5 € up to 1 000 € BONUS and 14 % annual

@KallBarr + HeavyFinance

Invest in secured agricultural loans provided with underlying assets: land and machines, from Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgarian farmers. Bonus depends on your invested amount: invest 100€ = 5€ bonus, 500€=20€, 1000€=40€, 5000€=75€, 10000€=2% up to 1000 €. You can invest a minimum of 100€ in each crowdfunding project. HeavyFinance is a crowdfunding platform that provides financing for heavy machinery leasing projects. The platform was founded in 2019 and is based in Lithuania. The have offices in Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria. You can invest also in rapidly growing carbon certificates market, with 50%+ in the Optimistic scenario. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and a range of investment opportunities. There is a lot of info about the projects and the real name of the farmers so you can investigate them before you invest. HeavyFinance performs due diligence on all projects before they are listed on the platform, and it also provides ongoing monitoring and reporting to investors. Food is the King so I hope you will like it !!!

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