Passive income

Adrian + Moncera

Moncera is a p2p-credit platform, meaning that you lend your money to other people and earn interest on it. With my referral link you get a 💲 bonus of 1 % 💲 on your invested money (someone wrote that you would get 25 Euro here, but this is not true; there is no such bonus!). ➡️ invest at least 10 Euro ➡️ get bonus ➡️ earn interest as a passive income You earn 7 to 12 % of interest. 🌎 Everyone from EEA can invest (European Union and associated). 💻 There is an autoinvest, so you can keep your money on the platform and whenever a credit is repaid, then the autoinvest can automatically reinvest it in a new loan. ⭐All loans are backed by a buyback gurantee, so you won't lose your money if a credit goes into default.

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