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Faucets and Financial codes for Friends!

I am excited to share codes for making passive income and help myself and others make free money, whether Fiat or Crypto!

Voyager referral codes and program details

Using referral code 15C26D, trade a minimum of $100 to get $25 in free Bitcoin added to your portfolio. Reward is credited within 72 hours, sign up while BTC is below 50,000 and boost your earnings!

Check out Voyager   

Gemini referral codes and program details

Use this link and start investing in crypto today with Gemini! Withdrawing to your wallet or another exchange is free and they offer a great program for earning interest on your digital assets, up to 7.4% APY

Check out Gemini   

blockfolio referral codes and program details

Use referral code 5492708 to receive a free coin with every trade of $10 or more... and if that isn’t enough, you won’t be charged any trading or withdrawal fees on any token including ETH! Stop getting charged to trade and start getting rewarded by Blockfolio

Check out blockfolio   

Coinapp referral codes and program details

Geomine and get paid for your location data! Run this app throughout the day (especially while driving, walking, or moving around generally) and it will mine coins hidden in any geographic location. XYO (native token of CoinApp), Bitcoin, and Etherium are available as well as a ton of great options besides crypto. 10% of your referrals earnings are added to the referrers balance, so thank you if you sign up with my link!

Check out Coinapp   

Cointiply referral codes and program details

Gamified faucet with hourly claim. Complete surveys and app downloads to redeem BTC and DOGE.

Check out Cointiply   

StormX referral codes and program details

Rewards in STMX (or your currency of choice) for games, shopping, and surveys. Staked STMX tokens not only earn 17.5% APY added to your balance daily. Cashback percentage increases along with the amount of STMX you have staked, and as of 3/17/2021, the coin has grown 3x in value in the last week!

Check out StormX   

One referral codes and program details

If you link your direct deposit to this bank, you will receive $50 with your first deposit of $250 or more! The savings account earns 1% interest and if you use the Auto-Save pocket, it earns 3% APY!!! My personal favorite in banking and a great way to save money and earn interest on your savings.

Check out One   

Coinbase referral codes and program details

Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. You can invite your friends by sharing the provided link. Once your friend buys or sells $100 of digital currency or more, you will both get $10 of free bitcoin.

Check out Coinbase   

Freebitcoin referral codes and program details

This is a great site that allows you to spin for free bitcoin every hour. Their is a rewards program, a lottery, and the multiply game that gives you an opportunity to multiply your BTC by 4,675x! Also any bitcoin you earn or deposit will earn 4% APY. Established in 2013, well-trusted, and a constant in my life.

Check out Freebitcoin   

Public referral codes and program details

Public makes the stock market social. Follow other investors, discover companies to believe in, invest with any amount of money — commission-free.

Check out Public   

Chime referral codes and program details

(NEW REFERRAL CODE) Chime will deposit an additional $75 in your account when you make your first direct deposit of $200 or more!

Check out Chime   

Fire Faucet referral codes and program details
Fire Faucet

Free faucet claim every 30 minutes and many other options for claiming FREE crypto currencies!!! Options for withdrawal include Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Digibyte, Tron, and ZEC!

Check out Fire Faucet   

CryptoTab referral codes and program details

This browser has a built in mining feature! You can use it on iOS, Android, and your desktop. You can log into multiple devices at once and boost your income for doing nothing but your regular internet usage. Join the FREE mining pool today. (You can also pay for quicker mining if you would like.)

Check out CryptoTab   

Conty Ads referral codes and program details
Conty Ads

ContyAds is an advertising platform with new functionality. At ContyAds, you can make money by watching advertisements or buy quality advertisement.

Check out Conty Ads   

Pi referral codes and program details

Leading up to the launch, the Pi Network is allowing referred users mine for FREE. Simply press the button to mine, set and forget! Use code “partyprophet”, start right away, and get to referring. Launch is planned before the end of 2021.

Check out Pi   

Killi referral codes and program details

Check out Killi   

Zack is smart! 😏

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