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100% legit apps that make you REAL CASH!

Make money at home, on your phone, easy! Have any questions? Mssg me! Below are real & Great opportunities for each and everyone one of you to start earning cash! Most are referral based & can take a few days to get credited!


Chime referral codes and program details

•chime - mobile bank pays $50 after you deposit $205 with direct deposit or from your cash app hidden-url Must be new to chime, never signed up before and make sure you click the link before downloading the app!

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ohmconnect referral codes and program details

•California & Canada only** ohmconnect (save money on electricity bill (pg&e, other) once you reach level silver and participate during #ohmhour takes about 1 week you receive $10 cashout through PayPal Link : hidden-url

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Enjeo referral codes and program details

Would you like to make $21 in a couple days straight to your bank account? & $10 for each friend you refer!! Easy money *Requirements: *valid bank card (acct and routing) chime accepted* *Have 2 different email address’ (to refer yourself) And sign up for road side assistance ($1) ** Directions; Copy and paste the link above** open safari. You will need to paste it on the ENJEO site when you are up On the sign-page (site asks you to provide the referral link) “which link website lead you to enjeo” paste there and complete sign up Only info you need is your account and routing number (to get paid) direct deposit, valid bank card and 2 different emails to refer yourself as your first customer for roadside assistance! (One time thing) step 1 : sign up for Enjeo (copy my link to paste when ur signing up) Step 2: page will load after signing up, click product link on the web (copy if you’d like) Step 3: paste on the web / under that link sign up with your second email** for roadside mini plan and have $1.00 on card Step 4: manage mini plan by turning off subscription (green dot swipe) after you are charge the $1 ** important to end subscription!! ** Real easy and instant (you can keep it on and you actually get free roadside assistance plus $1.25 each week you are charged $1 for it) Step 5: wait 2-4 business days to receive your welcome bonus and for your first customer (yourself) $21.25 Optional ** leave subscription on and keep getting charged $1 a day/weekly add more mini plans and you get $1.25 (25cents each time in profit so u are not loosing money!) back every time as commission!! ** Also refer others to get more money!! $10 each referral ***

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Days Taker (iMoney) referral codes and program details
Days Taker (iMoney)

My invitation code is 326607 Legit online hustle!! IMONEY aka days taker FOR iPhone ** 6 and up only) get via PayPal or bank direct deposit (asks for acct & routing only) I used chime. *Amazon prime member? Get free products, reimbursed money + tax for products & for leaving 5 star reviews, plus $2 per review. Pays to PayPal! *Refer friends get up to 50 cents each tasks up to $10, you both make $$ UNLIMITED REFERRALS ! Limit up to $10 each person if referral completes numerous of tasks, which they also get paid for. Easy way to make money without having to refer, *download apps, running in background for 3 mins. (You can be on social media while minutes pass just don’t close the window of the app) Also new game added to app * gamble 20 cents, 50 cents, $1 on an old Rock Paper Scissors game! Link below

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ReceiptPal referral codes and program details

Receipt pal I'm using ReceiptPal to earn great rewards for my receipts and thought you might like to do the same. Use my link to download the app and start earning rewards! You'll get me bonus points too! hidden-url Earn 250 points at sign up and each referral Must connect email! You also get rewarded email receipts You can earn up to 6,250 points per month in referrals! 2,200= $5 in gift cards Scam all receipts 2 weeks or less

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Dosh referral codes and program details

Want to earn cash back on purchases? $5 per referral that links debit card successfully? Cashout minimum $25 via PayPal or bank deposit Download DOSH ! All you do is download app, sign up and link card! *main requirement link bank* Link ➡️ hidden-url If you already downloaded the app type in my referral code “odalysg5” to get paid for successful sign up!! Earn cash back and you can also refer friends to earn MORE 🤑

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eToro referral codes and program details

No trading required Etoro : hidden-url *must deposit $50 to get the bonus* (7 days to credit & 2 day bank transfer) & repeatedly make $50 per referral for those who follow the steps! (Up to 10 referrals = $500) Click link hidden-url ✅ Get verified ✅ Deposit $50 ✅ Wait 7-8 business days, and you get $50 credited to your eToro account I already cashed out! Etoro is a trading app (u don’t have to invest in anything)

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Public referral codes and program details

(T3 securities) Public: give & get one free stock when you sign up with my link! U can choose google, amazon, Microsoft, chase etc. It increases or decreases. After 2-3 days you can sell it and withdraw your earnings! Takes 1 day to get approved! Could be same day if market is open. Click link below to get started! hidden-url

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Shopkick referral codes and program details

•shopkick get gift cards or $10 to PayPal for walking into grocery stores scanning items and receipts hidden-url (250 points if you walk into a store and open the app within first 7 days of sign up) My code: save507226

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Status Money referral codes and program details
Status Money

•status money checks ur credit score, debt, your net worth and much more! Get $5 hidden-url

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Instacart referral codes and program details

hidden-url Rainy days, no car available, kids sleeping and need to go out and get groceries? Download Instacart!!! I ordered from Smart & Final and got bulk wholesale items i need for the house! Free delivery the first 2 weeks. Use my code and get $10 in credit!!

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Ibotta referral codes and program details

ibotta must have receipt for certain item from specific store (target / Walmart specific item) Use my referral code: rctisgk and you can start saving real cash at all your favorite retailers. Sign up at hidden-url

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Pei referral codes and program details

•PEI cashback (iPhone and Android) Use my code to join: garcia123 Download: hidden-url We both get $2.50 if you link card and make a purchase from pei merchant (mcdonalds, Starbucks, 7-Eleven etc) less than 2 weeks from sign up

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