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. My personal listing of money making apps, sites, and codes that I use myself.

S'more referral codes and program details

[S'more] - (App) Get paid every day, just to put offers on your lock screen. That's it, no catch. Easy Money. . ∆ Get your +25 points Bonus immediately, when you install S'more app through my referral link. . Here are SOME of the ways you can earn S'more points: . -> You get an additional +20 points immediately, for installing S'more. -> You'll earn points every day regardless of the number of ads you see or click on. -> You get 10 points EVERY DAY. These are known as "lock screen" points. -> You'll get 25 points for each person who signs up through your referral link. (This person must download the app and use it for at least 10 days.) -> You'll get lots of different points as you complete and verify your new S'more account. -> There are activities for points: Videos, Surveys, App trial, etc (°as they are available). -> Redeem your points for gift cards from retailers, then spend that lockscreen cash! . [∆] In order to redeem points for the first time, S'more app must be installed on your device at least 10 days. Thereafter, you can redeem points whenever you've accumulated enough for your desired reward.

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Listia referral codes and program details

[Listia] - is a safe, fun online marketplace where you win (by bidding) on other people's stuff, using Points instead of money. . Listia is the most rewarding way to turn your unwanted clutter into 'Points' that you can use to bid on things you'll love and actually use. Just List an item and earn Points to get other items! . When you join Listia, you get free Points to start off with, plus a 250 point bonus, when signing up through my referral link. . You earn more every time you list an item and other users bid on it. Then you can use your Points to bid on cool things other people are giving away. . The highest bidder wins! - But if you happen to lose a bid, then no worries.. your points (PTS) are returned to your balance; until your ready to bid on another item. . Maybe you just want to sell things for a while, and build up your Points Balance & Props (°see below) for an even better item. . However you decide... it's always fun finding cool items you can bid on, that'll cost you zero money. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |∆| - Note: Listia also uses a new reward system called, Props. They are earned for various activities, etc on the site, and bring unique benefits. |∆| - Props (Props Token ETH) can be transferred to your Cryptocurrency Wallet, by linking it to the Listia site. ** Please see Listia site for more details. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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InboxDollars referral codes and program details

E A S I L Y . . E A R N .. BY -- . √ Clicking Emails | √ Searching . √ Daily Quiz | √ WinIt Codes . √ Watching Vids | √ Playing Games . ... and a LOT MORE !! . ∆ New! Now Cash Out at only $10 ∆ Multiple Pay-Out Options

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SwagBucks referral codes and program details

[Swagbucks] - They're absolutely the mega-mall of earning sites !! . I've made over $780 with them, and continue to earn from them daily. (You'll see that on my profile page, when you click through to sign up). . If your looking for a site you can earn from on a steady basis, and in almost any way... then Swagbucks is all you. . Click the Swagbucks referral link, and start banking the bucks! :-)

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Lucky Day referral codes and program details
Lucky Day

[Lucky Day] -100% Free! Scratch Card & Lotto app that pays Cash & Gift Card winnings. . Enter Code: RL1E8EG in referral area of app for a 100,000 Token Bonus. . Redeem Tokens for Gift Cards and prizes, or accumulate Cash Winnings. . ∆ Cash Out to Paypal at $10 ∆ Token value of Gift Cards / Prizes varies

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Mint Mobile referral codes and program details
Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile has totally enhanced there refer-a-friend program to hook you up even more. . [New Users]: Use my signup link to get $15 of Free Renewal Credit (1 month free service), and stop paying the big carrier fees. You can bring your own unlocked compatible phone, and Mint will send you your sim card, ready to roll... or shop a handset, right from Mint Mobile. Once your all setup, then follow the 'Current Users' step below. A Win-Win ! . [Current Users]: Simply share your unique referral code, and when you get 5 people to join Mint, you, my friend, will have earned $240 of renewal credit to put toward your next plan renewal. . That’s enough to get an entire year of Mint's 8GB/mo plan for free, or apply the credit to any plan you choose. . Now that's a seriously legit refer-a-friend program!

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BigCash referral codes and program details

___________________________________________________ ** IMPORTANT: You must use the invite code to receive your 70 coin signup bonus. . √ COPY Invitation Code ... and download the BigCash app. ✓ PASTE Invitation Code ... into the "INPUT INVITATION CODE" Tab of app. .*(Remind your referrals, as well) ___________________________________________________ . [BigCash] - The amount you make all depends on how many in-app activities you do, and how many people you Invite through your personal BigCash referral Code. . Then THOSE people do the same... and so on, etc. . [] Receive 10 points daily for 'Checking In' app. . [] 3 Free scratch cards, every 3 hrs to win random points. . [] Watch an ad, earn a point. (Up to 1300 pts per redemption). . [] Invite your friends and earn 20% of their coin earnings for life. . [] Then.. when THEIR friends join, you'll get 10% of those coins too. Sweet!! . √ Exchange as little as 2500 Points for $15 Paypal Cash or Amazon, GooglePlay, iTunes or Other Gift Cards. ✓ Higher Card amounts available, like Walmart, etc. . ∆ NOTE: Your Invites/referrals are 'counted' once your friend downloads the app, and puts your Invitation code into the "INPUT INVITATION CODE" Tab. ∆ HINT: Be sure to refresh info in the Invite Friends tab, to see your referrals & earnings, collect coins and view earnings statistics.

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