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Who are these companies?

Welcome! Here you can find detailed descriptions, histories & information about companies, organisations, and services that also offer referral commissions for promoting their products. Who are these companies? Well, have a read and find out, and then, hopefully, click on a link or two! Corrections for descriptions of these companies are welcome (I'm only human).

Bemyeye referral codes and program details

BeMyEye is a smartphone app used by more than three million people earning extra money in their free time. People perform 'missions' that involve visiting stores or other outside locations and engage in specific tasks such as taking photos of shelf products, billboards or storefronts; asking staff for product advice; answering questionnaires, or taking polls. Some missions are performed at home and relate to what you watch on television or think of a particular brand or product. Payments for completed BeMyEye missions are available in your BeMyEye wallet; wallet balances are available for transfer to your bank account or Paypal.

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TopCashback referral codes and program details

With TopCashback, you can get money back every time you shop online. TopCashback has over 20 million members saving hundreds of pounds every year from thousands of online retailers. When you buy from a retailer featured on TopCashback (after clicking through from the site), the retailer pays TopCashback a small commission for sending you to their website. TopCashback shares this commission with you when you earn money, called 'cashback', paid by the retailer. Then, TopCashback will make your cashback 'payable' for you to withdraw and spend how you wish. You'll find cashback rates on everything such as airport parking & car hire, insurance, mobile phones, as well as favourite fashion & homeware brands. You can also compare cheap broadband deals & insurance policies to find the best offer just for you, with added cashback on top. Almost all of your online purchases will be eligible; browse at over 5,000 online retailers and start saving money today!

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Revolut referral codes and program details

Revolut, just one app for all things money! From everyday spending to planning the future with savings & investments, Revolut is here to help you get more from your money. Revolut is building the world’s first truly global financial all-encompassing super-app. In 2015, Revolut launched in the United Kingdom, offering money exchange & transfer. Today, customers worldwide use dozens of Revolut’s products to make more than 100 million transactions every month. Across personal and business accounts, Revolut helps customers improve their financial health, giving them greater control, and helps them connect people seamlessly from all over the world. Revolut, founded in 2015, has 15 million Personal customers, 500,000 Business customers and is available in 35 Countries supporting 30 In-app currencies.

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BitShark referral codes and program details

BitShark is a cloud mining, cloud crypto miner website that 'mines' Bitcoin for you remotely without having to 'mine' it yourself. BitShark cloud mine crypto is also a mining faucet platform where members can 'dig' for micro-amounts of Bitcoin and receive a reward. Rewards come in the form of a 'Satoshi', a micro-amount of Bitcoin equal to one-millionth of a single Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC). You can choose to deposit Bitcoin, and BitShark will 'mine' Bitcoin for you. Instead, if you wish, you can play a mining faucet game, earning 'Satoshi' micro Bitcoin payments several times a day. To make a withdrawal from BitShark free cloud miner, you must have at least 0.0003 BTC Bitcoin in your wallet. Once your Bitcoin wallet has reached the withdrawal amount, you can make a 'Slow withdrawal' which can take up to a day or an 'instant' withdrawal, which takes less than 15 minutes. BitShark only pays out earnings via Bitcoin.

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PayPal referral codes and program details

PayPal lets you pay, send money, and accept payments worldwide in 21 currencies with just an email address or phone number. You can shop with PayPal on millions of sites in 202 countries with 21 different currencies. PayPal uses data encryption with anti-fraud technologies to help keep your financial information safe & secure. PayPal allows you to choose how you want to pay without worrying if there’s enough money in your account. You can link your PayPal account with either your credit or debit card, and with PayPal Credit, you can buy now & pay later, spreading the cost of your purchase. If an eligible item fails to arrive or does not match the original description, PayPal can refund the cost of your purchase. In addition, if you are returning an item, you can request a refund for return shipping costs. Paypal, headquartered in San Jose, California, and founded in 1998, employs more than 26,000 people and has almost 400 million users worldwide.

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Hamleys referral codes and program details

Hamleys, founded in 1760 by William Hamley, is a U.K. multinational retailer of children's toys & games. In 1881 Hamleys opened a branch in Regent-street, London, which remained there until 1981 until Hamleys relocated their flagship Regent-street store to a more prominent location nearby, allowing for further expansion. Hamleys remains there today; an enormous store laid out over seven floors containing over 50k lines of toys & games; it is the largest and oldest toy shop globally, attracting more than 5 million tourists per year. Today, Hamleys operates more than 170 stores globally, including multiple stores throughout the U.K.

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BingoPort referral codes and program details

BingoPort (founded in 2007) is a UK rewards & comparison website that rates & compares online bingo, slots & casino gambling websites. BingoPort is similar to a cashback website where users can receive rewards via 'Port points' for joining & playing games by signing up through the BingoPort website. In addition, BingoPort users can exchange their Port points for various prizes, including gift cards, vouchers, books & cash payouts.

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Kumon referral codes and program details

The Kumon Institution of Education provides supplementary education courses, offering children personalised English and maths studies based on their abilities rather than their specific age group. The Kumon method teaches children to learn independently (with instructor guidance), allowing them to chart their education path. The Kumon Institute of Education, founded by Toru Kumon in 1958 in Osaka, Japan, operates in over 50 countries and has over 22,000 registered instructors teaching more than 4 million students worldwide.

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Ola referral codes and program details

Ola is an Indian-based cab / ride-hailing company that operates in more than 250 cities in India, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Ola's customers can hail a ride (via the Ola app) with a range of vehicles available, including cabs and taxis, auto-rickshaws and bikes. Ola, founded in 2010 by Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Aggarwal, is headquartered in Bangalore, India, and has over 1.5 million drivers registered for hire who serve more than 1 billion rides every year. Ola has more than 7,000 employees.

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Simba Sleep referral codes and program details
Simba Sleep

Simba Sleep is a UK-based, online-only company that manufactures and sells mattresses. Simba mattresses are manufactured with multiple layers of foam and up to 5,000 conical springs. Simba sells its mattresses online in several countries, including the UK, Canada, and France. All Simba mattresses come with free delivery and a ten-year mattress replacement guarantee. Additionally, all Simba mattresses come with a free 200-day trial; any Simba mattress can be returned free of charge within the 200-day trial period to receive a full refund of the original purchase price. Simba also offers 0% finance options, allowing interest-free purchases paid with monthly instalments ranging from 3-12 months. Simba Sleep, founded in 2015, is headquartered in London, England and employs around 100 people.

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Huel referral codes and program details

Huel creates and sells its own nutritionally complete vegan meal replacement food products in powder, liquid and solid forms. Professional nutritionists and dietitians have created Huel's meal recipes; each Huel meal has a balanced mixture of recommended vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fibre, fats, protein and carbohydrates. Huel sells 50 million meals per year to its customers in more than 80 countries, and, in total, since 2015, it has sold more than 150 million meals. Huel Ltd., founded in 2014 by Julian Hearn, is headquartered in Hertfordshire, England and employs over 100 people in offices located within the UK, Europe & the USA.

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Mega referral codes and program details

MEGA is a cloud-based file hosting service company providing secure end-to-end encryption for all user-hosted content. MEGA offers a range of paid plans for both business and end-users; MEGA's free tier plan provides an industry-leading 20GB of free storage. MEGA has almost 250 million registered users, over 10 million daily users and hosts more than 100 billion files. MEGA, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, has offices in Spain & Portugal.

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Eufy referral codes and program details

Eufy, founded in 2016, is a sub-division of the Anker electronics corporation. Eufy specialises in smart home products, including robotic vacuum cleaners, security cameras, fitness scales and lighting.

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Getaround referral codes and program details

Getaround is an online-only, contactless, peer-to-peer car-sharing service enabling users to hire privately owned vehicles from the public. In addition, car owners & businesses can rent out their cars for hire. Getaround is a leading European car rental marketplace operating in over 800 cities worldwide and lists more than 50,000 vehicles, and has over 2.5 million registered drivers in seven countries. Getaround, founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, has (as of 2021) an estimated 350 employees.

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Luno UK referral codes and program details
Luno UK

Luno is a leading Cryptocurrency trading platform allowing users to trade, exchange and store several mainstream cryptocurrencies. As of 2021, Luno supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & USD Coin (UDSC). Additionally, Luno pays interest on balances with its Luno Savings program, offering up to 7.6% interest per annum on balances of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and USD Coin (USDC). Luno, founded in South Africa in 2012 by Marcus Swanepoel, has facilitated over 21 billion US dollars of transactions for more than eight million of its customers worldwide. Luno, headquartered in London, England, has more than 400 employees.

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HP Instant Ink referral codes and program details
HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink is a subscription-based printing service from HP Inc. With an HP Instant Ink subscription, a subscriber pays a monthly fee based on the number of pages printed. Any unused subscription pages are automatically rolled over and added to the following month's total. When the connected printer reports that ink or toner is low, HP will post a replacement HP genuine cartridge or toner free of charge. Replacement HP cartridges or toners only function in the printer connected to the HP Instant Ink subscription. In addition, a subscriber can recycle empty HP Ink cartridges by returning them to HP with the included prepaid postage bag. HP Instant Ink subscriptions charge monthly, and plans can be changed or cancelled at any time.

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

Coinbase (Coinbase Global Incorporated) is a US company that owns and operates the largest licenced & regulated virtual financial cryptocurrency market exchange platform in the United States. Coinbase offers various services, including cryptocurrency trading & investing in over 50 different cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Coinbase, founded in 2012 by Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong, was the first cryptocurrency exchange listed on the Nasdaq market. Coinbase has almost 70 million users, has close to half a billion dollars in quarterly trading volume, operates in over 100 countries and employs more than 2,100 people.

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Deliveroo referral codes and program details

Deliveroo's founder & CEO (Will Shu) moved to London back in 2013. He discovered a city full of excellent restaurants, but Will was surprised that so few delivered food. So he made it his mission to bring the best local restaurants directly into people's homes. Deliveroo (linked above) offers fast & reliable delivery, which customers can track on their smartphone; Deliveroo has seen massive revenue growth of over 650% year on year. Restaurants that partner with Deliveroo see their revenue stream increase by up to 30%, helping to create thousands of jobs in the restaurant sector. Deliveroo's values guide how Deliveroo works together and makes decisions, whether on recruitment or the evolution and development of its staff, teams and products. Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way that customers eat food. A key ingredient in Deliveroo's success is having a choice of the very best restaurants. So if people would like a pad Thai in the evening, a salad at lunchtime, or some freshly scrambled eggs for breakfast, Deliveroo has it covered. By constantly innovating and expanding, Deliveroo offers the best choice and convenience. Deliveroo aims to bring great food directly to customers as fast as humanly possible—usually in less than 30 minutes!

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aliexpress referral codes and program details

AliExpress often called the Amazon of China, is an online retail website based in the People's Republic of China. The Alibaba group operates AliExpress; AliExpress sells products to international buyers worldwide; it is the most popular online shopping website in the Russian Federation. AliExpress is like eBay and Amazon; sellers are independent and use the platform to offer products to buyers. Sellers on AliExpress can either be companies or people. AliExpress is different from Amazon in that it acts exclusively as a marketplace platform; it does not sell products directly to customers; it instead provides a direct connection for local businesses to international buyers. AliExpress also differs from its fellow Alibaba subsidiary Taobao in that AliExpress is primarily for international buyers. The website does not sell to customers in mainland China, even though most retailers are themselves from China. AliExpress sells almost every item imaginable, including wall stickers for decoration and wall lamps in living rooms. AliExpress offers an affiliate program that pays partners for sending visitors to AliExpress with a commission paid on every sale.

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Binance referral codes and program details

Binance, founded in 2017 in Hong Kong and headquartered in Malta, is the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange (of daily trading volume). Binance provides an e-commerce market trading platform for over 500 cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens focusing on 'altcoin' trading. Binance moved its operations out of China due to the continuing tightening of regulations by the Chinese authorities surrounding cryptocurrencies.

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Uber Eats referral codes and program details
Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a leading delivery platform for food, delivering the tastiest food from all of your favourite local restaurants & eateries. Using Uber Eats is as easy as requesting a Uber ride. The Uber Eats app (available on Android & iOS) connects to a range of local restaurants. You can order from the wide choice of menus available at all of your favourite local restaurants whenever you wish. Once you have placed your order through the Uber Eats app, you will be able to track the progress of your order, from preparation to delivery, including live tracking of the rider or vehicle that will personally deliver your order. If you encounter any issue with your order, help is always available through the Uber Eats app.

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Rosetta Stone referral codes and program details
Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a sub-division of IXL learning, the world's most popular online subscription service for online learning. Rosetta Stone operates a cloud-based infrastructure offering online language courses helping millions of its users to learn, read, write and speak in dozens of foreign languages. Rosetta Stone's online language courses help its users to learn Mandarin (Chinese), Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, French, German, English, Italian, Polish, Arabic and almost 20 other languages. Rosetta Stone offers subscription models on a monthly or annual basis. In addition, Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription access is also available. Rosetta Stone, founded almost 30 years ago by brothers Allen and Eugene Stoltzfusm, named the company after the famous Egyptian stele artefact that became the key for linguists and scholars to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics scripts. Rosetta Stone, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, has offices in six countries worldwide.

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Cartridge Shop referral codes and program details
Cartridge Shop

Cartridge Shop is a UK limited company founded in 1999, based in Stoke-On-Trent in England. Cartridge Shop is an online retailer of original and remanufactured compatible printer ink cartridges for printer brands including Brother, Canon, Epson and HP. In addition, Cartridge Shop offers discount cartridges, toner cartridges, printing paper, and related consumable printing products. For larger purchases, commercial accounts are available to schools, universities or businesses both large and small. Since its founding in 1999, The Cartridge Shop has served more than 500k satisfied customers and has a high rating on the Trustpilot review website for customer satisfaction. Cartridge Shop's customer service is always on hand to offer customers prompt assistance when required.

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Watchshop referral codes and program details

Watchshop, founded in the UK in 1991 as SDK Jewellers, was originally a high-street independent watch retailer in Reading, England. In 2007, the company launched the website, and in 2013, renamed the company Watch Shop Limited. In 2014, Aurum Holdings purchased the company, adding Watchshop to its expanding Jeweller retailer portfolio. Today, Watchshop prides itself on its customer service and runs an efficient e-commerce shopping platform providing order updates at every stage of the ordering process. Watchshop offers various watch brands, including ladies and men's Vivienne Westwood watches, Accurist Chronograph, Hugo Boss, Olivia Burton, and dozens more, including a selection of smartwatches. Watchshop price matches against any other accredited retailer, even if the price includes voucher codes. All products come with free standard delivery on orders delivered within the UK. In addition, next-day delivery is available for free on orders over £60, and free standard delivery is available for European destinations on orders over €180.

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Hiscox referral codes and program details

Hiscox Insurance is a highly specialised international insurer providing niche underwriting of specific personal and commercial business risk areas, including high-risk underwriting of volatile market sectors. Hiscox is an insurance underwriter for the Lloyd's of London corporate body marketplace. Hiscox offers business insurance coverage across a range of unique market sectors, from casualty insurance, hacking, kidnapping/abduction to earth-orbiting satellites; Hiscox also provides home insurance for unusual and high-value items. Under the tenure of the company's chairman, Robert Hiscox, Hiscox has become an internationally renowned specialist insurer. Robert Hiscox was chairman of Hiscox for 43 years before finally retiring in 2013. Hiscox, founded more than a century ago, is headquartered in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda and is part of the Hiscox Group, listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange). The Hiscox Group has more than 3,000 employees in 35 offices across 14 countries worldwide.

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GoDaddy referral codes and program details

GoDaddy Inc. is a US-based web service hosting and ICANN-accredited domain name registrar. GoDaddy launched in 1997, initially known as Jomax Technologies, founded by Bob Parsons, an entrepreneur from Baltimore. After nine years, the company rebranded as GoDaddy. Today, GoDaddy has become the world's No. 1 web and services platform and boasts more than 82 million domains registered by over 20 million customers. GoDaddy offers a range of web and hosting services, including traditional GoDaddy email services and domain & website-attached email services known as GoDaddy webmail. In addition, GoDaddy offers various domain services, including domain name search (WHOIS lookup), bulk domain search, domain registration, domain transfer, bulk domain transfer and domain brokerage services. GoDaddy's web hosting services include website design, website templates, WordPress themes, business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers alongside premium DNS services. GoDaddy also runs a reseller and affiliate program. GoDaddy Inc. has its headquarters in Tempe, Arizona and employs almost 10,000 people.

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IONOS UK referral codes and program details

1&1 Ionos is a web hosting company founded in Germany in 1988, formally named 1&1 Internet; 1&1 Ionos brands itself as Ionos by 1&1. 1and1 Ionos is a renowned provider of web and cloud hosting services for small and medium-sized companies. Ionis 1&1 is the largest web and online domain hosting service provider in Europe. Ionos has more than eight million contracts with its customers and hosts over twelve million Ionos domains spread between its self-built and wholly-owned localised regional data centres located worldwide. The company offers a range of services in addition to Ionos web hosting: domain registration, Ionos website builder packages, SSL certificates, VPN servers (Ionos VPS - Virtual private server) as well as dedicated hosting servers, alongside other cloud hosting services (including Ionos WordPress). 1&1 Ionos hosting has its headquarters in Germany, 1and1 domain and 1and1 hosting services have the highest security policies ensuring that your data remains safe & secure. Ionos reviews are available on the Trustpilot review website.

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Lebara Mobile referral codes and program details
Lebara Mobile

Lebara, founded in the UK more than 20 years ago by three migrants, had a singular vision to help their migrant compatriots call their loved ones a continent away at prices they could afford. As a result, Lebara is now one of Europe's fastest-growing mobile virtual network phone companies and currently employs dozens of nationalities in countries worldwide. Lebara offers contract-based Lebara plans through Lebara sim only deals and pay-you-go pre-paid options. Lebara international call minutes are standard on all Lebara contract plans, which run on a 30-day rolling contract basis. Lebara does not do credit checks, enabling quick and effortless sign-up. Lebara offers a 4G-based mobile service running on the Vodafone mobile network with plans to provide 5G mobile services in the future.

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Chitter Chatter referral codes and program details
Chitter Chatter

Founded in 1994, Chitter Chatter became one of the first mobile phone retailers to enter the high street market. Chitter Chatter launched with a vision to make technology as straightforward as possible at the best prices while providing exceptional customer service; Chitter Chatter now have over two million customers to show for it. Chitter Chatter offers various smartphones on contract and sim-free (sim only) deals for those who want to keep their existing smartphone. Chitter Chatter is a 'single operator' partner with the EE mobile phone network and offers EE sim-only deals and EE mobile phone deals. Chitter Chatter also sells a range of Tablets, Chromebooks, Monitors and other consumer electronic accessories, including Smartwatches, Earphones, Headphones, Webcams, Cases / Covers and Wireless chargers. Free next-day delivery is standard on all orders. Chitter Chatter has a high rating for customer satisfaction on the Trustpilot review website.

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SSE Energy referral codes and program details
SSE Energy

SSE is an energy provider of renewable electricity for the UK & Ireland energy markets and is a significant energy provider in the UK market. SSE owns and operates gas and oil-fired turbine Power stations in the UK & Ireland that generate electricity for millions of homes. SSE also owns and operates offshore wind farms, hydroelectric power stations and energy transmission and distribution grids. SSE contributes approximately £9 billion to the economy and lists on the FTSE 100 stock market index. SSE, headquartered in Perth, Scotland, has more than 10,000 employees across the UK & Ireland.

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Autodesk referral codes and program details

Autodesk is a software developer of 2D & 3D map design and engineering software. When many people think of Autodesk, they think of the company's most synonymous product: AutoCAD. Autodesk released AutoCAD in 1982. AutoCAD was one of the first CAD (Computer-aided design) programs that ran as a standard desktop application on personal computers instead of the traditional and bulky mainframe computer systems. AutoCAD allows engineers, architects and other design professionals to create precise two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) drawings and schematics. AutoCAD 3D map has helped design much of the modern technological world, from engineering, construction, manufacturing, architecture, media and entertainment to supercars, smartphones, skyscrapers and film production. Autodesk for students and Autocad for students are part of the Autodesk download education plan, which is available for all eligible students. Autocad downloads are also available to customers as free trial software.

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MMOGA referral codes and program details

MMOGA, founded in 2007, is a mediation service for online games and virtual goods and was one of the first mediators for games services in Europe. MMOGA has over a decade of experience providing gaming mediation services to more than seven million customers. Various gaming products are available from sellers on MMOGA, including online games, MMO online games, game keys, game cards, FIFA Coins, WoW Classic Gold, Power-levelling, and virtual currencies. Purchased Game keys and game cards arrive within 10 minutes; virtual currency deliveries arrive within 24 hours. MMOGA has a high rating for customer satisfaction on the Trustpilot review website.

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TomTom referral codes and program details

TomTom has become synonymous with its GPS satellite navigation products. As a result, 'TomTom' is now a universal and interchangeable term for the wider public regarding GPS satellite navigation systems. TomTom, founded in 1991, launched its first TomTom sat-nav product in the same year, which subsequently became one of the fastest-selling consumer electronic technology products in commercial history. Today, TomTom is a world leader in precise location navigation technologies. TomTom offers a wide choice of vehicle-based GPS satellite navigation systems (sat nav) that include some of the most cutting-edge location and direction navigation software available today. In addition, TomTom provides detailed navigation routes for most of the world and offers real-time, up-to-date traffic flow management information allowing TomTom sat-nav customers to plan their journey ahead of time, avoiding the queues.

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Avis referral codes and program details

Avis car hire is a vehicle hires rental subsidiary corporation of the Avis Budget Group. Avis is one of the largest providers of short-term and long-term Avis car hire & Avis van hire. Avis provides car rental services to the public and commercial businesses serving travellers at most major airports worldwide. In addition, Avis offers private car and van hire for off-site vehicle travel, either for a holiday or vacation or for longer-term rental agreements allowing travellers to travel for extended periods. Off-site car rental is available from Avis-branded outlets. Avis-branded outlets are part of the Avis franchise network; the Avis franchise network is separate from Avis who support their operations exclusively at airports.

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The Game Collection referral codes and program details
The Game Collection

The Game Collection is a UK-based online retailer of computer & console games. The site launched in 2005 and sells a range of new, back-catalogue and second-hand computer & console games for all modern-day consoles and older consoles, including the Sony PS2, PS3, Vita, PSP, Nintendo DS, 3DS, Wii and the Xbox 360. The Game Collection also sells game-related merchandise, including game-inspired clothing, toys, mugs and keyrings, computer and console game accessories, speakers, stands, headsets and cables. The Game Collection has won many awards for its customer service and boasts a 5-star rating on the Trustpilot review website. The Game Collection offers free Royal Mail First Class delivery on all purchases. Orders placed before 3 pm (on weekdays) will receive a same-day dispatch.

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Creative Labs referral codes and program details
Creative Labs

Creative Labs, founded in 1981 in Singapore by childhood friends Sim Wong Hoo and Ng Kai Wa, opened a computer and electronic repair store in the Pearl's Centre, a shopping mall in the Chinatown district of Singapore. Eventually, the company branched out, and Creative Labs began expanding internationally and quickly became associated with its Sound Blaster range of PC sound card add-on boards. The enormous commercial success of the Creative Labs Sound Blaster sound card had a massive effect on the company's revenue, growing it from just $5.4 million US dollars in 1989 to $658 million in just five short years. Creative Labs revenue peaked in 1996 at an astonishing $1.6 billion US dollars. Today, Creative Labs offers a range of computer products on its e-commerce web store, including its famous Sound Blaster sound cards, Speaker systems, Headphones, Webcams, DACs, Amplifiers, Soundbars, computer adapters, and accessories.

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Currys PC World referral codes and program details
Currys PC World

Currys PC World Business (CPCWB) is a sub-division of Currys PC World. Currys PC World Business specialise in the reselling of electronic goods and appliances exclusively from business to business. Unlike its parent division, Currys PC World Business does not resell to the public. Purchases made with Currys PC World Business are for Business purposes only; advertised prices do not include VAT or delivery. Please note that as a business customer, any purchases made from Currys PC World Business does not have statutory protection under the law that is available to the public under the 1979 Sale of Goods Act.

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B&Q referral codes and program details

B&Q was founded in 1969 by Richard Block and David Quayle, opened their first store in Southampton, UK. Over the last five decades, B&Q has grown from that small store in Southampton into a large multinational corporation. B&Q is the largest DIY home improvement and garden centre retailer in the UK. B&Q has more than 40,000 products in more than 300 UK stores and on its retail website Every imaginable DIY product is available at B&Q. From B & Q Desks to B&Q hobs to B&Q traditional towel radiators and B&Q acrylic shower panels, toilet seats, door handles, paints & tile flooring, there is something for every lover of all things DIY. B&Q has more than 27,000 employees across the UK and is a subsidiary of Kingfisher PLC. Kingfisher PLC is an international DIY home improvement corporation with over a thousand stores in ten countries across Europe.

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Buyagift referral codes and program details

Buyagift is an e-commerce website that specialises in selling gifts and experiences for friends, family and work colleagues. Buyagift offers a range of purchases, including Birthdays, anniversaries, Engagements, Weddings, Thank You, and retirement gifts. Buyagift also provides the opportunity to gift various 'experiences' to friends, family, and work colleagues. These experiences include Driving, Days out, Dining, Spa & Beauty, Flying, Adventure, and short holiday breaks. Buyagift also sells gift vouchers, allowing the recipient to buy any 'experience' they wish from the Buyagift website. All Buyagift vouchers are valid for 24 months and range in value from £10 to £250.

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CyberLink referral codes and program details

CyberLink is a Taiwanese corporation founded in 1996 that sells consumer and business multimedia software applications. The company has a range of more than 200 patented technologies covering its multimedia software applications and AI (Artificial intelligence) facial recognition technologies. CyberLink sells its software products on its e-commerce web store, including its most synonymous media-player product, 'PowerDVD'. 'PowerDVD' was the first DVD, Blu-ray, and UltraHD Blu-ray player available for Windows PCs. In addition, CyberLink also sells software used for Video editing (for consumers and business): photo Editing, Software backup, Webcam & screen recording, Mobile apps and Business communication apps. CyberLink has sold more than 400 million copies of its software applications worldwide and has received more than 1,000 awards globally.

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HP Store referral codes and program details
HP Store

The HP Store is an e-commerce website created by the HP Corporation. The HP Store sells a range of PCs, workstations, laptops, monitors and printers, alongside computer accessories, printer toner, ink & paper, computer mice, keyboards, docking stations, batteries, chargers and adapters. In addition, the HP Store offers extended warranty options for purchases alongside free delivery on all of its products. Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a multinational IT corporation headquartered in Palo Alto, California. In 2015, the Hewlett-Packard corporation separated its enterprise product and services business (HP Enterprise) but retained its computer and printer business products and renamed itself HP Inc.

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AllClear referral codes and program details

AllClear Travel is a company that specialises in providing medical condition travel insurance for preexisting conditions. AllClear offers medical health insurance for people of any age who suffer from medical conditions, including Crohn's disease travel insurance. AllClear provides medical insurance for over 1,300 different medical conditions; it has already offered holiday insurance with medical conditions to over three million of its customers. AllClear can also provide 24-hour-emergency medical insurance, including up to £15 million of emergency medical costs and expenses. Recently, AllClear has launched extended Medical Expenses with Cancellation insurance coverage providing added support for its customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. AllClear is a UK company based in Romford, England. AllClear has over 20 years of experience providing insurance for its customers.

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Lycamobile UK referral codes and program details
Lycamobile UK

Lycamobile is the world's largest MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) with over 16 million customers worldwide. Lycamobile is a British company founded in 2006 that operates in the United Kingdom and 22 other countries worldwide. Lycamobile offers domestic and international calling and data plans. As an MVNO, Lycamobile partners with various national mobile network providers in countries that Lycamobile operates. Lycamobile operates and partners with mobile networks in the following countries.: Australia: Telstra, Austria: A1 Telekom. Belgium: Telenet. Denmark: TDC. France: Bouygues Telecom. Germany: Vodafone. Ireland: Three. Italy: Vodafone. Netherlands: KPN. North Macedonia: One Vip. Norway: Telia. Poland: Plus. Portugal: Vodafone. Romania: Telekom. Russia: Tele2 Russia. South Africa: Cell C, Spain & Movistar. Sweden: Telenor. Switzerland: Swisscom. Tunisia: Tunisie Télécom. Ukraine: 3mob. Uganda: Tangerine Ltd. United Kingdom: O2. United States: T-Mobile.

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Admiral referral codes and program details

Admiral is a UK insurance company founded in 1993. At that time, Admiral car insurance was the company's speciality, including Admiral breakdown cover. By 2004, the company had already received over a million insurance claims. Admiral multi-car insurance was the first multi-car insurance policy offered by a car insurer; multi-car coverage provided insurance for two or more vehicles at a time. Admiral may have started with motor insurance, but in 2012 it expanded into Admiral house insurance, adding Admiral contents insurance to its growing tally of policies. Five years later, in 2017, Admiral launched van insurance for different categories of vans, including small transit and vans that weighed up to 3.5 tonnes. Later that year, the company expanded its operations to begin offering personal loans and car finance options. Soon after, the company launched Admiral multi-cover insurance, offering a single insurance policy for both car and home. The company's expansion continued into Admiral travel insurance. By 2018, Admiral car insurance had insured over four million vehicles, covering one in every seven on the UK's roads. Later that year, Admiral had employed their 10,000'th staff member. Admiral has employees across eight countries worldwide and, by 2019, was providing insurance policies for over one million homes. In 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded, Admiral launched its 'Stay at Home Refund' scheme, refunding over £100 million back to its customers as they stayed at home throughout the lockdown period. Admiral's latest insurance coverage now includes extra Travel insurance for the Covid-19 virus pandemic. The company offers its customers the choice of either Admiral comprehensive insurance coverage or basic policies such as Admiral Third Party, Fire & Theft and Third-party insurance. Admiral temporary car insurance (between one and thirty days) is also available. The company also offers Admiral pet insurance policies and insurance for personal finances. Admiral strives to make sure your Admiral insurance quote is highly competitive.

Check out Admiral referral codes and program details is an online entertainment e-commerce retailer specialising in Music, Film, and Games on various formats such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray, plus PS5 Blu-ray edition. support all modern Game consoles such as Xbox Playstation, Nintendo and PC. also sell Memory and storage devices such as USB memory sticks, SD and Micro-SD cards. 'Smart Home' products are also offered, including 'smart' lighting, 'smart' power plugs, and 'smart' wireless cameras. has been operating for more than 20 years and has long-standing experience selling entertainment products to customers across the UK & Europe.

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Opodo referral codes and program details

Opodo is a leading online travel agency website offering customers in Europe a variety of customised package deals for holidays, flights, car hire, hotels, and other types of accommodation. Opodo also provides travel insurance and car excess insurance. Opodo, founded in 2000, launched its first website in Germany a year later. In 2002, it launched UK & French variants and an Italian variant in 2006. In 2011, Opodo became part of the largest European online travel agency, eDreams. Opodo, headquartered in London, operates out of 14 European countries.

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32Red referral codes and program details

32 Red casino is an award-winning online gambling casino. Red32, based in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, operates with a UK Gambling Commission License. 32Red betting is safe. 32Red online casino is a fully licensed casino; 32Red conforms to the highest industry standards and has been subject to rigorous & regular audits from licensing authorities. 32Red has various partnerships, which has allowed it to become one of the most well-known online casinos in the United Kingdom. 32Red, founded as 32Red Poker in 2005, has won multiple awards for its customer service & operation. 32Red offer more than 500 online casino games such as online slots, video poker and classic card games. 32Red has fast withdrawal times for your winnings via 32Red's dedicated payments team. 32Red sign up is available at the link above.

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Cadbury Gifts Direct referral codes and program details
Cadbury Gifts Direct

Cadbury Gifts Direct is an e-commerce website that sells Cadbury's chocolate gift boxes, including customised gift boxes and sleeves with personalised names and photos of family, friends and colleagues. The website offers gifts for every occasion, including Thank You, Easter, Valentine's, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Congratulations, Well Done and Halloween. Cadbury Gifts Direct is operated under license by Hemingways, an e-commerce specialist based in England. Hemingways operates Cadbury Gifts Direct from its warehouse complex in Ripon with Grade A ratings for storage & distribution.

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Easyspace referral codes and program details

Founded in 1997, Easyspace has become one of the UK's most significant & longest-serving web host and domain registrar companies. Easyspace has invested millions of pounds in building up its network infrastructure and prides itself in offering its customers some of the best service, reliability & up-time in the entire web hosting industry. Although Easyspace charges more than most web hosting providers, Easyspace has become highly valued by businesses who are willing to pay more for fast & reliable web hosting. Due to its investment in its network infrastructure, Easyspace now has 10 data centres throughout the United Kingdom. This infrastructure serves all of Easyspace's customers; Easyspace is one of only a select few web host companies that work in this fashion with no intermediary. As a result, Easyspace has high ratings for customer satisfaction.

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4Gadgets referral codes and program details

4Gadgets is an online retailer based in the United Kingdom. 4Gadgets specialises in selling consumer electronics, specifically new and second-hand used or refurbished Mobile Smartphones, tablets, Laptop computers and a range of other related gadgets such as smartwatches. 4gadgets Samsung phones are also available, as well as 4gadgets Xbox games, consoles and subscriptions. 4Gadget has strict quality assessments ensuring every used or refurbished device sent to customers corresponds to the listed condition at the point of sale. 4Gadget has free next day delivery. All of the company's second-hand used and refurbished mobile smartphones come with a 12-month warranty. The company also runs a 4Gadgets eBay store. In addition, 4gadgets reviews are available on the Trustpilot review website, where 4 gadgets review has a high rating for customer satisfaction.

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Ebuyer referral codes and program details

Founded in 1999, began as the idea of a group of IT & PC retail experts who believed there was a gap in the market for people who wanted computer parts to become more widely available while simultaneously costing less. It wasn't long before Ebuyer became the go-to website for PC builders, overclockers, & enthusiasts. In recent years, has branched out into more mainstream consumer electronics and now offers various electrical goods ranging from Mobile Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops & TVs. In total, Ebuyer lists over 40,000 products, with more added every day. In 2006, Ebuyer built its own (280k-square-foot) distribution warehouse in Yorkshire, sending more than 20k orders per week to its customers across the UK. As a result, Ebuyer has grown to become the largest independent online-only retailer of computer parts & electrical goods in the UK. Ebuyer has more than four million customers and employs 250 people.

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Honey referral codes and program details

Honey is a free web browser extension/add-on that searches for the best coupon and voucher deals on the web. Honey automatically searches for and tests all available coupon codes at the checkout of over 30,000 of the most popular e-commerce websites with just a single click. If Honey find's a coupon or voucher code that works, it will attempt to apply the coupon with the most savings. Additionally, with Honey Gold, you can earn rewards simply for purchasing on participating websites. Once you have installed the Honey web browser extension, supported websites will show an orange Honey logo in the top right-hand corner of the browser. Clicking on it shows you the coupon codes for that website; Honey will highlight available coupons in green. Clicking on 'Apply Coupons' tells Honey to begin testing the available codes it has found. If Honey finds a working code, Honey will apply the coupon code that provides the most savings. Likewise, Honey will tell you if the available coupon codes cannot offer any reductions.

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Emirates referral codes and program details

The Emirates airline, based in Dubai, is the national flight carrier and the largest airline in the UAE (United Arab Emirates); Emirates is also the largest airline in the Middle East. Emirates (linked above) uses modern aircraft, staffed by a culturally diverse workforce. The company has delivered award-winning services to its customers across every continent since its formation in 1985. From 2010, the company added 54 destinations and now flies to 157 destinations worldwide. Since its founding, the Emirates fleet has rapidly grown; it now has 270 aircraft in its inventory, allowing Emirates to transport 56 million passengers in 2019-2020. Emirates, a subsidiary of the Emirates Group, employs more than 100,000 people.

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Nintendo referral codes and program details

The Nintendo corporation, founded in Kyoto, Japan, in the late 19th century, started as a manufacturer of toys. Today, Nintendo has contributed to massive growth within the video game market and continues to help define the genre with new, exciting and innovative video gaming products. Nintendo has manufactured a range of gaming consoles, originating with the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), released in the United States & Canada in 1985. The NES console became famous for its ground-breaking gaming titles 'Super Mario Bros.' and 'The Legend of Zelda'. In the more than three decades since, Nintendo released a range of gaming consoles and hand-held gaming consoles: the Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch. In 1990, Nintendo established a subsidiary of its operations for the European market, 'Nintendo of Europe', based in Germany. The Nintendo Corporation, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, has more than 6,500 employees.

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Lacoste referral codes and program details

Lacoste is a French clothing & apparel company founded in Troyes, France, in 1933. Lacoste, known initially as La Chemise Lacoste, later shortened the name to Lacoste. Lacoste has claimed that it was the first clothing brand to display a visible logo on an item of clothing. Lacoste, famously associated with its Polo shirts, also sells a range of clothing, footwear, sportswear, perfumes, sunglasses, and watches. In 2007, Lacoste launched their retail website, allowing people to buy Lacoste's products at home without visiting a physical store. Since 2012, the Swiss family group Maus Frères have owned Lacoste. By 2019, Lacoste had more than 5,000 employees.

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eDreams UK referral codes and program details
eDreams UK

For over two decades, eDreams have helped its customers to plan & book their holidays, flights, hotels & car rentals. eDreams offers holiday travel deals that cater to every budget; with eDreams, there is always something for everyone. eDreams have a simple motto, to provide the best deals at the best prices. eDreams have developed bleeding-edge technologies that hunt through millions of listings to find the best deals for your dream holiday vacationing destination. eDreams currently lists more than 1.1 million hotels, 155,000 flight routes and 40,000 destinations. eDreams employs more than 1,700 people and is Europe's leading online booking travel agency; rest assured that with eDreams, your holiday booking is in safe hands.

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Asos referral codes and program details

ASOS UK operates the ASOS online shopping website, selling fashion clothing brands and accessories alongside its self-branded clothing range. ASOS Klarna is available; ASOS Klarna allows customers to pay for their orders later with no fees or interest. ASOS4 own-brand range of fashion clothing comes in more than 30 different sizes, all similarly priced. A UK sizing chart for women and men is also available. In 2010, ASOS started its marketplace; the ASOS marketplace is where the ASOS team find the best fashion start-ups. The ASOS marketplace is now home to over 700 boutiques, allowing customers to find those one-of-a-kind items. ASOS have a global supply chain totalling 168 suppliers, who (collectively) use 713 factories worldwide. ASOS ensures every person involved in its manufacturing and delivery supply chain works in safe conditions and receives a fair wage. ASOS is constantly reducing its climate impact and has already reduced its carbon emissions (per order) by 30% since 2015/16.

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Prime Slots referral codes and program details
Prime Slots

Prime Slots, founded in 2011, has become one of the most influential online gambling casinos. Prime Slots focuses on providing the best choice of real-money slot games for all its players to enjoy. Prime Slots features over 1500 slot games, as well as a live casino and slot tournaments. At Prime Slots, you will find popular games such as Fluffy Favourites, Fishing Frenzy and Rainbow Riches, and new games get regularly added. In addition, Prime Slots have special bonus offers and daily updated jackpot games, plus live casino games such as Monopoly Live. Prime Slots also runs a regularly updated blog that includes fun facts, figures, videos, & casino guides. Finally, for members peace of mind, Prime Slots offer 24/7 live chat support for any encountered issue.

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EMP UK referral codes and program details

Founded in 1986 by Felix Lethmate and Frank Janetzky, EMP is Europe's leading online retailer of music, film, TV, alternative clothing, video-game merchandise, accessories, and jewellery, available for men and women. EMP (Exclusive Merchandise Products) has more than 20,000 products available on its website and in its EMP Catalogue. Since its beginning, the quarterly EMP catalogue has become an essential part of EMP's DNA, beloved by many customers. So if you are looking for merchandise, memorabilia, or tickets to watch your favourite band: if you need a gift for friends or loved ones, then the EMP shop has everything you need. The headquarters of EMP is in Lingen, Germany; EMP has approximately 400 employees and has affiliate partners located across Europe.

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Racechip referral codes and program details

RaceChip, founded by Manuel Götz in Germany in 2008, are a company that employ engineers and motor vehicle enthusiasts that perform chip tuning on the ECU EPROM of motor vehicles. Tuning the EPROM helps to improve performance by increasing the available power of the engine. Other engine improvements are also possible, such as reducing exhaust emissions and achieving better fuel efficiency. Racechip is an expert in its field and has more than 2,000 reselling partners worldwide. Racechip's motor/chip tuning is compatible with over 3,000 petrol and diesel motor vehicles from 60 different vehicle manufacturers.

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SwagBucks referral codes and program details

Swagbucks, founded in 2008 in the sunny climes of California, has become the most popular loyalty & consumer rewards website program on the web. On Swagbucks, people get paid with gift cards or cash just for completing activities the average person would already be doing online. Swagbucks users earn 'Swagbucks' by completing various tasks such as joining free trials, shopping online, finding deals or discovering offers, watching videos, playing games, filling in surveys & daily polls. For every 100 'Swagbucks' a user earns, a user will receive $1 back in rewards.

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OhMyDosh referral codes and program details

On OhMyDosh, people can earn money by completing 'offers'. There are various offers available; these range from free trials, competitions, gambling offers, changing your broadband or energy supplier, to offers rewarding you for filling out surveys. Finding offers on OhMyDosh is easy; either use the search box or browse the available categories. Once you have found an offer you like, press the green button to begin the process of completing it. The offer page lists the full terms and instructions, which will tell you what you need to do. Once you have completed an offer, the button will change to pending status. This change usually takes less than a day but can sometimes take up to a week. Once your request becomes approved, it will complete to a payable status, and the reward for completing it will appear in your OhMyDosh wallet balance. Once your wallet has reached at least £10, you will become eligible to pay out your earnings directly into your Paypal or bank account. On OhMyDosh: there are no limits to the number of offers you can complete; the amount you earn is entirely down to you.

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Pick My Postcode referral codes and program details
Pick My Postcode

In 2007, The Pick My Post Code lottery (a lottery based on a person's postcode) became the spark of an idea whilst Chris Holbrook rode his bike to work. Almost three years later, the 'Pick My Post Code lottery' (known as the 'Free Postcode Lottery' at the time) launched on April the 1st, 2011, with a daily prize draw of £10. By 2014, the Pick My Post Code lottery gained national attention in the press, and the daily prize draw increased to £150. By late 2014, 20% of UK postcodes had registered on the website, and by late 2017, the daily prize draw had increased to £500. In May 2018, the Free Postcode Lottery rebranded and became the Pick My Post Code lottery, and by years end, the website had registered its two millionth member. By the start of 2020, the Pick My Post Code lottery had paid out more than one million pounds of prize draw winnings.

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Buymobiles referral codes and program details

Buymobiles, based in Derbyshire in the UK, are the largest independent mobile phone online retailer. Buymobiles (linked above) has won many awards for its customer service, including 'Best Retailer' for four years running. Buymobiles launched in 1997 with a handful of small high-street shops; over time, it became clear that the high-street was not a sustainable growth platform for Buymobiles, and operations shifted to an online-only presence. Buymobiles offers various contract mobile phones, from the latest Apple iPhones to Samsung's Galaxy series and everything in-between. Buymobiles offer pay-monthly mobile phone contracts, refurbished phone contracts, contract upgrades, SIM-free phones, and SIM-only deals. In addition, Buymobiles offer free next-day delivery; order it today, get it tomorrow! Buymobiles has amassed over two million customers and has almost 25 years of experience selling mobile phones and mobile phone contracts to customers across the United Kingdom.

Check out Buymobiles referral codes and program details are a leading online travel e-commerce portal. offers more than 100,000 hotels in over 10,000 locations worldwide.'s customers can book an array of accommodation ranging from Hotels: Holiday homes, Villas, Apartments, Condos, B&Bs, Hostels and commercial properties; customers can also book flights and holiday vacation packages., founded 30 years ago as the Hotel Reservations Network, allowed customers to book hotels via a free-phone telephone number in the United States. In 2002, the Hotel Reservations Network changed its name to and began accepting accommodation bookings on its website. Since 2002, has expanded its operations, making the site available in over 30 languages, allowing people from every continent to book their travel accommodation online. Additionally, instead of online booking,'s customers (in all countries) can contact one of's multi-linguistic customer call centres.

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Bulk Powders referral codes and program details
Bulk Powders

Bulk Powders sprang into life in 2006 within the small confines of a spare bedroom and a £3,000 parental loan. Fast-forward to today, and Bulk Powders is now one of the most successful and rapidly expanding nutrition supplement companies. Every year, Bulk Powders delivers millions of its nutrition food supplements to its customers worldwide. Bulk Powders caters for a range of customers, from people who want to lose weight and improve their health and well-being to the extreme demands of professional sports athletes requiring cutting-edge nutrition, helping them to compete at the highest level of professional sports. Bulk Powders manufacture over 80% of its Bulk products in its advanced factory facilities; you can rest assured that Bulk Powders produces only the highest grade of professional nutrition product supplements. Bulk Powders believes that health, fitness, nutrition and sport are for everyone. Healthy, active lifestyles are a continuous & ongoing process that Bulk Powders are here to support.

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Avast referral codes and program details

Avast Software is one of the largest security-focused companies in the world. Avast cater for business and antivirus software for personal users, including Avast premium security, Avast Ultimate, and Avast Free antivirus. Avast uses the latest technologies to fight software security threats as they happen. Avast differs from other security vendors in that Avast operates a cloud-based database system powered by an artificial intelligence learning machine. Avast A.I. uses a continuous, never-ending stream of machine data from the 100's of millions of its Avast software users. Avast's data-streams is faster and more technologically advanced than its competitors; Avast has built scalable, cloud-based infrastructure allowing Avast to see everything happening online in real-time. Avast's infrastructure has advantages over other security vendors; Avast is among the first to analyse security threats that could become a hazard for its Avast software users. Avast manages its advanced infrastructure with the most capable and experienced security specialist engineers in the world. Avast's headquarters are in Prague, renowned for its computer and engineering sciences, which is why Avast can attract some of the most talented people in the world.

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Booking referral codes and program details
Booking was founded 25 years ago and has grown from a small travel agency company in the Netherlands to become one of the leading online booking travel companies. lets people book reservations for hotels, apartments, flats & other types of accommodation. People can also book airline tickets, rent a car or arrange for taxi transportation upon arrival. has almost 30 million accommodation listings worldwide; the website is available in dozens of languages. More than 120,000 worldwide destinations are available, including the Nurnberg hotel, Tequila Jalisco Barriles hotel, Moon resort and Jumeirah Beachfront resorts. For your peace of mind, employs 24/7 customer support to help you with your booking at any time of the day or night. is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings, headquartered in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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Expedia referral codes and program details

Expedia is an online travel agency founded in 1996 by a small group of employees at the Microsoft Corporation. By 1999, Expedia spun off and became a publicly owned corporation. Expedia is one of the world's largest travel booking platforms and specialises in booking airline tickets, hotels, & other types of accommodation. In addition, Expedia also offers holiday vacation packages, car rental, and cruise ship holiday vacations. The company has built an online marketplace that filters millions of permutations for personal travellers and industry partners; Expedia now ranks among the highest revenue earning of all travel companies. In 2018, The Expedia Group took over Expedia's operations, and in 2019, Expedia moved into its newly built headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

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Ocado referral codes and program details

Ocado is a pioneer of the online-exclusive grocery market and specialises in robotic automation within its grocery warehouse network. Ocado's automated machines work all year round, picking & collecting millions of items of shopping for delivery to its customers across the UK. This unrivalled level of automation has allowed Ocado to keep running costs low, passing those savings to its customers. In addition, Ocado has made deals worldwide, enabling other online grocery delivery services to upgrade their warehouses for robotic automation. In 2019, Ocado announced a joint venture with the UK-based Marks & Spencer (M&S) supermarket chain, listing its in-store products on the Ocado grocery website. Ocado, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Hatfield, England, has more than 15,000 employees (estimated).

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Boots referral codes and program details

Boots UK Limited is a Health and Beauty retailer and Pharmacy and Optician chain of stores that operates throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Thailand and Indonesia. Boots is a large retailer in the UK and has over 3,000 stores worldwide, including almost 2,500 in the UK. Health and beauty products are available in-store and online, such as Boots traditional skin cream, Boots DermaWand and Boots Colief. Free Click & Collect is available for online purchases if your basket total is at least £15 or more. In addition, Boots operates an online Pharmacy allowing customers to order Boots online prescriptions or a Boots repeat prescription. Boots stores have a range of services, including a Pharmacy for medicinal needs & prescriptions. Larger stores have Opticians who offer eye-care services, including Eye prescriptions & glasses, and Boots Hearingcare, which offer hearing checks, procedures & hearing aids.

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Currys PC World referral codes and program details
Currys PC World

Currys is a UK electronics retailer with walk-in stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Currys specialise in selling electronic equipment & household appliances, available in-store and on their retail e-commerce shopping website. There is a range of products for sale, including TVs, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Washing machines, Fridge freezers, Vacuum cleaners, Soundbars and Computer Games. Currys offer free standard UK delivery on all purchases, with next-day delivery starting from just £5. In addition, Click & Collect is available for online orders for safe collection in-store. Currys also offer credit arrangements (24.9% APR representative variable), spreading the cost of a purchase. The Dixons Carphone brand of companies owns and operates Currys.

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Affordable Mobiles referral codes and program details
Affordable Mobiles

Affordable Mobiles have been in the contract mobile smartphone game since 2007, providing low prices alongside excellent customer service for its more than two million customers. Affordable Mobiles offer various mobile smartphones, including the latest advanced smartphones from Apple's iPhone to Samsung's Galaxy series and so many more. Affordable Mobile offers mobile smartphones on all four of the UK's major networks. As well as supplying mobile contract deals on the latest smartphones, Affordable Mobiles also offer refurbished phones at a reduced monthly contract price. If you already have a smartphone that you do not wish to replace, Affordable Mobiles also supply sim only deals such as 3 mobiles, sim-only with EE and O2 sim-only deals. You can trust Affordable Mobiles; Uswitch declared Affordable Mobiles the UK's best Mobile Phone Reseller for 2021.

Check out Affordable Mobiles referral codes and program details has been around for more than 25 years and was the first UK website to begin selling mobile phones; few other companies have more experience in its field. stocks over one hundred mobile phones, including the latest and most advanced mobile smartphones. From contract phones to pay as you go, has you covered. In addition, offer cashback via redemption and have automatic cashback deals.

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Carphone Warehouse referral codes and program details
Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is a UK high-street mobile phone retailer founded in 1989 by Charles Dunstone & Julian Brownlie. In 2014, the company merged and became a subsidiary of the Dixons Carphone family of brands, the largest independent telecommunications retailer in Europe. Carphone Warehouse is the No. 1 independent mobile online retailer in the United Kingdom. Carphone Warehouse compares mobile phone and mobile network contract tariffs to help people find the best-personalised deal. Carphone Warehouse has shuttered its stand-alone stores within the UK; instead, they have become 'pop-up' stores within the more extensive Currys PC World network of stores throughout the UK.

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Virgin Media referral codes and program details
Virgin Media

Virgin Media is the UK subsidiary of the newly formed Virgin Media O2 corporate brand, a joint venture between Liberty Global & Telefónica SA; they are now one of the UK's largest businesses. Virgin Media is a provider of telephony, television & broadband internet services in the UK. Virgin Media operates its broadband fibre-optic network throughout the UK. Virgin Media's network is not a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) service but instead connects people to its network through the local telephony street cabinet. From there, pre-existing copper wiring makes the final connection to people's homes. Virgin Media, founded in 1999 by Sir Richard Branson & before smartphones & social media transformed our world; saw an opportunity to create a brand new mobile phone network in the UK.

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MyPocketMoney referral codes and program details

My money pocket is a new cashback site that offers rewards, cashback, and voucher codes across thousands of online retailers. When you click-through My money pocket's website to a supported retailer, you receive a small amount of your purchase back as cashback. Additionally, some retailers have large cashback bonuses or special offers exclusively for new customers. My money pocket estimates that an average member could earn around £300 a year simply by clicking through My money pocket and making their usual purchases.

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Three referral codes and program details

Three Mobile launched in the UK in 2003 and pioneered the UK's first 3G only network. On average, a Three Mobile customer uses nearly four times more smartphone mobile data than the industry average; Three's network now covers over 99% of the UK population. Additionally, Three Mobile has the UK's most significant amount of total 5G radio spectrum holdings. Three Mobile is also an official shirt sponsor of the Chelsea Football club men's & women's football teams. In addition, Three Mobile won Best Network for Data at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards and Best Network for Roaming by the uSwitch comparison website. Three Mobile is a part of the CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd group of companies; CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd group has mobile data operations in 11 countries. Three Mobile has almost 14 million customers and employs around 5,000 people in its offices and over 300 high-street retail stores.

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Private Internet Access referral codes and program details
Private Internet Access

PIA (Private Internet Access) is the world's most trusted VPN provider. PIA are privacy experts with a track record of putting your privacy first. PIA prioritise the confidentiality, security, and freedom of PIAs customers. PIAs commitment to this goal is evident — from PIAs globally trusted & fully open-sourced VPN protocols to its conclusively proven zero-logging policy. With over ten years of leading expertise in the VPN industry, PIA is the true privacy specialist in the business of keeping you safe and anonymous online. PIA (Private Internet Access), based in the United States, allows PIA to offer its customers the best VPN service possible. PIA will always adhere to a strict zero-logging policy ALL of the time. As part of PIAs complete commitment to transparency, PIA provides a semi-annual report containing details about recent requests made to PIAs legal department from law enforcement and other agencies. As is always the case, PIA shares nothing in response to these inquiries (as there is nothing to share) thanks to PIAs zero-logging policy.

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SurfShark referral codes and program details

Surfshark VPN is an all-in-one solution for both your smartphone and your computer. Using the Surfshark VPN is as simple as installing the Surfshark application on either your phone, computer, or any other supported device. Once installed, you will be able to connect to a VPN, protecting your internet connection and accessing region-based geo-restricted content. In addition, Surfshark VPN has web browser extensions (or add-ons) available. If you have already installed the Surfshark app, you do not need the browser extension or add-on. However, a browser extension or add-on would be ideal if you do not want to install any software on your computer or only want to use the VPN with your web browser. Instead of installing the Surfshark extension, add-on or application on either your computer or smartphone, you can install Surfshark VPN directly on your router. In this way, the VPN will protect all devices connected to your router, including your smart TVs, gaming consoles, and any device that does not usually support a VPN connection. However, please note this connection method will almost certainly cause a drop in the overall speed of your connection. It is also worth noting that most of Surfshark's advanced features, including KillSwitch, Whitelister & CleanWeb, will not function if you choose this installation method. Surfshark, founded in 2018, is a VPN services corporation based in the Virgin Islands (also known as the British Virgin Islands) (BVI).

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Quidco referral codes and program details

Quidco is a cashback site that provides a bridge to thousands of online retailers. By visiting supported retailers through the Quidco website, you can earn cashback from your purchase. First, search for a supported retailer by browsing through the categories or using the search bar. For example, you could search for 'car insurance' or 'AA' or 'AXA'. Once you have found your preferred retailer, you'll want to learn about the retailer's cashback rates and how to take advantage of these. On Quidco, each retailer will detail any special offers it may be running. These offers can include special vouchers or discount codes for when you pay at the checkout. Then, when you are ready to purchase, visit the retailer through Quidco and checkout as usual — it will show on your Quidco dashboard within a few days. Once tracked, it can take weeks to months before your cashback is verified; it will then become available for withdrawal to your PayPal, bank account or as a gift card.

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Uber referral codes and program details

Uber's services include ride / cab-hailing, food & grocery delivery (with Uber Eats), package delivery, couriers, freight transport, and electric bicycle & scooter rental. Uber, based in San Francisco, California, has operations in over 900 major metropolitan areas worldwide. Whether you're simply running an errand in your local area or you're exploring a city far from home, getting there should be as easy as possible. All that's needed is an email address and a phone number. You can then request a ride from within your browser or from the Uber app, and you can track the driver's arrival on the live-updated map. When you arrive at your destination, payment is easy. You can use cash or other payment methods such as your credit or debit card or Uber Cash balance. You can then rate your trip & let Uber know how it went; you can also give your Uber driver a tip.

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Backblaze Personal Backup referral codes and program details
Backblaze Personal Backup

Backblaze, founded in 2007, provides cloud & data storage backup. Its two main products are B2 Cloud Storage and Computer Data Backup services targeted at business and the personal consumer markets. Backblaze are a global company with headquarters based in San Mateo, with other locations in California, Arizona, and the Netherlands. Backblaze serves nearly 500K customers in 175 countries worldwide. Today, the Backblaze Storage Backup Cloud provides a foundational platform for a broad community of developers, entrepreneurs, IT generalists, and people who seek simple, affordable, trusted backup data solutions. Backblaze has simplified the process of data backup. Backblaze's Storage Cloud manages the complexity for you so you can focus on what's important. Nearly half a million customers have come to trust more than a decade of Backblaze's experience and track record as a neutral provider of backup data storage services. Backblaze's have eliminated complex & confusing tiers, expensive fees, and subscription lock-in; Backblaze's services cost a fraction of the price of other backup providers. In addition, Backblaze runs a reseller program that welcomes partners and affiliates and provides a commission rate of 10% on Backblaze Computer Backup sales (not applicable to B2 Backblaze). Blaze back will never compete with its customers.

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Igloo Energy referral codes and program details
Igloo Energy

Igloo Energy, founded in 2016, is a UK energy provider based in Southampton. Igloo has quickly expanded, and the company now boasts more than 100,000 customers. Igloo focuses on customer service and ensuring that its energy tariffs offer the most competitive rates in the energy market. Contributing to its rapid growth, Igloo offers a generous referral scheme that rewards new customers with £50 of account credit, which accrues interest payments of 3%. Igloo has high ratings for customer satisfaction on the Trustpilot review website.

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NextDNS referral codes and program details

NextDNS was founded in 2019 in Delaware by Olivier Poitrey and Romain Cointepas. NextDNS is a security firewall for the Internet that protects against malware and phishing attacks, crypto-jacking and more. No matter what type of internet connection or device you have, NextDNS can secure it. NextDNS blocks all kinds of security threats and removes adverts & trackers on websites & apps; it provides a safe and supervised Internet for your children - on all your devices & networks. Firstly, determine your threat model and fine-tune your security strategy by enabling over ten different types of protections. NextDNS use trusted threat intelligence feeds containing millions of malware-laden domains, all updated in real-time. With sometimes only hours between domain registration and the start of a malicious attack, the NextDNS threat intelligence system is built to catch malicious domains earlier than classic security solutions. There is also Native Tracking Protection, which blocks wide-spectrum trackers that record activity on a device at the operating system level.

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Jimmy Joy referral codes and program details
Jimmy Joy

Jimmy Joy, founded in 2014, is a pioneer in easy, tasty & nutritionally complete meals that give you more time and energy. Jimmy Joy founder Joey van Koningsbruggen, annoyed with choosing between healthy or fatty fast food, set out to create more nutritious fast food, which became a mission to make the most nutritional meal scientifically possible. Starting with interns and partnering with a major manufacturer, Jimmy Joy created the first recipe to be as close as possible to health recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO). As the company grew, Jimmy Joy hired a food technologist, a research analyst, and a certified dietician to help further improve the recipe. Food, of course, is about more than simple nutritional makeup, so recent updates have focused on flavour and sustainability, resulting in natural fruit being added to the recipe to improve flavouring. Jimmy Joy sources the highest quality ingredients to create the best nutrition and texture, creating a smooth milkshake experience. In addition, Jimmy Joy compensates for its CO2 emissions and is working towards its packaging becoming completely recyclable.

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