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Side Hustle referral codes and program details
Side Hustle

The new Referral program is to endeavor our users earn more from Sidegig. You get to earn 0.67% of every approved or processed withdrawals from the users you refer. This referral program is Lifetime. For example: If one of your referrals requests for ₦10,000, you get ₦67. Getting 10 referrals with similar withdrawal requests will get you ₦670 Naira every time their withdrawal request is approved. Note: The minimum amount for withdrawal is ₦4000 and you can only withdraw from one wallet at a time. Meaning if you withdraw from your referral wallet, you won't be able to withdraw from your main balance until the request has been processed

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Sidegig referral codes and program details

Side hustle and side gig via social media such as Instagram, Twitter etc.

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