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The best referrals promos I like to promote! Highly recommend Oxygen and Acorns!

Hi my name is Erik Kowalski. I’m from Madison, WI. Spent 2 years homeless working on getting my life together after hitting one rough patch after another. These referrals truly help lift me out of poverty and break the homeless cycle that can be so impossible to break! I love networking and educating others on these apps! Why not get free money for signing up??? It’s a no brainer! ESP when it can help SO much with finances. ESP the Acorn app and any other referral program that allows unlimited referrals or large amounts for a few sign ups (Acorns, the best investment/spend account app out there!) I LOVE art and anything to do with Graphic Design. I went to Edgewood college and graduated with a bachelors degree and still found myself stuck on the streets begging for money from friends and any work I could find or maintain- which is definitely not easy while homeless with a cat!


MyBambu referral codes and program details

You get 10 for signing up and $15 per referral. If the link above doesnt work u must send ur email or phone number so i can send the invite, otherwise the link should be good.

Check out MyBambu   

Yieldstreet referral codes and program details

Pays $100 per referral. 20 max. Pays out quarterly, so every 3 months. $2000 max per quarter... invite by email ONLY! shoot me an email or text me at 608-520-8211 and ill send u a link!!

Check out Yieldstreet   

Digit referral codes and program details

DIGIT $5 for signing up, $5 for every referral and for 3 referrals you get $100! 🔸️Click my link and sign up! 🔸️You must link your bank account 🔸YOU MUST!!! --Transfer $0.01 into your Rainy Day Savings to get the money 🔸️ GET 3 FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME get $1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

Check out Digit   

Acorns referral codes and program details

Each referral is $5 plus get $5 for signing up after $5 deposit. Frequent promotions. Right now thru July 31st- 4 referrals earns you $1000!!!!! The BEST offer so far!! I personally linked my Oxygen account and used 5 from the free $10 oxygen instantly sent me. Link accounts directly using the automated PLAID system (uses user name and password) (most all of these apps do) Payment and referral bonus take about 7 days to pend, transfer, and deposit into your linked account.

Check out Acorns   

MOS referral codes and program details

Refer friends for a debit account for college students !! $1 referrals now (was 5) just verify the email they send you and sign up! We each get $1

Check out MOS   

One referral codes and program details

This is a new banking app that allows you to save on multiple ways. One puts you, not your bank, in control of your money. It's a savings, spending, and sharing all-in-one account that connects you and your money.

Check out One   

Groundfloor referral codes and program details

Must deposit $10**** from linked account! Ground floor matches u so u end up w $10... and for the month of august u get $20 for signing up! And $20 for each referral!!

Check out Groundfloor   

moomoo referral codes and program details

Special offer for you: FREE stocks on moomoo, up to $3,350. My stock was only worth like $6 tho. But still free stock is nice.

Check out moomoo   

Front Finance referral codes and program details
Front Finance

Add a broker (or link a popular stock app that you already have)

Check out Front Finance   

Alt referral codes and program details

This next one is kinda cool. It gives you $10 to use to buy a collectible card. You purchase it. Then list it for sale. Once it’s sold you can withdraw the money. Takes 1-2 days. I paid $50- (which was free…) AND I got $49.75 for it. Sadly they dropped the bonuses down to $10 right after the premier frenzy. So list it for a little more and you could make a little more!…hidden-url

Check out Alt   

GetUpside referral codes and program details

Use this free GetUpside app to save money on gas. You'll get up to 25¢/gal cash back on gas in addition to this bonus. That's up to 40¢/gal total cash back! ***MUST TYPE IN REFERRAL CODE*** -only if link didn’t automatically enter code- Use this link or enter my promo code YKPUC to get an extra 15¢/gal in free gas the first time you use the app: hidden-url I'll also get an extra 15¢/gal cash back after you use the app.

Check out GetUpside   

CORO referral codes and program details

Can be exchanged for USD. Charges a very small fee. **can be exchanged for actual real gold too!!!** Receive $5 for signing up and $5 for each referral. MUST ENTER CODE IN “CONFIRM CREDIT” space- IT WILL BE EMPTY and asks for your (actually mine) code by asking- “ready to start sending and receiving CORO gold? Enter your unique code to join and earn XAU to get started” you actually want to enter MY CODE to receive the referral bonus: T18VF0 (zero)

Check out CORO   

Wingo referral codes and program details

Sign up for a new card- get on the wait list now! Earn $2 sign up and $2 each referral. Sign Up took less than 1 minute. Seems to be another card app for teens, I’m assuming once they release- you’ll probably have to create an account for your teen once it’s out.

Check out Wingo   

Vimvest referral codes and program details


Check out Vimvest   

Sofi Money referral codes and program details
Sofi Money

Hi! 👋 Join me on the SoFi mobile app! You can save, spend, trade and borrow — all in one app. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get 1,000 rewards points.... Who doesn't have the SoFi app????? 🥳🥳FREE INSTANT 👉🏾👉🏾 $10‼️‼️🥳🥳 Cash out straight to ur card or bank or use the sofi card they send🔥🔥 👊🏽ILL MAKE THIS EASY FOR YALL👊🏽 ✔️No bank, ID, or deposit required! ✔️ click my referral link below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 ✔️when it says skip or get started , CLICK SKIP ✔️ click money ✔️signup for a money account by clicking “money” ✔️click “open an account” ✔️fill out your info ✔️go back to Home Screen and click “unlock rewards in upper left corner” ✔️then click on your points, then redeem!! ✔️Cashout ✔️ $10 for just downloading the app!!! 🔹1,101 points= $11.01🔹 MAKE SURE TO ACTIVATE REWARDS! ‼️LINK‼️👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 hidden-url hidden-url

Check out Sofi Money   

Zazz Freebies referral codes and program details
Zazz Freebies

$75 referral bonus after COMPLETING ONE CREDIT. MUST FINISH. Easiest and fastest way to do this is fulfilling the ASPIRATION offer! It’s the only one right now that is a full credit. The rest are like .1 or .03 and will take a long time!!! ASPIRATION requires a $10 deposit- the $75 Zazz bonus becomes available once offer is completed for each successful sign-up. Must deposit their $10 into Aspiration. Any issues require you to fill out a MCF - Missing Credit Form. They require full email headers- if you don’t know what that means you may need to Google “Full Email Header”. There’s a help section on zazz. So if credit isn’t added to your account - you contact support to fill out a missing credit report form from your dashboard on Zazz.

Check out Zazz Freebies   

Strike referral codes and program details

Get $5 sign up bonus and get $5 for each referral - - Must verify account and email

Check out Strike   

Revolut referral codes and program details

$20 minimum must be deposited to revolut from debit card. MUST order physical card. Then Link revolut's VIRTUAL card to paypal 'bank and wallet' section to add the virtual card. $15 must be spent in 3 transactions of $5 each to trigger $40 bonus. I recommend sending 3 $5 payments on paypal to a friend that can send it back...OR last resort- purchasing three $5 Amazon gift cards for yourself to get the bonus and be able to keep the other $15 without spending on something else (unless you plan to make a $15 purchase either way) again- must be 3 - $5 transactions Sign up with my link and get $40 after you order a card and complete 3 purchases all before the 5th October 2021. While you await the physical card you can use a virtual card as all actions must be completed before the deadline. hidden-url This link expires on Oct 5th. Message me for updated link if after this date...

Check out Revolut   

Lili referral codes and program details

This can NOT be done by sending money back and forth on Facebook messenger to qualify as spending $250. Find someone you trust to refer to helping you receive the bonus. They must spend a total of $250 within 45 days of opening account. NO P2P (PayPal, venmo, cashapp, etc) a lot like Aspiration.

Check out Lili   

ATM.com referral codes and program details

You can make anywhere between $2-? completing in app offers or data entries to score extra money (mostly

Check out ATM.com   

Times club referral codes and program details
Times club

Must make one transaction purchase in the in-app merchants/offers with your linked card. Will show up in activity and will credit $30 bonus ($5+$25). Must have a minimum balance of $30 in your account to withdraw + complete one transaction offer in-app.

Check out Times club   

Go Henry referral codes and program details
Go Henry

Must deposit $5 from linked account to earn the $25 referral bonuses. $25 for you and $25 for each friend that joins! Must activate card and move $5 over to it in order to receive the $25. It goes on right away once you move that $5 over from the parent account to the kid account.

Check out Go Henry   

Miles referral codes and program details

Can spend miles (you earn driving, walking, running) on in-app offers and deals or on Raffles and gift cards. Get 5 people to join- make $150 Amazon gift card! Referrals must take 5 1-Mile trips by a certain date. See app for details. Terms and conditions apply. See app. 1 referral = $5 2=$10 3=$15 4=$20 5=$150 Amazon card!

Check out Miles   

Aspiration referral codes and program details

Can be done with someone you trust (link fb pay to aspiration card) to toggle back and forth a total of $250 to trigger the $50 bonus. A lot like the Lili app. Should be done with someone you trust or split the amount being toggled if not. A great promo! However- - Most will sign up using the Zazz account offer first as it pays out $75 instead of the $50- and no need for toggling pay if choosing Zazz60freebies route first. If choosing Zazz first- MUST BE A FIRST TIME USER OF ASPIRATION TO RECEIVE THE REQUIRED 1 CREDIT FULFILLMENT TO RECEIVE $75 from ZAZZ.

Check out Aspiration   

Plynk referral codes and program details

PLYNK You get $20 just for signing up and then $20 for every referral BUT ALSO right now their promotion is you get $100 for every 3 referrals up to 15!! That's $500!! The only thing is you won't see that money up to 30 days so that doesn't necessarily mean it will take a whole 30 days 🔸️Use my link to sign up 🔸️VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!! 🔸️Link your bank account! 🔸️VERIFY your bank account!! VERY IMPORTANT - this can take up to 3 days because they will send 2 small deposits under $1 to tour bank and then have you give them the details of the deposits in order to verify your account. PLEASE NOTE you only have 7 days to verify your bank account after they send the deposits. IF YOU DO NOT DO THESE STEPS YOU WILL NOT GET ANY OF YOUR SIGN UP BONUS OR REFERRAL MONEY!!

Check out Plynk   

Step referral codes and program details

Get $5 - Give $5

Check out Step   

Oxygen referral codes and program details

Pays out almost instantly! Get $10 for signing up. If you don’t want to wait for card to arrive in mail- you can use their secure one-time virtual card feature to spend the $10- however- I recommend saving this and using for other apps that require a $5 deposit.

Check out Oxygen   

Pei referral codes and program details

Must make one transaction with listed merchants on PEI app. Personally- I used cash and then put .30 cents on my linked card to fulfill the offer-credit requirement. Only need one transaction. Must choose in app as “cash-back booster” Must select and wait 2-4 days for purchase to finish pending in activity section of the app. Can be withdrawn as cash or Bitcoin. Must have $25 to withdraw! Can be fulfilled if you get a couple referrals right away.

Check out Pei   

Cash App referral codes and program details
Cash App

You get $5 for opening account and can earn $15 per referral. MUST send initial $5 from LINKED BANK ACCOUNT. Very important! Must be linked card- not from cashapp balance! Big difference- they won’t pay if you mess this up. Like all these apps- must be new user and enter referral code when signing up. May need to check profile>Referrals …it will either have a code automatically entered- if not / if empty- MUST enter referral code to receive sign on bonus and to trigger referral bonus for whom ever you sign up under.

Check out Cash App   

Sofi Invest referral codes and program details
Sofi Invest

An investment platform from the famous loan company. Sofi Money is an online bank with a 2% APY checking account and is FDIC insured.

Check out Sofi Invest   

Copper referral codes and program details

Set up account for your kid so they can have their very own debit card to teach them responsibility. Or open it for your pet- those are our kids too right?!

Check out Copper   

Public referral codes and program details

Public makes the stock market social. Follow other investors, discover companies to believe in, invest with any amount of money — commission-free.

Check out Public   

Webull referral codes and program details

Promo right now is deposit initial $5 and get 2 stocks valued between $8-$2000 (you will more than likely not get huge priced stocks, but it’s possible!)

Check out Webull   

Robinhood referral codes and program details

An investment and stock trading platform with zero commissions. Also, Robinhood now has Robinhood Cash, so you can get a debit card and use Robinhood to bank with.

Check out Robinhood   

crypto.com referral codes and program details

Crypto.com is a popular place to buy, sell, send, track and pay with cryptocurrency. It is by far one of the best cryptocurrency mobile platforms available today along Coinbase and a few others.

Check out crypto.com   

Coinbase referral codes and program details

Offers you free crypto’s for signing up! Gives you the opportunity to watch 1-3 min videos followed by a quick 2 question quiz to learn about new cryptos - earn around $3-$5 for each kind of crypto. Adds up to almost $50 after signing up and completing the learning section. Very informative and helpful for beginnings in crypto!!!!!

Check out Coinbase   

Stash referral codes and program details

Get $20 for signing up! And $20 for each referral. Frequently gives out fractions of free stock. Usually every day or so- stash has what is called ‘Stash Parties’ where you log in and get free fractional stock shares from new companies! These are usually worth anywhere between $0.20 and $.40, but they add up since they have parties almost every day or so! Really enjoy this app.

Check out Stash   

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