$5 Bonus on Earnin’: Easy as 🥧

@crocke28 + Earnin App

Feel like an extra $5 in a new Earnin’ Account? It’s pretty simple; all you need is a bank account showing you’re basically…”Earning”🤦🏼‍♀️ Click the link (without spaces): https:// earnin .page .link /aBjB -or- Use my referral code: SARAH.SAVE.WS 2. Download the app 3. Set up your account 4: “*How Did You Hear About Us.”? Find the referral option, and click on that. Enter: SARAH.SAVE.WS The $5 is going to dk in your “tip jar”…and don’t worry, you can cash that out too. You don’t earn interest on “tips” & they aren’t savings accounts, but I think of them as rainy day funds. You can put anywhere from $1-$50 in your tip jars (you can have more than one) each day. After your first “Cash Out”, the $5 will show up in your “Tip Jar” :) Earnin’ determines how much you can cash out each pay period: anywhere from $100-$500 per pay period. You can only withdraw $100/day in your pay period, so if you get $200 each pay period, you could transfer/Cash Out up to $100 one day, and the other $100 the next. If sometime unexpected happens, Earnin’ has a “Boost” feature, too. It’s not difficult to find someone to give you your once monthly Boost to receive (I think it’s $50), and you can, of course….Boost back. You can send two out each 14 days. Since money doesn’t grow on trees, you’ll be expected to have Earnin’ deduct your advance amount from your bank on your next payday. Do it enough, and you’ll probably see your pay period max increase, too :) Basically, be responsible! Don’t borrow more than you can with your current and foreseeable income & Earnin’ can be a total godsend!! 💕✨ Current deal is going on until 3/31/2023!

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