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S + Platincoin Ultima

✅ PLCU is a coin with an infrastructure of modern cryptocurrency projects implemented around it - the crypto debit PLC Card, the Ultima Minter product for generating new coins, the secure Ultima WALLET, the PlatinDeal cryptocurrency marketplace. ✅ In PLC Ultima, passive income is implemented using the Ultima Minter product, which is a digital certificate that allows the user to freeze a certain number of coins in the Ultima Farm for a certain period of time in order to generate new PLCU coins after this period is over. The smart contract that is concluded between PLC Ultima and the user guarantees that, subject to all conditions, the coins will be transferred the user's wallet. ✅ ULTIMA FARM is an application that allows you to produce new coins simply by storing coins in your wallet. In the application, the blocking and holding of coins takes place. The more coins a user holds on the Farm wallet, the more new coins are produced. Ultima Farm has an operating term between one to three years, and during this time it multiplies the volume of frozen coins on the wallet. After the expiration of the term, all frozen coins are unfrozen, becoming available for operations once again. ✅ Minting is an energy-efficient way of mining a new cryptocurrency, alternative to mining. New PLCU coins are generated with minting technology. ✅ A smart contract is a program that guarantees the security of a transaction for both parties. It checks whether the conditions laid down in the contract are met, and transfers payment only if they are met. The use of smart contracts in PLC products allows you to strictly define these rules and guarantee that the user is automatically paid a reward, regardless of the number of commercial users, network load, computing power and other factors. Register For Free: https://ultimafarm.com/en/4296212382 Let's CREATE WEALTH with our unique and innovative system. 👉DOWNLOAD THE ULTIMA WALLET AND ULTIMA FARM APPS FROM GOOGLE PLAYSTORE OR IOS APPSTORE. 👉SET UP THE APPS 👉PURCHASE YOUR FARM PACKAGE FROM ultimafarm.com WHERE YOU REGISTERED 👉BUY YOUR PLCU COIN ON Bibox.com OR Coinsbit.io EXCHANGE https://coinsbit.io/referral/69d3e859-b8c2-4efd-b2f3-f7fbcbc632f9 👉LOAD YOUR FARM AND START MINTING. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!! For Further Enquiry 👇 WhatsApp: https://wa.me/2348094847006 Join Our Telegram Group: https://bit.ly/plcuultimafarm ✅ If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, here's the best opportunity for you. 💢 PLC Ultima is a tool for making money from cryptocurrency minting. 💢 Fixed minting of PLCU coins with a factor of 6.9 + the growth of the coin itself. 💢 A partnership program with instant payouts offers an infinite passive income for active partners Join Now: https://ultimafarm.com/en/4296212382 🎥 WATCH THE VIDEO FROM THE FOUNDER https://youtu.be/wzoDQurLWVI

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