Free Mobile Data + Free $DENT Tokens

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Code: DENT-M85H-268J-VCBZ Link: hidden-url Dent Wireless + $DENT Tokens: Dent Wireless $DENT is a satellite based cellular service provider. If you have an eSIM compatible mobile device you can get service anywhere (same as the WiFi you buy on an airplane) with Dent. Dent Wireless also offers a cryptocurrency called $DENT (Built on the Ethereum $ETH blockchain). The $DENT token features multiple utilities within the Dent Wireless ecosystem but is primarily used as a cash back system within the app. Another great feature is that you DO NOT have to switch carriers. I can only speak for iPhone devices but at least for iOS you can use Dent as a back up account if you find yourself where there is no signal, no WiFi, or if you have no data. On iOS you can switch between your carrier & Dent super easily (not sure on other phones). It is as simple as going into the Settings > Selecting Cellular Data > and using the “Toggle” switch to jump from your carrier’s data to Dent’s data. The same process allows you to go back to your carrier once you are done. I cannot even count how many times the free data has bailed me out & helped me save data. Definitely worth the 5 seconds it takes to switch between accounts. Oh, and you also earn free DENT and Mobile Data by using the link/code included here + you can claim $DENT or data every day within the app. If you did end up needing some extra data and wanting to pay for it, not only can paying for service using $DENT get you a discount on your purchases… The $DENT token can also be earned as cash back for every 500GB of mobile data you use. For more stuff like this hit up: hidden-url (Not just crypto despite the URL)

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