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Upstox is one of India’s fastest-growing brokers. A fast, reliable and easy-to-use trading platform with paperless account opening. Free Demat + Trading account. Free equity delivery trades. Unlimited Brokerage* credit for 30 days. Earn interest on funds allocated from your trading account for trade. Forget the need to maintain a minimum balance. Use Smart Transfer and say goodbye to fund transfers.

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Upstox referral program FAQ

Frequently asked question and limitation about the Upstox reward program:

🗣️ Does Upstox have a referral program?

✅ Yes. It's and it's still working today as far as we know.

🎁 What's the sign up bonus on Upstox (using a referral link)?

Earn incentives through referrals, the more you refer the more you earn

💰 What is the reward when you refer someone to Upstox?


🎉 How does Upstox's refer-a-friend program work?

Earn incentives through referrals, the more you refer the more you earn

🔎 Where can I find my Upstox referral code?

On the app, go to Dashboard then to refer and Earn tab and Copy link and also code.
➕ Where can I promote my Upstox promo code? 📣

On top of private messages and social medias, it's really worth sharing your code on

👩‍💻 What are the required actions to secure the referral rewards?

Completed KYC Verification

🛒 Do I have to be a Upstox customer?

Nope! Anyone can refer people to Upstox and earn rewards.

💸 Are there any fees to participate in the referral program?

Nope! It's free!

🌎 Is this program valid worldwide?

As far as we know, it works everywhere.

Do you already use Upstox?

Yes No, give me an invite


Referral reward & bonus

Earn incentives through referrals, the more you refer the more you earn

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