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Amazing referrals to earn free money, crypto, stocks, and more!

I am huge into referrals/affiliate marketing. I have a ton of amazing sites and apps where you can really make some decent money on the side for free with minimal effort! Follow me and I’ll follow back! Let’s network and make some money!

Webull referral codes and program details

Webull is a commission free mobile brokerage. Sign up and deposit $5+ and get a FREE stock worth up to $1600! (Also get free Level 2 access)! Sign up and deposit $5 or more and you will get a FREE stock worth up to $1600! [optional] - Invite a friend and get 4 FREE stocks per referral - This is a limited time offer, normally it is 2 free stocks, sometimes more! Also, you will get to spin the wheel to win a free bonus! (spin the wheel - limited time bonus) You also get free Level 2 access - which is amazing if you are going to use this app to actually invest! USA 🇺🇸 only, sorry! Message me if you have any questions! hidden-url

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Raiz referral codes and program details

Acorns is an amazing way to invest. It rounds up your purchases and invests your spare change! It also diversifies for you based on your profile, your level of risk, and how long until you want to withdraw your money! Sign up, deposit $5, and acorns invests $10 for you! You can also shop at an online store you’d normally shop on through the app, and acorns invests a percentage of your purchase into your account for free! Refer friends to get money, with constant referral bonuses! The current bonus gives you $1,000 for referring 3 friends!

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Revolut referral codes and program details

[Can be completed in under 10 minutes or so] Step1: Use this link: hidden-url to download the app and get the standard account for free! Step 2: Order both the material plastic physical card and the blue virtual card for free! Step 3: click +addmoney and load $20 from any debit card onto Revolut. - will deposit instantly! (Still yours and readily available) Step 4: Get the card details from the blue Revolut virtual card. (Immediately available) Step 5: Make any 3 online transactions of 1 penny or more using that virtual card. (Recommend to link card to PayPal or Venmo and send any amount three seperate times to anyone's PayPal or Venmo; making sure the virtual card is the funding source) The $30 will be instantly credited to your revolit acct once that 3rd transaction is made. Once this is done, I will pay you $5 however you would like to be paid! That’s $35 for free immediately! Terms: hidden-url

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Strike referral codes and program details

Hey! Join Strike and earn $5 when you sign up and verify your account using my referral code 3YUS2K: hidden-url Terms: hidden-url USA 🇺🇸 only, sorry! Strike is an app to send and receive money. You can link a bank to withdraw money in the account, or sent it straight to a bitcoin address! Sign up, verify account, and $5 is instantly deposited into your account! Super simple!

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Great gambling website where you can use any form of crypto, not just bitcoin! You also get a wheel spin with my code to get you started, and a daily wheel spin where you earn free crypto! If nothing else, you can at least spin the wheel everyday! Anyone gamble? Cool crypto casino with daily wheel spin to earn free crypto and great deposit bonuses! Link: hidden-url Code: 3ppd5z15 Code will start you off with a wheel spin to get free crypto to test out the site! (Should be included in link, but enter if it asks for it lol) If interested! Be smart be safe and use the wheel bonus to test site if you try it lol simple deposit simple withdrawal ** Remember to spin the wheel daily to get free crypto every single day!!! **

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Public referral codes and program details

Public allows you to *choose* a FREE stock. They are some of the best stocks on the market; Visa, Facebook, and more! NO deposit required! You only receive a fraction of the stock you pick from $5-$50!

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SocialGood referral codes and program details

Get up to 100% crypto back via SocialGood App Shop at eBay up to $500 practically for FREE! 📈SocialGood (SG) is listed on Bittrex, BitMart, etc., the price has increased +7,529% 📲Use invitation code: E8ZTKZ to get $25 to shop practically free at over 1,800 stores hidden-url This app is honestly amazing. If you shop on eBay a lot, you can literally get 100% of your purchase given back to you in cryptocurrency! This also applies to Best Buy and many other stores! There are tons of stores that give you less than 100% back, but if you are going to shop there anyway, you might as well get some of your money back! eBay and Best Buy are such amazing sites to literally get almost 100% free purchases considering you get 100% of your purchase (up to $500 per transaction - can be done unlimited times) given back to you in cryptocurrency that you can just withdraw and sell! Honestly an incredible app that I have proof actually pays you the crypto! This is one you don’t want to miss!

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Yotta Saving referral codes and program details
Yotta Saving

Hey - Join me on Yotta using my referral code VINCENT3098 and we’ll both get 100 tickets. You just need to make a deposit (the money is still yours!) They run lottos daily/weekly and with 100 tickets you will probably win something! Yotta is an FDIC insured savings account recently featured in Bloomberg and Forbes where you can win prizes up to $10M every week. hidden-url

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Dough referral codes and program details

Free stock app. Just sign up and receive a free random stock valued at up to $200! NO deposit required to get your free stock! Friends who trade together - get paid together. Click my link to download the dough app and we'll both get a free share of stock!

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Firstrade referral codes and program details

Join Firstrade and get a free random stock. They choose from the most popular stocks valued at up to $200! NO deposit required!

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Cointiply referral codes and program details

Hands down the best free bitcoin site I have ever found. You can roll the faucet and claim free bitcoin every hour. You can also complete offers and tasks like surveys and app downloads to earn free bitcoin. Available worldwide! 🌎 🌍

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TradeUP referral codes and program details

Get free cash coupons and other rewards just for opening an account! TradeUP Carnival, Collect Cards to win free AAPL! hidden-url

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Aspiration referral codes and program details

This is a free bank. Enter your email at the bottom of the link, go to offers, do the aspiration offer, and I pay you. Then you are set up for $50 referrals.

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trustdice referral codes and program details

Found another great casino that is also a faucet and you collect interest and everything! Not a ton, but it’s still free crypto! hidden-url - This is an online casino that you gamble using cryptocurrency. It honestly has some of the best bonuses I’ve ever seen. There is a faucet, you can “stake” the casinos token and you’re rewarded with actual crypto, you can collect daily crypto rewards, amazing deposit bonuses, and great games to gamble on. You can play without even making a deposit, but if you choose to deposit, there are really good deposit bonuses. I’d recommend at the very least using it as a faucet to slowly collect free crypto!

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