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Nilton's promo codes

I just put here bonuses from which I actually received the money.

Swissborg Community referral codes and program details
Swissborg Community

Exchange that allows to obtain cheaper crypto based on the price available in several platforms of critpoactivos. After charging your account with 50 € you receive a coupon and you can win up to 100 € in crypto.

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Verse referral codes and program details

Win 5 €! You just have to register (1 minute) and make a transfer or payment of 5 €. And the best part is that it is completely free!

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Celsius referral codes and program details

Celcius pays compound interest weekly. To get the bonus, load the account with $ 200 and leave it on the platform for 30 days. When registering, you must use the code 196808d5fc (20 $) and then in "profile" - »promo code -» WEB30 (30 $).

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Skrill referral codes and program details

You need to have a foreign account (Revolut, N26, MONESE, etc.), because you will have to transfer 150 € from your country account to the account you have abroad. Once done, you receive the bonus.

Check out Skrill   

Bondora referral codes and program details

Easily obtain a return of 6.75% per year (compound interest) without any knowledge of investments with Go & Grow.

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Viainvest referral codes and program details

To qualify for the bonus, invest at least 50 EUR

Check out Viainvest   

BlockFi referral codes and program details

Earn compound interest with your cryptocurrencies. $10 free in bitcoin after a $100 deposit. You need to keep the money in the account for 30 days before recieving the bonus. Blockfi is a crypto service that it allows users to earn interest on their crypto and also use crypto as collateral to obtain competitive loans. Interest is paid monthly to your account.

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Bitpanda referral codes and program details

Sign up, verify your identity, charge your account with at least € 26 and buy € 26 in cryptocurrency. After making your purchase you will receive € 10.

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Cake Defi referral codes and program details
Cake Defi

Get $20 worth of DFI when you sign up and make a deposit of $50 or more. If you use a referral code, both you and your referrer get an extra $10!

Check out Cake Defi referral codes and program details

The free card offers 1% cashback on all purchases and the paid card 2%, 3%, 5% and 8%. The $ 25 is for those who ask for the ruby ​​card. However, the free card has the great advantage of cashback. Cashback is paid in a cryptocurrency called cro which is the token of, but it can be converted to any currency or other cryptocurrency.

Check out referral codes and program details

Platform related to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. Platform that allows you to intuitively create cryptocurrency trading strategies. It allows the creation of a trading Bot in an intuitive way using the Drag & Drop system. It also allows you to rent strategies from other members and make your strategies available to create passive income.

Check out   

Binance referral codes and program details

The $ 10 coupon code will be automatically added to your wallet as soon as you redeem more than $ 100. You also receive a 10% refund on each transaction fee. By adding BNB (Binance currency) to your account, get an extra 25% discount!

Check out Binance   

Oval Money referral codes and program details
Oval Money

Choose the smartest way to manage your personal finances. Track your spending, Save and Invest automatically. Complete at least 6 transfers towards your digital savings account to receive 5€.

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Xendpay referral codes and program details

You need to make a transfer to another currency. Example, from euro to pounds. The transfer must be 100 € / £ / $, and you will receive a discount of 10 € / £ / $ for the transfer. Once done, you receive the bonus. For every 5 people you refer to us, you will receive an EXTRA £25 credit to your account! This means once you have refered 10 people to us, you will have received an EXTRA £50 !

Check out Xendpay   

WorldRemit referral codes and program details

The first transfer is 125 € (use code 3FREE - free transfer), then you will receive a code in the email (25 € offer), you will make a 25 € transfer again (you will pay € 3.99 for the transfer) ). You won € 21.01! do not forget, you must transfer to accounts in a different country than yours

Check out WorldRemit   

Monese referral codes and program details

Monese is a UK company that offers current accounts and money transfer services as an alternative to traditional. Sadly, their referral program have been put on hold for now.

Check out Monese   

Housers referral codes and program details

Housers is the first savings and investment platform that has revolutionized the rules of the game making possible the democratization of investment in real assets. Today, thanks to Housers, thousands of investors can get the most out of their money. Housers allows you to invest in assets that you can see and touch: your investments are always linked to real estate. This way you can build a long-term heritage and get a month-to-month income. Thanks to our presence in several countries, the diversification capacity of our users increases and makes a difference in the sector because Housers is the first pan-European platform that offers this type of assets in an integrated manner and in a single place. Undoubtedly, Housers is the best option to ensure a magnificent financial future starting with € 50 only. .

Check out Housers   

Revolut referral codes and program details

Revolut Ltd is a UK financial technology company that offers banking services including a prepaid debit card, currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer payments. The Revolut mobile app supports spending and ATM withdrawals in 120 currencies and sending in 29 currencies directly from the app.

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N26 referral codes and program details

Open your account at N26 through my code, receive a free Mastercard and earn € 15 to use on your purchases After making a card transaction of €15 or more you will get €15.

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TransferGo referral codes and program details

Transfer € 60 from your main account to your secondary account abroad in another currency. After the transfer, you receive € 12 in 5 business days.

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Mintos referral codes and program details

10 € bonus - invest at least 500 € Bonus 20 € - invest at least 1000 € Bonus 30 € - invest at least 2500 € Bonus 60 € - invest at least 5000 € Bonus 1% of the amount invested - minimum 10000 €

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Degiro referral codes and program details

trade € 20 the first 3 months and you will be refunded € 20

Check out Degiro   

Curve referral codes and program details

Mastercard card (free) with an associated app that merges all your debit and credit cards into one, matching the cards. You receive € 5 to try the card. Code: DZPZ3KPE

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

When you buy or sell € 91.18 of cryptocurrency, you receive € 9.12 in bitcoin in your coinbase account.

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Nilton is smart! 😏

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