haven't found much information on Aticlix's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Aticlix offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   Aticlix referral codes

87. Peekage referral program

Peekage referral and affiliate program

The new user instantly receives 1000 coins after signing up. The referring user receives 1000 coins after the new user links their social media account and completes 3 packs.

πŸ‘‰   Peekage referral codes

88. Rewardr referral program

Share rewardr link. When anyone download and complete one offer then you will get points.

πŸ‘‰   Rewardr referral codes

90. FreeSkins referral program

FreeSkins referral and affiliate program

Share your referral link and earn 5% of all offers completed by your users - including name bonuses! Your referred users will also receive 100 coins as a welcome bonus.

πŸ‘‰   FreeSkins referral codes

91. Panda research referral program

Encourage your friends to start earning on Panda Research, start earning 10% of your referrals! Once your friends request payment, 10% of the offer earnings will be credited to your account.

πŸ‘‰   Panda research referral codes

92. OneForma referral program

Our members haven't found much information on OneForma's current referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify OneForma offers for other members' benefit.

πŸ‘‰   OneForma referral codes

93. Free my app referral program

Our members haven't found much information on FreeMyApps's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify FreeMyApps offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   Free my app referral codes

94. Clickloot referral program

For every user referred, referrer will receive 10% of their earnings

πŸ‘‰   Clickloot referral codes

95. Paidera referral program

The more referrals, the more you earn. And you also unlock better polls.

πŸ‘‰   Paidera referral codes

96. 2captcha referral program

2captcha referral and affiliate program

You can invite people to work with the service. They will be your referrals. Your reward is 10% from everything they earn or spend.

πŸ‘‰   2captcha referral codes

98. The Panel Station referral program

Earn 500 points when your friend completed the first survey and your friend earns 500 points upon registering with your referral code. Invite up to 5 friends per month.

πŸ‘‰   The Panel Station referral codes

99. GetPaidTo referral program

Refer and get paid, invite your friends and tell them how easy it is to earn online. Get 15% commission on any points your friend earns for life. Redeem your points for cash, crypto currencies or gift cards. Show your friends how to earn money from paid surveys and tasks. When they sign up and start earning points, you'll receive 15% commission. Your earning potential is unlimited. Remember your commission is NOT taken from your friends' earnings.

πŸ‘‰   GetPaidTo referral codes

100. KashKick referral program

For every friend that joins, you'll earn 25% of all of their earnings from subscriptions to advertiser promotions and their completion of sponsored surveys.

πŸ‘‰   KashKick referral codes

101. whatsaround referral program

Our members haven't found much information on WhatsAround's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify WhatsAround offers for other members benefit.

πŸ‘‰   whatsaround referral codes

102. univox referral program

Sign up and both get $1. Referrer gets $0.10 for every survey you complete.

πŸ‘‰   univox referral codes

103. Bucksify referral program

Bucksify referral and affiliate program

They pay 10% of the BXT earned by your referrals, such as from offer walls and hourly gifts. Referral Earnings are credited at midnight (UTC) every day. You can track your referral earnings from My Wallet page. Search for "Referral" to see only referral earnings.

πŸ‘‰   Bucksify referral codes

105. Zareklamy referral program

Zareklamy referral and affiliate program

Invite a friend or someone from the internet to create an advertisement and make a transfer for minimum $10 on Zareklamy Ads. If the person completes the transfer, you will receive 12% of the amount spent on the advertisement.

πŸ‘‰   Zareklamy referral codes

106. Superpayme referral program

You get 25% of your referred person's earnings. Get paid when you complete Free Paid Surveys, Paid Trials, PTC ads and other Free Paid Offers

πŸ‘‰   Superpayme referral codes

107. Next cash referral program

Share this link and earn $2 for every person who clicks on it. Earn an additional $10 when they sign up!

πŸ‘‰   Next cash referral codes

109. UniqueRewards referral program

1. They pay $1 when each of your referrals completes his/her first offer from the Offer/Surveys, Cashback and Coupons Sections. Any easiest offer! Even if its cost is only $0.10! (Hurry up! Limited time offer!) 2. They pay $5 for every active referral! They pay $5 for every active referral! It means that every time when one of your referrals earns $20 or more gets the "active" status, and you also earn $5! Just once for one referral. 3. They pay 10% of the Qualified Earnings received by your referrals! For your lifetime!

πŸ‘‰   UniqueRewards referral codes

110. Blockreward referral program

Blockreward referral and affiliate program

For every referred friend, you will both get rewarded with up to $2 of free crypto when your friend earns When you sign up, you need to complete tasks to gain points. 1,000 points: $0.1 3,000 points: $0.2 8,000 points: $0.5 20,000 points: $1.2

πŸ‘‰   Blockreward referral codes

111. Cash'em All referral program

You will receive 25% of all coins from your friend. Your friend will also receive 25% of all the coins you earn.

πŸ‘‰   Cash'em All referral codes

112. MSR referral program

Take surveys and receive MSR that is converted to real money. 50 MSR is equal to 0.50 cents. Need minimum $10 to cash out.

πŸ‘‰   MSR referral codes

113. Milieu referral program

Milieu referral and affiliate program

For each friend that signs up with us and completes 7 surveys, you will earn an additional 500 points! They will earn 500 points too!

πŸ‘‰   Milieu referral codes

114. Adsrepay referral program

Invite your friends to join AdsRePay. You will receive 5% of your referrals' earnings. Plus 2% of earnings of their referrals.

πŸ‘‰   Adsrepay referral codes

115. PinchMe referral program

Both referring and referred user get 40 coins to use in the wallet rewards store!

πŸ‘‰   PinchMe referral codes

116. Jot Form referral program

A referral is valid when an individual signs up with a verified email address and subscribes to a JotForm plan using your unique referral link. You will only be credited with a referral if your unique referral link is utilized. JotForm may deny referrals if we determine fraudulent behavior (e.g. self-referrals) and/or unusually high referral rates have occurred.

πŸ‘‰   Jot Form referral codes

117. kolotibablo referral program

TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 1. You will earn 10% from each of your referral earnings. Money are transferred after referral account passes captcha moderation. 2. Self-referring is strictly prohibited. 3. Referrals who frequently change their IP address are treated as proxy users and thus, fake referrals. Referrals who have the same IP address as you - are treated as fake referrals too. 4. To attract referrals you have to generate a referral link. Maximum of 10 referrals links are allowed. There's no limit on number of referrals you may attract with each link

πŸ‘‰   kolotibablo referral codes

118. rupee4click referral program

Share referral link and earn β‚Ή10 for every person who clicks on it. Earn an additional β‚Ή100 when they sign up!

πŸ‘‰   rupee4click referral codes

119. TestingTime referral program

The referral signs up and completes the first survey which is paid within 10 days. The referral reward paid to the referrer is CHF 5.

πŸ‘‰   TestingTime referral codes

120. Clicks Genie referral program

Clicks Genie referral and affiliate program

Referrals have to be active members in order to get the bonus and also pay $0.15 bonus for every referral you bring and that is active moreover pays up to 5 levels deep totalling 320% commission revenue from every referral

πŸ‘‰   Clicks Genie referral codes

121. Octopus Group referral program

Octopus Group referral and affiliate program

For every survey you complete, the referrer will get $1. There is no reward for signing up using the referral link.

πŸ‘‰   Octopus Group referral codes

122. RewardXP referral program

Sign someone up and they receive 10% of the earnings the referral generates for life (at no cost to the referral).

πŸ‘‰   RewardXP referral codes

123. BidCash referral program

Enter for free with referral code and have chance to win $25 cash.

πŸ‘‰   BidCash referral codes

124. Gift Hunter Club referral program

Apart from the cents got on offers, you can use a referral system to get additional cents. For every user you invite, you will obtain a 10% of his/her earnings. Moreover, you have a couple of bonuses based on your daily and weekly activity and a couple of contests

πŸ‘‰   Gift Hunter Club referral codes

126. Star Clicks referral program

You get paid when you refer others to join Star-Clicks.com, you also get paid if they upgrade their membership. Your referee should use your referral link to signup. As soon as as your referees sign up or upgrade, you get paid. Your referral earning is added to your account balance.

πŸ‘‰   Star Clicks referral codes

127. Ozone referral program

Refer other people to control their data and you will get $1 for each that signs up under your link.

πŸ‘‰   Ozone referral codes

128. Scarlet-clicks referral program

Users signing in using your referral code earn you up to 100% of their earnings while losing nothing themselves.

πŸ‘‰   Scarlet-clicks referral codes

129. Olacity referral program

You make a percentage of what your referral makes.

πŸ‘‰   Olacity referral codes

130. Presearch referral program

You become eligible for your 25 token bonus, per referral, once each referral has earned 50 search reward tokens, and has been active 30 days after their initial sign up.

πŸ‘‰   Presearch referral codes

131. Collectskins.com referral program

For everyone that registers via a referral link, referrers get a commission.

πŸ‘‰   Collectskins.com referral codes

133. Poll Pay referral program

Invite friends, and they get $0.25 for start-up, and you get 15% of their earnings.

πŸ‘‰   Poll Pay referral codes

134. AttaPoll referral program

AttaPoll referral and affiliate program

When you refer someone or are referred by someone, both parties will receive 50 additional points once the new user completes their fifth survey.

πŸ‘‰   AttaPoll referral codes

135. Money Tree Rewards referral program

Referee signs up and then enters the code sent. Receives 100pts after completing a task. There is a team bonus coming soon.

πŸ‘‰   Money Tree Rewards referral codes

136. mGamer referral program

You invite a person and if that person inputs the referral code, both get the coins.

πŸ‘‰   mGamer referral codes

137. Quicrypto referral program

Quicrypto referral and affiliate program

Copy your referral link and invite your friends with it. You will get 10% of any valid withdrawal your friend makes

πŸ‘‰   Quicrypto referral codes

138. Mobee referral program

Receive 300 Bonus points or $3 once you sign up for the Mobee Mystery Shopping App, Enter referral code and complete your first mission.

πŸ‘‰   Mobee referral codes

140. Inbox Research referral program

Earn $2 for every friend that joins InboxResearch with your link! Simple! Once your friend signs up via your referral link, confirms their account and completes one study worth $1 or more (excluding the $1 tutorial), you receive $2 for the referral.

πŸ‘‰   Inbox Research referral codes

141. Reviewhunt referral program

When you attract new hunters from your referral link, you will constantly get 5% of the earned rewards that your referred friend has earned from his/her quest submissions.

πŸ‘‰   Reviewhunt referral codes

143. Boostchain referral program

Boostchain airdrops 2.500 BSTKN tokens (~$10,00) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks. They also offer a referral program where you can earn additional BSTKN for each user you refer. Please note: - Withdrawing becomes available once they are listed on an exchange. The date still needs to be determined. - There will he KYC to be compliant with the law.

πŸ‘‰   Boostchain referral codes

144. Mobile Performance Meter referral program

Mobile Performance Meter referral and affiliate program

You get points for inviting friends using your invite link after the person downloads the app through your link then you get 300 points

πŸ‘‰   Mobile Performance Meter referral codes

145. earn2flex.com referral program

Share your referral link and get $1 dollar every time it gets clicked, and $5 every time someone signs up plus a % of commissions on what they make. Need to get at least 10 people to sign up to cash out the earnings.

πŸ‘‰   earn2flex.com referral codes

146. RluVideon referral program

40% of the earnings of your referrals will go to your account!

πŸ‘‰   RluVideon referral codes

147. Money SMS referral program

Money SMS referral and affiliate program

You and your friends can earn more with the Money SMS referral program. Using your personal referral code during registration, each user receives a bonus of 0.25 EUR, and when such a user withdraws the accumulated amount, your bonus will be 30% of its value. You can refer the app to your friends and community and earn 30% from their earnings.

πŸ‘‰   Money SMS referral codes

148. Split referral program

Join split with a referral code, save up your cashback earnings until you reach $20 available, and get $5 free!

πŸ‘‰   Split referral codes

149. renaissance referral program

Every time you stream a song, you generate βœͺ that you can use to redeem for rewards. Sync with your Spotify and Youtube

πŸ‘‰   renaissance referral codes

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Lyft Driver referral and affiliate program  DoorDash Driver referral and affiliate program  GigSmart referral and affiliate program