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What I like about stash is it has a great search engine that shows how much dividend each company pays and how often. I only invest in company's that pay monthly dividends and stash lets me automatically reinvest growing my account each month. Stash also has what it calls a Stash stock party every week where they give away free stock to everyone who logs in. It not much usually less than a buck but it pays the dollar a month fee that stash charges. They also give you a debit card that gives you stock in what ever company you use at. So every time I buy groceries at Walmart I get a piece of Walmart stock. A trick I learned. I put the money that I want to pay my Lowes credit card in my stash debit card. Then when I pay my Lowes CC using my stash debit card I get free Lowes stock. I think its worth the little extra effort.

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