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[Listia] - is a safe, fun online marketplace where you win (by bidding) on other people's stuff, using Points instead of money. . Listia is the most rewarding way to turn your unwanted clutter into 'Points' that you can use to bid on things you'll love and actually use. Just List an item and earn Points to get other items! . When you join Listia, you get free Points to start off with, plus a 250 point bonus, when signing up through my referral link. . You earn more every time you list an item and other users bid on it. Then you can use your Points to bid on cool things other people are giving away. . The highest bidder wins! - But if you happen to lose a bid, then no worries.. your points (PTS) are returned to your balance; until your ready to bid on another item. . Maybe you just want to sell things for a while, and build up your Points Balance & Props (°see below) for an even better item. . However you decide... it's always fun finding cool items you can bid on, that'll cost you zero money. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |∆| - Note: Listia also uses a new reward system called, Props. They are earned for various activities, etc on the site, and bring unique benefits. |∆| - Props (Props Token ETH) can be transferred to your Cryptocurrency Wallet, by linking it to the Listia site. ** Please see Listia site for more details. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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