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Digital Ocean is quickly becoming a favourite in the hosting industry. If offers very competitively priced machines, but where it stands out for us is in its friendly interface and custom tools. Digital ocean offers one-click deploy of popular images (like a wordpress or database built).

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I used ur link to sign up but I ended up deactivating the acct bcos u people won't tell us what is needed to activate you didn't say there was going to be a payment before activating the bonus

a month ago

@stormkeeperdk 🎤

I haven't really used DO in a while, plus I used the default blurb for the time being so I at least have it listed for looking at later on, although perhaps now is the time to look into it, seeing as I'm reorganising everything right now! I do apologise for the lack of information, but equally, the person who did the initial entry really should have provided the information when they added the site, as I haven't fully looked into the referral programme as of yet, though I do have a referral link, so I figured I'd add it without expecting anyone to see it just yet! Either way, I do thank you for signing up under me, but I'm sorry that things didn't work out for you; there's not a lot else I can say right now regarding this.

a month ago

Stormkeeper is smart! 😏

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