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Earn up to 4% in your sleep, FDIC-insured. Best paying high interest bank account - for all of us. HIDDEN FACT #1 Did you know that U.S. banks today earn on average 4–8% a year on every dollar you deposit into your bank account, passing onto you just 0.01% a year in interest? Banks earned $240 billion in profit in 2018; they can do more for the rest of us. Beam is a free, fun, high-interest mobile bank account that grows your cash in your sleep. Download the free app to earn up to 4% a year, 200x more than your 0.01% interest at Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. The best part, you do not need to switch banks to use it. All funds are FDIC-insured up to $500,000. HIDDEN FACT #2 Did you know that $100 during the Financial Crisis is now worth only $80? Because of inflation. Right now, with just 1 minute of your time, you can stop your idle cash from losing 2% a year to inflation, and help build a better America. As featured on CNBC, The New York Post, Forbes, ABC, TechCrunch, Beam is a bank app that pays more cash, funds FDIC-insured, 0 fees (FREE!), no minimum, unlimited and anytime withdrawals. It takes just 1 minute to onboard, and you do not need to switch out your existing bank. Come join us on a mission to change banking for the better, and keep more in consumers’ pockets. HOW IT WORKS ① Download Beam ② Verify your identity ③ Link your existing bank account(s) to fund Beam on your phone, with as little as $1 ④ Start earning up to 4% interest on your cash, funds FDIC-insured with unlimited withdrawals. ⑤ Invite friends to earn a higher interest, and earn more together. BEAM = Because Earnings Always Matter, especially when it takes little to no effort. Access your funds and earn interests anytime, anywhere, as easy as a few taps. More possibilities and uses to come! Oh and don’t forget it’s FREE, forever. BEAM = Banking as it should be. Because you matter, and the best possible rate matters. ALL GROWTH A mobile banking app that gets you paid daily, in your sleep. Earn up to 4% interest*, more than 200x your 0.01% interest at Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. ZERO FEES No asterisk. Zero fees means absolutely FREE, in any possible way you can think of. FUNDS FDIC-INSURED Safety and security is our top priority. SSL protected, 256-bit encryption. All funds FDIC-insured up to $500,000. NO LOCKUP Get 24/7 access to your funds. Easily and securely move funds into/out-of your Beam account. No minimum balance. FAQ #1 - How is Beam able to pay more? Traditional banks often earn 4–8% a year on your money but only give you an average of 0.01% a year. These banks often have many costs—excessive executive bonuses, large advertising budgets, and costly downtown bank branches, etc. Without these costs Beam is able to pass on greater savings to you. FAQ #2 - Where is my cash? Your Beam account is a bank account, NOT an investment account. Funds are placed at several large, publicly-traded FDIC-insured banks Beam works with. FAQ #3 - How does "Earn up to 4%" work? With cash deposited into Beam, you begin earning a minimum 1% Base Rate interest and can boost the interest to as high as 7.0% each day by collecting and using interest boosts (called a “Billie”). You can effortlessly collect a free Billie each day, and if you invite a friend to subscribe to the mailing list here on this website, you each earn 5 Billies that can be saved and used later. The more you invite, the more you earn. You heard it right. It’s just that simple. Furthermore, when your friends begin to use Beam, you can permanently unlock higher Base Rates (e.g. up to a minimum 3% a year!). FAQ #4 - Why Beam if I can invest? Choose to invest only when you see an opportunity. Before you invest, keep your cash at a liquid, FDIC-insured, high-interest bank account like Beam. After you invest, if the market crashes, Beam is where you can fall back on. * Accurate as of 11.5.2019; may change.

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Beam referral program FAQ

Frequently asked question and limitation about the Beam reward program:

🗣️ Does Beam have a referral program?

✅ Yes. It's and it's still working today as far as we know.

🎁 What's the sign up bonus on Beam (using a referral link)?

Free 4% interest on $10,000 paid daily only this month
This is a savings account that offers between 4-7% interest paid back daily on money in the savings account. FDIC INSURED! Paid daily = better compounding.

💰 What is the reward when you refer someone to Beam?

Free 10,000 credit this month only

🎉 How does Beam's refer-a-friend program work?

This is a savings account that offers between 4-7% interest paid back daily on money in the savings account. FDIC INSURED! Paid daily = better compounding.

🔎 Where can I find my Beam referral link?
➕ Where can I promote my Beam promo link? 📣

On top of private messages and social medias, it's really worth sharing your link on

👩‍💻 What are the required actions to secure the referral rewards?

You simply need to sign up with one of the invite codes listed above.

🛒 Do I have to be a Beam customer?

Nope! Anyone can refer people to Beam and earn rewards.

💸 Are there any fees to participate in the referral program?

Nope! It's free!

🌎 Is this program valid worldwide?

No, the program seem to be currently imited to people in USA.

Beam   Banking

Beam   Banking

Do you already use Beam?

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Referral reward & bonus

This is a savings account that offers between 4-7% interest paid back daily on money in the savings account. FDIC INSURED! Paid daily = better compounding.

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