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Sign up for Swagbucks with the above link and immediately receive 150SB. There are tons of ways to earn even more….your own referrals, surveys, trivia, games, and shopping! Redeeming your SB is quick and easy, and they even have sales on them! For about 500SB you can currently redeem for $5 via Amazon, PayPal, Amex, Mastercard, and so many more….what are you waiting for???

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@crocke28 🎤

If you use the referral code, you receive 150 "Swagbucks" and your referral receives 15 along with an additional 10% of any they make utilizing the app. Both people also receive an additional 300 when the referral reaches 300. It's really not difficult to get to 300, and they partner with more stores and offer coupons for online merchandizers like Amazon, eBay, etc. There are daily activities you can do that only take a few minutes. The most annoying would have to be the surveys, but you're able to clip offers for stores you shop at and receive extra for your paper receipts. They have games and bonuses, and often the rewards are discounted - if you're mindful, you might find a Visa gift card for $50 you can redeem for 12% off the points needed. To use the promotional offers, I recommend installing the "Swagbutton" which is just a browser extension. If the person you refer installs that, you (the one who referred you), receive another 100 bonus. Some stores also let you link loyalty cards so you don't have to bother with paper receipts. I use all these apps and find it's easy to take a few minutes of your day to just check on them and upload.

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Sarah is smart! 😏

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