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Since 2004, Recyclebank has set their sights on creating waste-free communities. They reward members for reducing waste and learning how to reduce waster to make the world a cleaner, greener place. No matter what inspires you, Recyclebank would love to share their tips with you and then reward you for making a positive impact in your community. The points you receive can be used towards gift cards and specific items from your local participating stores. Get your neighbors to sign up for our Recycling Rewards Program. They'll earn up to $170 a year in rewards value (depending on their involvement) and the referrer will receive a $5 Target Gift Card for every one that signs up! Here's How to Get a $5 Target Gift Card: Successfully refer a new member to join our Recycling Rewards Program. If you get a new member to sign up but their city doesn't participate in recycling rewards, you'll still earn 25 points. Use the share tools to make sure they're signing up with your unique referral URL. Check your mailbox: as soon as the members you referred are confirmed, they will mail the gift card to you!

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