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Use Swagbucks to earn gift cards. Swagbucks are points that are generally equivalent to 1 cent but can be worth more when redeemed for gift cards at better rates. There are many ways to earn SwagBucks, most of them free. A good daily routine to pad your Swagbucks Income is to complete the daily poll (1 SB), play games (6 SB), Give Swag-It (give 1 SB to 5 individuals to get 5 SB free), Swagbucks Live (Usually up to 7 SB, 5 days a week even if you don't win but potentially hundreds of SB if you win and not many people do that day). Daily trivia (in the SB Live app, any time of the day instead of live, up to 10 SB for a perfect game but usually 2-3 if you miss some). Regular offers that are helpful: Buying giftcards through the partner site mygiftcards+ when you are already planning on buying something somewhere. Activating a banner when you navigate to a website for some cashback in the form of SB. Joining team challenges for free with some reward whether you come in first place or not. Completing surveys (qualifying for a survey isn't as easy as it used to be so your mileage may vary on this one). Playing Swago (like bingo but you complete tasks to fill squares (watch for gotcha' squares where you have to spend SB on a sweepstakes that takes up some of your incentive for filling a row, column, etc.). Discover offers that can range widely but mostly I play games for free and earn SB when reaching certain goals in the games. Shopping offers, great for things that you are already planning on buying at the store because the SB you earn is often higher that free offers. A final note. Swagbucks is generally a good to great experience but it is a good idea to save screenshots of offers and other evidence if you need to submit a help ticket for an offer that doesn't credit automatically (scanning receipts for shopping offers is a big one). They pretty much always credit for offers but having good evidence to support your claim can make the difference. Good luck!

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