$5 + ~$10/mo passive income -> set & forget

@petrub + Honeygain

Update: I've tested this and it really does pay you to just keep you pc/phone running without a considerable usage to device internals! There seems to be no impact on streaming, gaming etc. Withdrawal works with no problems. The easiest way to withdraw in JMPT tokens to a Metamask wallet. From there you have full control and you can do convert the them to whatever you wish. Message me if you have questions. Get $5 starting gift when joining Honeygain using my referral link. You can also invite other people and earn a forever bonus equal to 10% of their earnings! If you have decent good unlimited internet and access to multiple devices like 3, you could be making about ~$10/month in passive income without any referral. Honeygain uses your devices internet connection to help businesses get web statistics, run add verification etc. (see their site for more). This generates passive income for you. All you need to do is just launch the app on your device (PC/Laptop/Mobile) and ensure that you have power and decent internet connection and you will earn credits. That's it. Useful info and tips: 🔹 1000 credits = $1 🔹 You gain 1 credit per 10MB generated traffic. So, my calculations are that you need to generate 10 GB traffic per account through your combined devices in order to earn $1. 🔹 You can add up to 10 devices per account and up to 2 per same network (IP address). 🔹 You can withdraw through PayPal or in BTC when you've gained $20 in your account OR whenever you want through the Binance Smart Chain if you choose to earn and get paid in JMPT tokens (JumpTask). Check it out. 🔹 You can gain extra credits per hour by activating Content Delivery feature (available only for Desktop in some countries) 🔹🔹You can pair this app together with the following apps: Peer2profit, EarnApp, IPRoyal Pawns and PacketStream, Spider Income --> all these apps do kind of the same thing but for different companies; They each have some specific features but essentially, all of them are "set and forget" kind of apps and you can run them in parallel get some easy cashflow monthly. You can find referral links with bonuses and more details on my profile page. Message me if you have questions or concerns.

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