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InvestmenTs for All

I'm looking to share most profitable and secure 2p2 lending, crypto and other investments that I've found and tested!

Rendity referral codes and program details

Get 45 € bonus, Hurry up, new real estate projects are gone in minutes !!! Load your wallet before the project starts, they'll mail you when it's ready for investment !!! Rendity is legit German p2p real estate investment platform. The real estate projects with about 7-8 % annual rate and SECURED by REAL ESTATE. New very good project in Vienna, Austria is coming soon. All the projects are big and reliable with credit ratings and a lot of information about them. If you sign up with my referral link you'll get immediate 10 € bonus in your wallet. When you invest 100 €, that's the minimum, but you have 10 € bonus, and you can use bonus discount code: BIRTHDAY2023 for another 10 € bonus as discount of invested amount, so you have to invest 80 €. Then 14 days after investment you'll get 25 € and you'll get 45. €.

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

Hello, if you want to invest in Cryptocurrency that's a good opportunity. If you sign up with my link you will get 10$ in Bitcoin when you trade 100$, not to invest in something. Of course you can invite your friends to sign up and get another 10$. In Coinbase exchange offers Learning rewards, you watch videos, answer a test and get greedy rewards for every Learning offer. Also, you can earn yield rewards for Staking (investing coins to secure blockchain) your chosen Cryptocurrency coins if you want to invest. They offer some other good options like Debit card with no fees to spend your Crypto, Recurring buys to make a strategy, Coinbase wallet and NFT. Coinbase started in 2012 and today is leading Cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase Global Inc is publicly traded company, listed in stock exchange NASDAQ: COIN. So please register !!! You will not regret !!!

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HeavyFinance referral codes and program details

Invest in secured agricultural loans provided with underlying assets: land and machines, from Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgarian farmers. Bonus depends on your invested amount: invest 100€ = 5€ bonus, 500€=20€, 1000€=40€, 5000€=75€, 10000€=2% up to 1000 €. You can invest a minimum of 100€ in each crowdfunding project. HeavyFinance is a crowdfunding platform that provides financing for heavy machinery leasing projects. The platform was founded in 2019 and is based in Lithuania. The have offices in Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria. You can invest also in rapidly growing carbon certificates market, with 50%+ in the Optimistic scenario. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and a range of investment opportunities. There is a lot of info about the projects and the real name of the farmers so you can investigate them before you invest. HeavyFinance performs due diligence on all projects before they are listed on the platform, and it also provides ongoing monitoring and reporting to investors. Food is the King so I hope you will like it !!!

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Trading212 referral codes and program details

You can win up to 100 € free random stocks if you invest with my link. Trade & Invest with zero commission and zero hassle. Invest in Stocks and ETFs for free. Trade gold, currencies, crypto and more. Trading212 is absolutely the best Stocks, ETF, precious metal trading app. You actually own the stocks, you get dividends for passive income. You can make your own strategy and pie portfolio, direct copy from other investor's ideas. You have meet the requirements no later than 10 day after account's creation: 1. Register with my link: hidden-url 2. Pass the KYC verification and confirm your identity 3. Deposit the minimum 10 € and invest it, SEPA payment for € is available. You'll get the free random stocks in 3 working day after you meet the requirements.

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Revolut referral codes and program details

Revolut needs no introduction: The best currency exchange rates in multi-currency account, Send money with no fees, Trade stocks, commodities and crypto and many other applications. To get the free 35 € you have to: Sign up with my link, Pass the KYC, Add money, Order physical card, Make 3 separate purchases of at least 3 euro (link your Virtual Card to Gpay).

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Bondora referral codes and program details

Earn immediate 5 € bonus and 5 € in 90 days. Get 6.75% annual with Bondora Go & Grow !!! You can deposit and withdraw money from Go & Grow anytime and as much as you want !!! You can get your own referrals and get 5 % of their investment. Invest with my link in one of the oldest, reliable and stable 2p2 loan platforms in Europe. Go & Grow is unique product with 6.75% annual reward, no terms and you can deposit and withdraw anytime. Deposits are in EUR by instant SEPA   payment system. Enjoy!

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Sweatcoin referral codes and program details

It's a free app that Pays you to Walk 🚶. Be part of the cryptocurrency revolution with no initial investment. The app counts your steps and pays you dairy in SWEAT token, it's Near blockchain token with very low transaction fees. You can exchange the SWEAT tokens for USD directly in one of the biggest crypto exchanges - KuCoin. You have to to install Sweatcoin app and Sweat wallet from the android store. Link the apps and just walk as much as you can. Then you can make a transaction to KuCoin and exchange the tokens. I've tested it and continue to use the app, it doesn't dran you android battery. Maybe you'll not be a millionaire of it, but why not to get some free cryptocurrency tokens for good start in the industry.

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TransferGo referral codes and program details

TransferGo will put £20 in your account every time someone joins with your invite code, and transfers over £100 (to another person, in another currency). You can have your invite code after you register with my link.

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Lendermarket referral codes and program details

Loan origators from Estonia, Spain, Poland, Denmark up to 18 % Average interest rate. 1 % cashback bonus up to 3000 eur : Lendermarket offers the opportunity to earn rewards by inviting friends to invest at Lendermarket. Earn 2% cashback with your new investments on Creditstar’s long-term loans Whether you have recently registered your Lendermarket account or you are one of our long-term loyal investors, you are now able to take advantage of our promotion. Please note that this is a limited-time offer valid on Creditstar loans with a maturity of 270 days remaining or longer from February 6th until February 24th, 2023, so don’t miss out!

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Honeygain referral codes and program details

Earn CRYPTO or USD with Honegain !!! Enjoy passive income for doing nothing !!! It's about to share your internet traffic and get rewarded for that. I'm earning few dollars a day in crypto by using 3 devices just for doing nothing - use the apps in the background and forget about them. Rewards depend on your internet speed and your location and the demand in your region. If you join Honeygain using my referral link you'll get a $5 starting gift in USD, also you can get your own referrals for more earnings. You can use laptop or iOs or android phone 24/7, many devices as you want, and it really does not drain your your phone battery and it don't use much of your CPU. Optional is to get rewarded in Crypto, JMPT (binance bep 20 token) and there is no minimum withdraw. You can get JMPT token directly in your TrustWallet and do with it whatever you want, you can swap it in Puncakeswap or in other crypto exchange. If you want to be rewarded in USD the minimum withdraw is 20 $. There is many similar apps as Honegain and you can make more passive income be using all at the same time. But Honegain is the most profitable of all in my opinion. Enjoy and Earn !!!   It's not fake !!! hidden-url

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