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Only posting projects I support or are very low-risk and interesting! Feel free to message about anything.

Publish0x referral codes and program details

In short: You can create an account with your e-mail and earn Ethereum / BAT / LRC by giving tips to articles from the tipping pool! Easy and free. Earn crypto just for reading. You get paid in ethereum, bat and lrc and you can become an author which will reward you in the same coins every time your publication gets a view. Tokens are sent to wallet of your choice. Or you can pile them up. Tips are never taken from your balance but from the tipping pool. If you want to try it: Use my link, create a profile, go to an article and below you should see the tipping bar. Here you can determine how much of the tip you keep for yourself and voila! You earned your first crypto! Won't make us rich but hey, cool project. And works great.

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Unstoppable Domains referral codes and program details
Unstoppable Domains

If you're interested in buying a .crypto domain, this is the time and place. Snag a domain with a lot of potential and use it as an asset to resell later. Or use it for yourself. Once you bought the domain, it's yours forever. No renewal fees. And each referral nets you $10.

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. The fun thing here though is every few often they give free coins away on to support new projects. You watch a few videos about the token and as a reward they deposit some of the coin in your wallet. Up to $70 in token rewards. Most recent ones to this date were MKR and COMP.

Check out Coinbase referral codes and program details App. A fun way to earn a passive income. They offer a Visa card with crypto cashback. Even the free one has a 1% cashback. But what makes the app great in my opinion is the "Earn" function, which allows you to lend out the crypto you have and be rewarded for it, how much is depending on the coin of your choice. (Earned $12.27 this week) If you would like to sign up for the Exchange ( and enjoy their staking benefits, you can use the referral code vzwkaq3fre to receive an extra $50 in CRO.

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