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Hello everyone 👋🏻 I’m on all the links I post! So all tried and tested! I especially like Pi... and it has 8.5 million + people on it now! So they can’t all be wrong! “orangepie” browser is awesome way to earn FREE btc for using your browser as you normally would! Simple and easy to use! Coin app is for earning Xyo coins for FREE whilst travelling or just sitting at home! And you get 1000 coins just for using my link! you can also get a FREE Sentinel from Xyo coin to increase your collecting rate to x12! Just pay postage! Please check out my other links too, best of all their all FREE! Please ask if you have any questions about my links/posts? and I will do my best to answer! Stay safe everyone 🙏🏻

Pi Network referral codes and program details
Pi Network

Come get your slice of Pi 🥧 8 million + People can’t all be wrong! Join our helpful friendly team! Here’s your code to join: flipper486

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StormGain referral codes and program details

⛏ FREE auto miner ⛏ Once you’ve earned 10 USDT you can trade with it! And keep the profits! Good place to start trading! 1. Cloud Miner performs all operations on StormGain's Bitcoin mining hardware without using your phone battery or CPU. 2. Every 30-40 minutes, depending on the bitcoin block production time, mining profit is equally distributed among all users participating in the mining process. 4. It’s FREE to mine...so what’s not to like! Come give it a try!

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CTFO referral codes and program details

🍃🍃🍃 CTFO 🍃🍃🍃 GET IN FRONT OF THE HOTTEST WELLNESS TREND: A PROJECTED $23 BILLION INDUSTRY Take a FREE position NOW with CTFO and their new hot CBD (Cannabidiol) product line! Be part of the CBD hemp oil revolution. brand new Warehouse in Europe! And now in 20+ different countries! NO Sign-up Fees! NO Credit Card Required! NO Website Fees!

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money-whale referral codes and program details

Money Whale is a fun and profitable animal merging game. Players can gain Gold by raising and merging animals, enjoying the fun of making money in continuous upgrade. Players can earn permanent advertising cash dividends through personal efforts.

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Elios.ltd referral codes and program details

Cloud Mining Our company owns a large amount of equipment for mining using ETHASH, SHA-256 and SCRYPT algorithms. Our equipment is located in China (72%), Canada (17%) and Russia (11%). By attracting investors, we can increase the amount of mining equipment. Get a bonus at the registration of $3 and start mining!

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Initiative Q referral codes and program details
Initiative Q

🛑 Attention 🛑 Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of payment cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it's ready they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now (the amount drops as more people join - so better to join early). Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address. There's nothing to lose but if this payment system becomes a world leading payment method your Qs can be worth a lot. If you missed getting bitcoin seven years ago, you wouldn't want to miss this. I’m out of invites at the moment....but you could always join without needing me....sharing is caring P.s Don’t forget to download the app after you’ve joined!

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Fold App referral codes and program details
Fold App

Get on the waitlist for the new Fold Card and get 20k sats instantly if you’re a new user! A ‘sat’ (short for satoshi) is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin. Sign up below to collect your reward and start shopping and stacking sats with Fold.

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GameOn App referral codes and program details
GameOn App

💰 Win FREE money for FREE! 💰 GameOn turns complicated stats and odds into free and simple prediction games for the everyday fan with real cash prizes! 💰

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CoinPayU referral codes and program details

Coinpayu is a bitcoin faucet that allows you to earn some satoshis for free. The most valuable feature of this faucet is that you can buy referrals directly on the site, in exchange for your satoshis earned on the tap to multiply your earnings!

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BasicIncomeToken referral codes and program details

Basic Income Token is an attempt at basic income. Each user who is signed up for the service receives 100 BITs each day. No additional BITs can be created with time or resources.

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Maiar referral codes and program details

🚀⭐️ Get early access to this! ⭐️🚀 Create a wallet in seconds. No username, no password, no recovery phrase to backup. Just use your phone number. Maiar offers a digital identity layer that starts with a service mapping the phone number to a wallet address while preserving privacy and allowing users to send money to friends and family via their address book. Features you will love! Seamless onboarding Herotags Social payments News & daily digest Progressive security Multiple coins Earn & staking Non-custodial wallet

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Trybal referral codes and program details

TRY is a new cryptocurrency that is mined by user's activity, rather than using expensive computing hardware and a lot of electricity. Good for the environment and good for you! Every 24 hours users may claim/mine new TRY tokens. This token appears to be in the pre IEO phase right now as it does not have any market pairs listed on coinmarket cap. That being said since there is no deposit or KYC required at this time there is no risk to the user

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zolous referral codes and program details

🚀 ⭐️ ZoloUs ⭐️ 🚀 Get on the early bird waiting list! Their going to be launching an app sometime in Q4! 2020! They say December on the site? But who knows! You can sign up with my link!

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Crypto Dreams referral codes and program details
Crypto Dreams

1000000 (TRX) Satoshi every 2 mins just for entering 1 captcha..... Goes straight to your expresscrypto wallet! Simple and straightforward to claim!

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free cash lotto referral codes and program details
free cash lotto

Win FREE Cash in our Daily Draw it’s completely FREE! Play the UKs National Lottery (Lotto) for FREE Play the Euro Millions Lottery for FREE Family & Friends They win YOU WIN! up to £1000 Guaranteed Winner Every Day Win your "Bonus Cash" in our "Bonus Draw"

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AutoFaucet referral codes and program details

Final Autofaucet is a Enhanced Cryptocurrency Faucet available in mobile & desktop that allows users to earn Crypto by playing games, completing surveys, offers & shortlinks tasks.

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Vybe referral codes and program details

Refer your friends with no limit and get £2 FREE! for you and your friend gets £2 FREE!

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Uplandme referral codes and program details

Upland is a property trading game paired with a decentralized economy. Players buy, sell, trade and develop virtual properties that are based on real-world addresses. Blockchain technology ensures true ownership for the players. Uplanders collect in-game currency as a reward for their ownership and for the completion of Collections that group together a predefined amount of properties.

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Lottosocial referral codes and program details

80% Discount on your first EuroMillions draw 5 FREE Scratch Cards 1,000 points to get more games Lotto Social is a fun and exciting way to create and manage online lottery syndicates. Increase your chances of winning ... The only way to increase your chances of winning is by having more lines in each draw, playing in a lottery syndicate is your best bet to achieve this.

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Olight referral codes and program details

Share and get £5! And get a FREE i1R2 torch! 10 times brighter than your phones LED! And share with friends to get £5! Tiny and lightweight! 10x Brighter than a phones LED light! Rechargeable! Never buy batteries again!

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Cash App referral codes and program details
Cash App

Have you seen Cash App? Try it using my code and we’ll each get £5. TPCDNNN

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cctip.io referral codes and program details

I grabbed countless FREE tokens! Come earn with me! (Daily limit : 6 times)

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Faucet Crypto referral codes and program details
Faucet Crypto

Free Cryptocoins Are you looking for a easy to use Faucet for free Cryptocoins? What are you waiting for? Grab your free Coins today! Check out are some ways and tasks that you can win in our faucet! We are always searching for new types. Main Reward This task is the simplest one, you just need to click a button to get the reward, but the button only enables every 40 minutes! Ptc Ads This task is very comfortable to complete, you just need to watch some advertised websites and you will receive your Coins!

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Happy Birthdates referral codes and program details
Happy Birthdates

HappyBirthdates.com is a free to join reward platform offering registered member's participation in daily free cash prize draw promotions

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Airtime Rewards referral codes and program details
Airtime Rewards

They’ve partnered with over 80 brands to make earning rewards easy. There’s no voucher codes or fiddly receipts to worry about. Simply pay as you normally would in-store and online and you’ll earn rewards. Shop as normal, they do the rest They track and reward every purchase Redeem rewards to earn money off your mobile bill! Don’t forget the code to earn your bonus!

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Trustwallet referral codes and program details

You want to own Bitcoin in 5 minutes Earn more crypto as you hold Your personal information is never collected Exchange your crypto without leaving the app Track charts and prices within the wallet Keep your crypto safe from hackers & scammers

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BTCExch referral codes and program details

Btcexch is providing a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange 2.0 which is safe, secure and regulated with Tokens held of the exchange itself. BTC Exchange platform allows users to trade any cryptocurrency through a single point of access from anywhere at anytime.

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Crypto.com referral codes and program details

Crypto.com is a popular place to buy, sell, send, track and pay with cryptocurrency. It is by far one of the best cryptocurrency mobile platforms available today along Coinbase and a few others.

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Coinbase btc referral codes and program details
Coinbase btc

You'll both get free Bitcoin when a friend buys or sells $100 of crypto

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Sweatcoin referral codes and program details

Sweatcoins! Get paid for walking and keeping fit at the same time! Their app converts your steps into digital currency called Sweatcoins. You can spend them in the app on real goods, like Bang & Olufsen earphones and GoPro HERO8 Black Bundle and much more! And WIN a Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watch worth $29,000! By donation to charity! Get paid FREE money just for walking! Simple and easy! Come and get fit and earn!

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btcmaker referral codes and program details

Every hour, they give away up to 0.00055 btc for free through their bitcoin faucet. No frills, no hidden agenda – just a way to get you started with the incredible worldwide phenomena known as bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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Coinbase EOS referral codes and program details
Coinbase EOS

Only 4 spaces left on this! Watch 3 minutes or so videos about EOS and then earn for answering questions below each video!

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Coinbase OXT referral codes and program details
Coinbase OXT

Watch 3 minutes or so videos about OXT and then earn for answering questions below each video!

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Coinbase XLM referral codes and program details
Coinbase XLM

Only 4 spaces left on this! Watch 3 minutes or so videos about XLM and then earn for answering questions below each video!

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

I’ve only 16 spots left on this site! So be quick and earn free crypto! Just watch the videos 3 or so minutes long and Answer quiz questions at the bottom of each video to earn....simple and easy! Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

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Express crypto referral codes and program details
Express crypto

You can earn from different ways, they offer also exchanger where you can deposit and withdraw coins with super low fee powered with CoinGecko rate."What is ExpressCrypto? It's a site, that pays out cryptocurrency (over 20 currency supported) with different methods for withdraw. How i can earn? The site suggests multiple ways to generate profit: Faucet Games Offerwalls Random Giveaway and more...Come check them out!

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cryptofreebies referral codes and program details

I tried it...and sure enough I looked at my own expresscrypto.io account and 1000000 TRX Satoshi had been deposited.... if you need a expresscrypto account? It’s in my posts too!

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Kucoin referral codes and program details

KuCoin is the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, USDT, NEO, XRP, KCS, ... 1 out of 4 crypto holders worldwide is with KuCoin

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FaucetPay referral codes and program details

Our platform supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH and DigiByte. More coming soon. Faucet List Choose from our immense list of 600+ faucets to claim from. We have a faucet list for each currency we support.

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Win a dinner referral codes and program details
Win a dinner

The FREE Daily Dinner or 💰 Cash 💰 Draw! Get a FREE dinner every day from 4pm! Sign up for FREE and check daily to see if you’ve won and claim dinner from Nando's, Pizza Hut, Just Eat, and more! And you can win 💰 Cash 💰 too paid through PayPal! Sign up for FREE and check daily to claim dinner or feast on amazing food for FREE! 🥘

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Random Satoshi referral codes and program details
Random Satoshi

Earn 14 different Cryptocurrencies! Randomsatoshi is a Micro-earning Site offering multiple ways to earn Crpytocurrency! It has a unique new autofaucet! you can upgrade each currency and earn using various way of earning bits, solve shortlinks, do offers, suveys or watch videos to get paid! Paid to Watch Livestreams! Want an easy, passive earning method? try out their new livestreams earning method and get paid for every 5 minutes you watch!

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ClipClaps referral codes and program details

Just watch funny videos and earn real cash! Simple and easy!

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GramFree referral codes and program details

Only just joined myself, so still working it all out! Will give my opinion once I’ve looked 👍🏻

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moomoo referral codes and program details

MooMoo is an app that allows its users to buy stocks, options, and ETFs without having to pay commissions.

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Earnsats.co referral codes and program details

Multiple ways to earn bitcoin, instant payouts and unlimited earnings. Our partners have thousands of offers, surveys and tasks that pay you in bitcoin. Refer your friends and get a 10% commission every time they complete an offer. Instant payouts Waiting for your earnings is a thing of the past. Our payouts are sent via the Lightning Network, with no limits or delays. Available worlwide Our partners have offers available in every country. Earn and withdraw without restrictions, around the world.

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1Q referral codes and program details

Answer 1 question to earn FREE cash! Here’s the code to join 1Q.com/8z6sgs

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Midoin referral codes and program details

Don’t forget to use this code “ richardhales “ to give you a x5 boost on your mining rate!

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Phoneum referral codes and program details

Push 1 button every 7 days....easy and simple! And best of all its FREE! Let the Cloud Earning begin! Sign up now and get 200 PHM Bonus.

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Fire Faucet referral codes and program details
Fire Faucet

do you want to earn ETH faucet automatically? yes, this website offers you Ethereum auto faucet. what you need to do for automate your faucet claim is Just open the auto Faucet page of the website after creating your account and it will automatically reward you in ETH or any other crypto coins if you have selected any else than ethereum. you can also increase you are faucet earning on this auto faucet by doing tasks while Auto Faucet is running. read full details in review and you can also create account now to earn ETH auto faucets.

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Harry's referral codes and program details

🪒 HARRY’S Razors 🪒 Get a trial set worth £18 for £3.95! which includes a Razor cartridge with 5 blades! Foaming shave gel (2.0 oz) 57g! Travel blade cover! 10m+ guys using already! And it’s Worldwide too 🌍 Cancel or change plan as you wish! Best shave you’ll ever have!

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Bitcoin Black referral codes and program details
Bitcoin Black

Remember bitcoin when it first started, well here’s your second chance! Earn $36 FREE for joining!

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KickEX referral codes and program details

KickEX — a cryptocurrency exchange with smart orders and low trading commissions.

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CryptoTab referral codes and program details

CryptoTab is the world's first browser with built-in mining feature. It lets you earn cryptocurrency just by visiting sites, watching videos or chatting online. It is a browser extension that mines cryptocurrency and pays you in bitcoin. You do nothing at all, and it mines in the background while you are using your browser.

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Coinapp referral codes and program details

Earn FREE XYO Coins for travelling/walking or just sitting at home and Earn FREE BITCOIN (BTC), Ether (ETH), XYO (ERC-20) Doesn’t cost a thing to join! And Get 1000 coins to start with, with this link! And Right now, you can get a FREE SENTINEL!!! And the new NFC card! Just pay the postage....they can speed up your collecting rate by 12 times!

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Computta referral codes and program details

Computta Smart Miner Is A Free 2-Click Setup Simple App That Silently Works In The Background, Using As Many or As Few Computer Resources As You Choose To Generate Cryptocurrency. You Can Install It On As Many Computers As You Own To Multiply Your Passive Earnings! Turn Your Computer into a 24x7 Money Generator. 100% Autopilot. 100% FREE. Everyone's Invited! Average computer generates $22.80 per month | A gaming computer generates $78 per month!

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Crypto Treasure referral codes and program details
Crypto Treasure

Let the crypto treasure hunt begin! Sign up now and get 200 Gold for free.

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Orange Pie referral codes and program details
Orange Pie

The fact I’m earning FREE btc for using internet as normal, YouTube, etc and some faucets I have, or whatever you like.....is amazing 😉 Come join the strong earnings Team and then we all earn from each other......

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Freedogeon referral codes and program details

Dogecoin is a fun, new and rapidly growing form of digital currency. This form of digital currency is called "cryptocurrency"; a type of digital currency. Cryptocurrency is completely anonymous, decentralized, and extremely secure.

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Freebitcoin referral codes and program details

Freebitcoin (AKA Freebitco) is a website that allows you to earn money in bitcoins currency.

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Rollercoin referral codes and program details

RollerCoin is an online Bitcoin mining simulator game, which rewards you with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE). As part of the game, you build your own virtual data centre to generate power. This “virtual power” then allows you to mine real satoshi coins, ETH and DOGE. Compete with friends to see who can earn the most!

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Cointiply referral codes and program details

Earn free Bitcoin from the best Bitcoin faucet & rewards platform

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Swissborg Community referral codes and program details
Swissborg Community

Predict the price of bitcoin? 💰Win FREE Real money 💰 I’m getting better at it...... Come join my Team and see if you can do better?

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