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Xendpay is a trusted and really fast money transfer service, which offers $10 referral reward (so called first transfer discount) if you haven’t tried their service yet. For this offer you will need an account in another country. If you don't have one yet, you can get FREE foreign EUR/GBP account by using Transferwise - it requires you to add 10-20€ to your account to set it up but you can withdraw that instantly after. Here are the steps to get your FREE $10: Sign up on Xendpay using this link. Verify your identity with a picture of your Passport/ID/Driver’s license and your address with a picture of any utility bill. It took me around 4 hours to get verified, which is not too long. It was even faster for others I know. Make your first transfer of $100 or more. Click ‘Send Money’ on the Dashboard. On the next page choose that you’re sending money from Australia (AUD) to the country where your other account is (EUR/GBP). Write 0 next to ‘Transfer Fee’, so it becomes free. You will see $10 discount applied, which means that you will have to pay $90 for this transfer and will receive equivalent of $100 in another currency. Enter your EUR/GBP account details. Pay with your card or bank transfer. Your money should reach your account within 1 business day.

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