Earn 15€ after depositing 50€

@fabionlindeza + Viainvest

Viainvest is a P2P lending platform offering loans with up to 12% interest and a 30-day buyback guarantee (this means you'll get your investment back if a loan payment is delayed for 30 days). Their referral program offers new users a €15 bonus when they sign up with a referral link and invest €50. There are four loan types available, and I would recommend only investing in short-term loans (these are 7-30 days) or installment loans (3-12 months). The other two I would not invest in - credit line loans are open-ended, meaning you can't be sure when you'll receive your investment back, and business loans are not secured with a buyback guarantee (all the other loans are). Steps: Sign up through my referral link and verify your ID Deposit at least €50 and invest it in one or more loans (either manually or you could set up AutoInvest if you don't see any loans you like and AutoInvest will invest your funds when new loans become available, which is usually every day). The €15 bonus will be credited to your account within 5 business days. You don't have to invest it, but you can only withdraw it after 6 months. You could just let it sit on the platform or invest it in the meantime and get extra interest on it. Viainvest doesn't charge any fees to investors.

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