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Paying it Forward!

I’m big on helping people out. Friends, family, strangers, if I can find you a deal, help with a crossword clue, or give a head’s up on the newest Walgreens-exclusive squishmallow I’ll do my darndest. I must have karma out there somewhere, right? Also, this site is so much more intuitive than just googling a site’s current promo code. Let’s all do each other a solid and give our browser tabs a rest! 💕✨

Possible Finance referral codes and program details
Possible Finance

Sign up for Possible Finance with this link, open your first loan and receive a $5 bonus! Trying to boost your credit score, too? I opened a small loan and within a week my abysmal credit rating went up 45 points! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Use the link above, go through the prompts to sign up for your personal loan or even credit card and your repayment schedule. Unlike a payday loan, Possible breaks down your repayments over time. And, as you all know by know, it can possibly (no pun intended) bump up your FICO score a bit. We’ve all got to start adulting someday, right?? It’s hard to get any substantial loan with bad credit. Basically anything at all, and typically nothing over $100. I believe Possible goes up to $500 depending on your circumstances, and an extra $5 doesn’t hurt! The caveats 🫤 They’re only currently accepting new loan offers to residents of: Alabama, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington state. Possible can’t accept new applications in the following states: Kentucky, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. (This is all as of 6/5223) IF your state isn’t up there, you can always join the waiting list via the link above, too!

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Ibotta referral codes and program details

Ibotta has, in my experience, the best payouts for your purchases. Use the code above ( cinyldv ) to get an extra $5 after you upload your first receipt. Then start earning more with your purchases, store loyalty accounts, and your referrals, too! Also, you can withdraw directly to your bank…none of the cash app/PayPal nuisance if you don’t have those. 1: click the link below (no spaces) https:// ibotta. onelink .me /iUfE /1005cd3f?friend_code =cinyldv 2: sign up! 3: For the $10 you may have to manually enter my referral code: cinyldv 4: Submit your first receipt: magical $5 upon approval (which is pretty fast)!

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Pogo referral codes and program details

https:// pogocash .app .link /W74EKP (No spaces😊) -Sign up through the above link -If you use my code: W74EKP, you’ll get 250 bonus points when you hit 3,000 points It’s fast and simple to get to 3,000, too! The survey platform consistently has surveys you’re not kicked out of, you can earn points passively via email receipts, safe driving, location rewards, receipts…. One awesome tool: BANK FEE REFUNDS!!! I - Provide all necessary banking info - Pogo will show you fees AND provide generic form letters for your use -Email your banking institution to try and get them refunded or lowered. I legitimately did this with my Chase account, and it actually worked. I thought, “yeah right. That’s like pulling teeth, and I’m not sending this draft as is.” Tinkered with it, sent it to my bank’s CX, and boom….the next day my account was credited back with some $15 or so. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require specific brands to get a legit payout, and you can payout at $3….with PayPal & Venmo, too! If you link your main purchasing email address, it pulls them (quickly!)and lets you just click a button to claim it instantly towards your app. I find it counts any lottery purchases as well. So, your emails, cards, e-tail accounts (Amazon, for example), do a survey here or there and that’s about it. No looking for obscure taco seasoning mix, specific sizes of bottled water…just rewarded for buying what… you buy. Have fun!!! Referral code if missed: W74EKP

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SwagBucks referral codes and program details

Sign up for Swagbucks with the above link and immediately receive 150SB. There are tons of ways to earn even more….your own referrals, surveys, trivia, games, and shopping! Redeeming your SB is quick and easy, and they even have sales on them! For about 500SB you can currently redeem for $5 via Amazon, PayPal, Amex, Mastercard, and so many more….what are you waiting for???

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Acorns referral codes and program details

Acorns is now giving you $1100….and it’s EASY! Join with this link: hidden-url Invest $5 in your Acorns account to earn your first $5. Use your own new referral code for more! Each referral nets you an additional $5, and after 5 or more friends use your link, you get $1,100!!! Time is of the essence, so start saving (and earning) with Acorns today! $1,100 bonus ends 6/10/2023

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Benjamin referral codes and program details

The more you refer with your link, the faster you move up the waitlist…and start making money today! Make up to $500 for business referrals 💵 *$15 sign-up bonus is only for the people on the waitlist. Our sign-up bonus has been divided to few different small steps which all give you a reward from doing them. $1 reward - Sign-up to the app with the invitation $2 reward- Link your favorite credit/debit card $2 reward - Authorize transaction data for the linked card $10 reward - Claim $10 worth of cash back

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7 Eleven referral codes and program details
7 Eleven

Please note: this isn’t for the 7-NOW app! Follow the link provided, and use this as the referral code: uqq0on When you verify your number, you’ll get an automatic 1,000 points :) Remember, it’s for the 7-Eleven rewards app; not 7-NOW. Enjoy 😉

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Klover referral codes and program details

Hey! I've been using Klover to get free cash advances. Try it using my link to get up to $100 in free cash advance.hidden-url Not only can you cash out during your pay per, you can earn actual points to increase your limit by linking accounts , answering surveys watching videos and more 😊

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Empower referral codes and program details

Want an extra dozen eggs or something? Use the referral code for an extra $5 when you sign up on Empower. Pay it forward, get more referrals, get more extra cash. Responsibility wise; build that credit score! hidden-url

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Earnin App referral codes and program details
Earnin App

Feel like an extra $5 in a new Earnin’ Account? It’s pretty simple; all you need is a bank account showing you’re basically…”Earning”🤦🏼‍♀️ Click the link (without spaces): https:// earnin .page .link /aBjB -or- Use my referral code: SARAH.SAVE.WS 2. Download the app 3. Set up your account 4: “*How Did You Hear About Us.”? Find the referral option, and click on that. Enter: SARAH.SAVE.WS The $5 is going to dk in your “tip jar”…and don’t worry, you can cash that out too. You don’t earn interest on “tips” & they aren’t savings accounts, but I think of them as rainy day funds. You can put anywhere from $1-$50 in your tip jars (you can have more than one) each day. After your first “Cash Out”, the $5 will show up in your “Tip Jar” :) Earnin’ determines how much you can cash out each pay period: anywhere from $100-$500 per pay period. You can only withdraw $100/day in your pay period, so if you get $200 each pay period, you could transfer/Cash Out up to $100 one day, and the other $100 the next. If sometime unexpected happens, Earnin’ has a “Boost” feature, too. It’s not difficult to find someone to give you your once monthly Boost to receive (I think it’s $50), and you can, of course….Boost back. You can send two out each 14 days. Since money doesn’t grow on trees, you’ll be expected to have Earnin’ deduct your advance amount from your bank on your next payday. Do it enough, and you’ll probably see your pay period max increase, too :) Basically, be responsible! Don’t borrow more than you can with your current and foreseeable income & Earnin’ can be a total godsend!! 💕✨ Current deal is going on until 3/31/2023!

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GrubHub referral codes and program details

Just use the link above and get $10 off on your first order of $15 we a first time user. and there's a $10 referral bonus on the other end, too). You'll get an email with a promo code, need to be at least 18 years old, and be a new user to Grubhub.

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FanDuel referral codes and program details

$100; not $50 - for both FanDuel Casino and FanDuel Sportsbook - both you and the person you refer get $50 for each, which you need to use within 7 days (credit should appear in 72 hours; probably less). New users only! There is a $10 deposit requirement, but if you make sure you use the link within 28 days, deposit the $10 within 7-10 days so everyone gets $100. Code referral limit is for ten individuals to refer and the link expires after 28 days. Have fun! Must be 21+ years or older and reside in either PA, MI, NJ, or WV.

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CoinOut referral codes and program details

Referral amounts change on this one, and also offers badges that change and give you opportunities to make more on your receipts. I find you actually make more without any need for a bonus offers on paper receipts, and quickly connecting my e-mail and Amazon, scanning 10 receipts, adding the additional 4 bonus (10 is a daily limit), I already have close to $4. Any verified referral you have, you earn from. You can also connect your e-mail, Amazon, Walmart and Instacart accounts so that you don't have to deal with paper receipts for those. Connecting them also gives you a monetary bonus with no limit on withdrawing in specific cases. When you're doing online shopping, just go through the app and select your offer - right now, I see even an 11% off your purchase via Warby Parker; amounts vary and offers change. The one thing that is incredibly nice for a change, is not having to worry about the retailer for your paper receipt. They accept them all, save for things like ATM receipts, etc. and will give you real money and not just points.

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Fetch referral codes and program details

Just enter the code and snap away at your first receipt! Easy savings at any grocery store, every time. Fetch Rewards work directly with popular brands to bring you savings on thousands of products every day, no matter where you get your groceries. Just scan your receipts and let Fetch Rewards do all the work. Companies often have special incentives for large bonuses as well. This the current updated offer, but it's so incredibly easy and I'll update it afterwards as. it's still available and coming up in my app. I seriously recommend it as you can easily connect your e-mail for digital receipts as well as Amazon. They also offer incentives for specific deals. While it's point-based, you can use them for things like Visa gift cards, etc. 2,000 points should actually be enough to get at least a $5 gift card, and I have personally in just a few months accumulated almost 11,000 which is enough for $25 to cash out with (and then some).

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Receipt Hog referral codes and program details
Receipt Hog

The only issue here is that it sometimes won't count a receipt despite the photo being a good one. It also doesn't offer bonus incentives for certain products, but it's quick, easy, and lets you redeem your earnings via Amazon, Visa or PayPal. It's just a simply way to add more ways to make some cash with your receipts, access surveys on occasion, receive monthly and I believe weekly bonuses, as well as Monthly sweepstakes. Super simple platform.

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