Earn $EAT (Polygon $MATIC Network)

@Paidfromtrades + Edge Video

Edge Video powers multiple "Watch To Earn" (#w2e) ecosystems using the innovative Edge AI combined with the Polygon $MATIC blockchain network. Users can tune in and earn $EAT tokens on the web, on watch2earn.com, PokerNight.com, and BizTV.com, as well as on mobile devices and connected TV apps such as Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. For the TV apps users will have to use Freebie.tv and for other devices users can access the full range of channels at edgevideo.com and easily start earning the platform's native token "Edge Activity Token" also known as $EAT (Polygon $MATIC network contract address: 0x7C58D971A5dAbd46BC85e81fDAE87b511431452E). Edge Video is powered by EDGE AI. EDGE AI is the next generation in video technology, combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) with video streaming to create a unique and engaging user experience. With our AI capabilities, we’re revolutionizing the way video content is delivered and consumed. Push notifications, Live Search and Realtime Personality Profiles all possible through EDGE AI. 350,000+ Personalities Indexed - Viewers Contribute to the personalities index in return for the Edge Activity Token $EAT (built on the Polygon $MATIC blockchain network). We use advanced algorithms to detect personalities in real-time and display them on the main screen or second screen. Our database contains over 350,000 personalities, making it easy for you to connect with your favorite content creators and personalities. With our AI technology, you can search live streams, receive push notifications, and view real-time profiles of the personalities on screen using your mobile device and a QR code. This opens up a whole new world of engagement and interaction for you, the viewer. Our gamified TV and Watch2Earn features drive increased time spent viewing, which in turn increases ad revenue for ad-supported video customers. With Edge AI, you can enjoy a unique and personalized video experience while also providing valuable benefits to the content creators and advertisers. Join us on the cutting edge of video technology. Experience Edge AI today!

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