Free Month!! And $15!!! Up to $75!!!!

@Creditlution + Dave App

I sent you $15 on Dave. Just open a free spending account to claim it!!!$$$ and you can refer with your link earn up to $75!!!

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@Creditlution 🎤

Not only is it one of the best online banks but it also with direct deposit gives you up to $200 in cash advances and protects you from overdraft up to $200 unlike the other online banks they will actually lend you $200 also by doing direct deposit you gain access to side hustle which helps you get new jobs temporary jobs gig work and what I think is most important is once you have direct deposit set up and receive a few deposits you get a free year of level credit which is a value of $100 and level credit Will take your positive rent history up to two years and your other bills and report it to the credit bureaus and give you a massive score increase because they go up to 2 years in past history reported truly an amazing online bank and they are only getting better and better I strongly recommend even if it's your backup bank that you have a Dave account!

a year ago

Creditlution is smart! 😏

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