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Carv referral codes and program details

Digital ski coack

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Weekshot referral codes and program details

Weekshot is basically a future version of Instagram with so many features still to come but for starters this is a place for everyone that enjoys taking pictures or viewing interesting and original photos and photography to see how good their perfect shot is and to vote on the best one. Event: Weekshot Contest A weekly event, which is a posting by users of content that meets the conditions and the determination of winners through the 7-rounds voting results Creators content. Rounds and winners. The most voted content wins. According to the rules, certain participants win the qualifying rounds and take part in the semi-finals. The semi-final winners pass to the Final. The contest winner is the most voted content in the Final Round. Voters voting. Base votes limits Base voting limit is a default limit of votes each voter can cast in one particular Round. Anyone still has an option to extend base limits via daily available boosters and/or owning special assets which extend base limits. Voters Rewards. Lucky Votes (LV) Reward LV reward is the WSC amount the voter earns per each vote given to the Round winner. Each qualifying round has the same amount of reward for Lucky Votes. Semi-finals and Finals have a bigger reward value for Lucky Votes than qualifying rounds. Creators rewards. Prize Fund stake The total prize fund of the contest is distributed across the Round's funds in certain proportions. The winners of all rounds, except for the final round, receive equal shares of the prize funds of the rounds. The finalists (Top 10) share the Final Round prize fund based on the voting results. There's so many crappy tokens out there with generic mining apps and basically the only thing they do is they rush to get the token out and make money an advertisement so some other mechanism while everybody minds a token that's going to never be worth anything. This one on the other hand has already developed the app and some of the main features of this futuristic Instagram are already in place before any serious concern about the token And with the detailed large vast road map on the website there is a bright future for week shot so don't miss your chance and get in early! Welcome to the future of Instagram like social media welcome to the web 3 Instagram!!!!

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BitDegree referral codes and program details

BitDegree is an online learning platform specializing in courses aimed at aspiring video game designers, whitehat hackers, and coders, amongst a variety of other computer-sciences-based subjects.

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Revel referral codes and program details

Electrifying cities through charging hubs, all electric rideshare, mopeds and eBikes.

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Earn Alliance referral codes and program details
Earn Alliance

Earn Alliance build communities and tools to inspire and empower gamers to unlock their full potential in web3.

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Wallacy referral codes and program details

Wallacy - A Gamified and Hybrid Crypto Wallet. Wallacy combines decentralized exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX) for the ultimate crypto trading experience. Trade with ease using advanced Wallacy tools and stay up to date with daily airdrops and market insights. Transform your wallet into a gaming arena and win big with Wallacy and it’s built in Web 3.0 based free to play #f2p + play to earn #p2e mobile gaming platform. Turn your gaming skill into your extra income. Participate in exciting and competitive Wallacy tournaments, compete with other players, and win big prizepool. Learn new things in an interesting way Join us on an exciting journey featuring challenges such as Quiz Tournament, Airdrop Hunter Live, Lucky Spin, and Daily Tasks! Enjoy Together. Earn Together. Boost your earnings whenever your invited friends swap, derivative trade, or join in a tournament in Wallacy. Powerful trading on the go & of the above is built into your Wallacy wallet. Store, Buy, Send, Swap Tokens and Derivatives with trading directly built into your DeFi Wallet with powerful trading tools such as: Maximized profit with TP-SL and Notes. Completely Non-Custodial + Wallacy puts your data & assets back into your own hands. Also, Wallacy Browser is included for launching and utilizing Dapps, and all of which is organized in a beautiful and simple UI. Easily access and explore decentralized apps (dApp) from within your wallet, compete in gaming competitions, buy/sell/store digital assets such as NFTs & cryptocurrency + much more.

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Raiinmaker referral codes and program details

Download app usig my link and sign up.

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Walkify referral codes and program details

Earn money by walking. Walkify is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by giving Paytm/Google Pay cash for every walk you have.

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Social networking that's not for sale. Your home feed should be filled with what matters to you most, not what a corporation thinks you should see. Radically different social media, back in the hands of the people.

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Oneplanet referral codes and program details

Collect planets and exchange them for MATIC.

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Rayn referral codes and program details

French fintech company offering high yield savings accounts and cryptocurrency services.

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BeerMoneyForum referral codes and program details

It is a forum about crypto earning. BeerMoneyForum is where you can get paid for participation. It could be anything like starting a discussion, responding or commenting.

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Playfi referral codes and program details

PlayFi Network is a prizing network that features the elements of mobile prizing in one mobile app. We aim at building the largest prize platform. The PlayFi Network app allows all players to earn our native token Play, play prize games, stand a chance to win our daily prize pool and cash out your prize in major coins or convert to Play token. Downloading and using the apps are completely free

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Chiko & Roko referral codes and program details
Chiko & Roko

Chiko & Roko is an online platform for free art toys. They will be giving out new NFT gifts on a daily basis, including exciting thematic NFTs with unique designs made by authors and designers from different countries. The art toys can be viewed from different angles in 3D and turned into cool social media content with the use of AR technology.

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Pulpower referral codes and program details

Pulpower is a site that brings together several free draws, competitions and games where users can win fantastic prizes. You can find the information about these prizes, draws and games here.

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Cointiply referral codes and program details

Earn free Bitcoin from one of the best Bitcoin faucets & reward platforms. Cointiply is a feature-filled and innovative get-paid-to site where you can earn cryptocurrency for completing surveys, offers and more.

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coinmarketcap referral codes and program details

CoinMarketCap is the world's most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptocurrency assets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space. Its mission is to make crypto discoverable and efficient globally by empowering retail users with unbiased, high-quality and accurate information for drawing their own informed conclusions.

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CryptoMiningGame referral codes and program details

In Crypto Mining Game, play as a cryptocurrency miner in an original crypto-universe. Mine for your favorite cryptocurrencies (will never use cpu), do mission to earn Hpower and in-game stuff, collect original cards and play with it to crypto-related mini-games.

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Nodle Cash referral codes and program details
Nodle Cash

Nodle is the world’s largest ecosystem of connected devices, providing infrastructure, software and access to data for the Internet of Things. Monetize your infrastructure through Nodle’s low power IoT network.

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Guarda referral codes and program details

Stake, exchange, earn and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and thousands of other assets. Support for over 50 major blockchains and 10k+ tokens of all leading protocols. Stay in complete control of your assets. Start with as little as $50. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 20 other coins. Instant crypto exchange for over 50 coins with the best exchange rates.

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Zing Token referral codes and program details
Zing Token

Benzinga has released their own crypto token named Zing! You will get 1000 Zing coins for signing up and 1000 more for using the app. That’s 2000 free coins almost instantly. The app is also used for news, stock, and a few other functions as well. As of right now Zing Tokens aren’t listed on any exchanges.

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8bit referral codes and program details

Mining contracts, free faucets, Telegram mini-games, and Airdrops. There's no need to take risks by trading or mining cryptocurrencies. 8BIT Autopilot will take care of everything for you.

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Waqto referral codes and program details

Ready To Make Money With Your Time And Creativity? Check Out!

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Coin 98 Wallet referral codes and program details
Coin 98 Wallet

Using a decentralized Wallet with experiences of a centralized one. Safety of decentralization but convenience of centralization. UI and UX of the App are optimized by professionals with over five years of experience in the industry. Multi-Chain & Multi-Source Assets Management. Creating or importing wallets, and managing all your digital assets in one place.

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Emoji BLITZ referral codes and program details

I’ve been playing this game where you collect Disney emojis — Play with me!

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Arc8 referral codes and program details

Get ready for full Arc8 release! Mine tokens you can later use to play games and win rewards. This is the Pre-launch phase of Arc8 where you can mine GMEE crypto tokens. Once Arc8 is launched, you can use the tokens to play tournaments or buy collectibles. Every mining session runs for 24 hours, and you can mine at a higher rate by referring new team members.

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GAMEE referral codes and program details

GAMEE is a free mobile gaming app that allows users to make money by playing free video games, no purchase is necessary, no paying to win. Play games and collect tickets while spinning the wheel! The more you have friends connected to the app, the more you earn!

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dutchycorp referral codes and program details

Different ways to earn Autoclaim Tokens. Auto Faucet, Never ending free Crypto with no out-of-pocket. Multiple ways of earning cryptos.

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Cheatmoon referral codes and program details

Cheatmoon is a piece of software created to allow users to earn Cheatmoon cryptocurrency for free via the mobile app - and customized for Android mobile devices. It is used to mine Cheatmoon cryptocurrency without risk and monetary investments. Cheatmoon is a new DeFi network founded on the belief that it is your basic right to control and protect your money, digital footprint and identity.

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Star Network referral codes and program details
Star Network

Star Network is a social network with payment function for users to store, grow and transfer your Star balance with your peers. It is also the future’s decentralized finance platform with exchange, borrowing & lending, wallet & payment functions.

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Betfury referral codes and program details

Betfury is a legit decentralized I-Gaming platform launched in 2019 and developed using the TRON (TRX) ecosystem and blockchain. Enjoy the best gaming entertainment with the advantages: BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT Dividend pools, Rank VIP system, Cashback up to 25%. It's easy to make profit on BetFury — just play and multiply BFG tokens!

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Crypto Challenge referral codes and program details
Crypto Challenge

This app allows users to predict the movement of Bitcoin. Every day you can make a prediction and earn points with that. If you are in the top of the leaderboard at the end of every season you earn big money!

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trustdice referral codes and program details
trustdice is an online casino for Bitcoin and Ethereum players! You can deposit, play and withdraw money with these cryptocurrencies. Trustdice provides players with a wide variety of different benefits that can dramatically increase winnings. Features such as the Trustdice forums or game chat allow players to swap tips and success strategies, while Trustdice's innovative TXT staking options allow players to directly share in platform profits.

Check out trustdice referral codes and program details is an innovative Bitcoin casino site, created with new concepts of online gambling in mind. They have designed this site following the latest industry standards. Moreover, they have taken into account the players wishes and needs.

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Dollar Cat referral codes and program details
Dollar Cat

Dollar cat dedicates to provide an autonomous, effective, convenient, secure, transparent cryptocurrency platform. Every client will receive 10 million DCAT as reward, and qualification for adopting a pet.

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Social Tournaments referral codes and program details
Social Tournaments is a social gambling platform where people above 18 years of age can join for free and win real money playing Pragmatic Play's Video Slots. Various tournaments every day and the opportunity to earn instant cash, without depositing money.

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Wombat referral codes and program details

Wombat helps you save & invest for your future. With Wombat, you can build an investment portfolio in minutes, from just £10

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Current Music referral codes and program details
Current Music

Earn while playing music online or offline. It is an app where you get paid to listen to music.

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Bananatic referral codes and program details

Bananatic gives you an opportunity to play online games and win prizes: CSGO skins, CD keys for games, paysafecard, Steam Wallet, Amazon.

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PipeFlare referral codes and program details

For those who are looking to claim free bitcoin and altcoins, it’s a great long-term investment that can spell out strong dividends in the future. However, if you’re unable to get as much bitcoin as you’re looking to buy, you can still claim other types of free crypto. PipeFlare gives you the option to get a free PIVX wallet quickly and easily. You can immediately begin to withdraw funds to your secure ZEC Wallet. PipeFlare has outlined the simple steps involved in creating a reliable crypto passive income. A faucet that lets you claim Zcash tokens directly to your wallet. No need to request for withdrawal. Just download Exodus Wallet and paste the address to your PipeFlare account.

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Presearch referral codes and program details

Presearch is the first decentralized search engine that compensates users for searching on their platform with cryptocurrency called Presearch coins. This search engine was created in response to the current state of search engines today where Google, Bing, and Amazon dominate the landscape.

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