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With my link you get a 💲 50 Euro bonus 💲 ➡️ Pick a nice building and invest 200 Euro into it. ➡️ The 50 Euro bonus will be available one month after the construction project starts. ➡️ When the bonus arrives you invest it in a second project. 🤑 You can keep reinvesting your money and earn more interest as a passive income. 🌎 The website accepts investors from almost everywhere, but sadly, US-Americans and Russians can't participate. ❓ Why do I have to wait one month before I get my bonus? Because Housers is regulated in the EU and there it could be possible to withdraw the money until a few weeks after the project started. Housers wants us to try out their website, and by letting us wait they ensure that we actually invest our money. ❓ Why do other people write different numbers about bonus and minimum investment. Well, in the beginning Housers gave a bonus of 50 Euro for a 50 Euro investment. However, they increased the minimum investment to 200 Euro. My last update is from June 2022. 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 Housers is a p2b-credit company for real estate in Spain, Italy and Portugal. Here, you can lend your money to other people and they pay you interest for it. The interest is ~9 % per year. Why would somone borrow money from a p2b-crowd if he could just take a cheap bank credit? Simply because the banks from many European countries don't fully fund real estate projects anymore. The house building companies have to find someone who pays the remaining 20-30 % and that's where either big investors join them or where we come in - lend them money and earn nice interest.

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