$25 for each new Referral whom creates a TipJar and Saves with Earnin -- ends 11/11/22 -- plus Additional $5 for every sign up

@Bracesunshine + Earnin App

Use Code: BRYAN.SAVE.98 Earnin is excited to launch a new pilot referral program where both you and the friend you refer to join Earnin will receive a temporary boost to your Pay Period Max once they sign up and complete their first Cash Out. Boosts Referrals are set at $25. I enjoy the TipJar Feature Earnin Has Serves as a self Reward For your hard-earned work. My recommendation is to set berry small amount - I put $1.71 -$3.43 each Week and Currently have a grand near total of $50 plus from tipping myself a few months - the game is I don't see I grow wealth with small amounts. And it is encouraged through the app πŸ’›

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