take a reward of £10 for your international transfer of £50+ (or €12/€60) with TransferGo

@Ryan3709 + TransferGo

I am a UK expat living in Spain for the past 7 years, and a regular user of transferwise as a result for moving money between my Euro and UK bank account. I recently discovered a different company called TransferGo who offer an identical service but pay a nice welcome gift when you complete your first International transfer. Funds are redeemable as soon as the transfer executes and you verify your identity. In my case, I simply withdrew the bonus to the account I sent the transfer from and it was like having a 20% discount ;) If you prefer not using direct link then you can search on Google for the company TransferGo and use my referral code lMcFVX as part of the sign up process instead Many thanks for reading 😊

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