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check them out! I am always willing to pay a little extra to have you sign up for my stuff! hmu if you want to talk about ideas etc, or anything like that. I love to create. and check itsreeves out on all streaming platforms if you need some new music in your life. (:

Drop referral codes and program details

Drop has various ways to make money. Surveys. Bank accounts. Signing up for different services. My favorite, by far, is the huge selection of games available. There’s probably 200-300$ worth of rewards from that alone. Just games. Once you hit 1000 points (1$) you will receive a 20$ bonus by signing up with my link. And I will reward that with 5$ to your cashapp. (: simple. why not?!

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Cash App referral codes and program details
Cash App

My code gets me 20$. It naturally gives you 5$. But I’ll send you an extra ten, so half of mine, if you sign up through my link. (: dead serious. That’s 15$. Easy.

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Current referral codes and program details

the app is very easy going. besides giving you 1$ for every referral, the interface is very user friendly and you are given rewards for gas and there are other options as well. it only takes a moment to make the account and you'll quickly be able to earn some rewards through the referral system. why not?!

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Joshua is smart! 😏

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