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Make AI work for you Share your internet Earn passive income UpRock is the first people-powered AI data network fueling real-time, unbiased insights for creators, brands and businesses. Join today and help us build a humanity-first future that empowers the many, not the few. Easy install, easy earnings Discover the transformative power of Web3 while contributing to a dynamic AI network. Earn tokens by sharing your unused bandwidth and actively participate in the democratization of global knowledge access and the insights it creates. Create, Collect, Conquer Why Decentralization? AI today is largely controlled by big tech, restricting access to diverse and unbiased real-time insights. Overcoming these challenges is further complicated by the exorbitant costs associated with data acquisition, bandwidth, and computing power, which give large corporations a monopoly over AI advancements. At UpRock, we're on a mission to change this paradigm. We're building a humanity-first AI platform that embraces the web3 revolution, providing real-time, comprehensive data streams through a global network of real-browser, real devicr peers. How Does UpRock Stand Out from ChatGPT? The AI landscape today is barely scratching the surface of potential interactions with real-time data sources. We're moving past the limitations of platforms like ChatGPT by deploying our Knowledge Acquisition Layer (KAL) - a dynamic AI data network - to tap into the power of real-world browser engines for reliable, up-to-the-minute insights from devices across the globe. In contrast to platforms like ChatGPT, UpRock avoids centralizing information in the hands of a select few, which would risk compromising the principles of Web3. By incentivizing participation, our platform isn't just about providing AI tools; it's about democratizing the data and the insights that it creates. Thriving AI Data Network Imagine a future where tens of thousands of individuals come together to form a powerful AI data network. Together, we create an unstoppable force, pooling our bandwidth and compute resources to fuel the growth of AI where incentives are aligned with all parties in the ecosystem. User-friendly, Actionable Insights Access real-time, actionable insights that go beyond language generation prompts. UpRock's advanced AI agents extract and summarize data directly from the source, offering unparalleled customization, dynamic topic monitoring, sentiment analysis, and trend identification. Stay ahead of the curve with UpRock. Seamless Web3 Integration As a web3 native platform, we respect your identity and data privacy. We are dedicated to developing web3 tools that empower you to connect, engage, and monetize your audience or customers. Become part of a transformative movement that unites decentralized networks and AI, shaping the future of digital ecosystems. Web3 Wallet Effortlessly manage your UpRock tokens and other crypto rewards, engage in airdrops, and leverage AI-powered insights to make informed decisions within the crypto landscape. sparkling AI-Powered Super Feed Leverage UpRock's AI tool to curate a personalized super feed for your subscribers, maximizing engagement and amplifying your reach. Rewards & Competitions Amp up your channels with interactive contests. Host raffles and giveaways, send prizes and more. gift AI Dashboards & APIs Harness the power of AI through user-friendly dashboards and APIs. Analyze data patterns, track performance, and make informed decisions to propel your success. Address Capture Collect email and web3 wallet addresses for streamlined marketing campaigns, promotions, and airdrops. money Earn Rewards Make passive income for using UpRock and joining the UpRock AI Data Network. Invite friends and you'll both get tokens when they join.

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Uprock referral program FAQ

Frequently asked question and limitation about the Uprock reward program:

🗣️ Does Uprock have a referral program?

✅ Yes. It's and it's still working today as far as we know.

🎁 What's the sign up bonus on Uprock (using a referral link)?

Up to 50 Uprock Tokens
Earn 10 $UPT per signup Earn $UPT for everyone friend that creates an account and completes their profile.

💰 What is the reward when you refer someone to Uprock?

10 Uprock Tokens

🎉 How does Uprock's refer-a-friend program work?

Earn 10 $UPT per signup Earn $UPT for everyone friend that creates an account and completes their profile.

🔎 Where can I find my Uprock referral link?

What you have signed up using my personal referral link and verify your account and set everything up quickly menu button and stop left corner when you're logged into the web app and click on the home section and then dashboard and then scroll down on the dashboard you will find the invite friend section which features your personal referral link to share here and across all of your favorite social media platforms.

➕ Where can I promote my Uprock promo link? 📣

On top of private messages and social medias, it's really worth sharing your link on Invitation.codes.

👩‍💻 What are the required actions to secure the referral rewards?

Create an account using my personal referral link and make sure you verify your email and set up your account including the images the bio and everything else and then you will earn the invite bonus and get your own personal referral link.

🛒 Do I have to be a Uprock customer?

Nope! Anyone can refer people to Uprock and earn rewards.

💸 Are there any fees to participate in the referral program?

Nope! It's free!

🌎 Is this program valid worldwide?

As far as we know, it works everywhere.

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Referral reward & bonus

Earn 10 $UPT per signup Earn $UPT for everyone friend that creates an account and completes their profile.

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