Earn 10% of SB for Life on Posting Short Videos on Swagit

@Bracesunshine + SwagBucks

Swagbucks owns Swagit. Much Like TikTok, Swagit runs on a Short Video Format, short videos run between 30secs to 1minute long on Swagit. Anyone can post their TikTok Videos, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, Youtube Highlights, Snapchat Snaps, Etc. Swagbucks inspiration is allowing their user create inspiring, entertaining, tips, tricks and most importantly rewarding by offering Swagbucks' SB for Life on videos being posted to the platform. Swagit is a positive community of creators and fans, focused on spreading joy, inspiration and positivity, and Swagit simultaneously gives content creators a way to earn with SB to a link Swagbuck account.

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