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"GoldeFy"name comes from "Gold" and "DeFi" and its a combination of an idle game and a metaverse mining game that combines blockchain and NFT technology play-to-earn game. The purpose of this game is to create an environment where users can enjoy easily and earn, rather than the complex of play-to-earn games which are currently on the market. Goldefy is a Metaverse token. "GoldeFy" was coined from "Gold" and "DeFi" but the whole concept was inspired from the movie "AVATAR". It is decentralized block-chain based Earn-While-In-Sleep(EWIS) metaverse game where you can buy NFT characters and NFT estate, breed for new NFT character, Character enhancement, mine resources and gems for actual profit. GoldeFy is a metaverse platform, that allows players to interact with other players, compete and cooperate with others through our mini-games. Mini-games will be updated and created time to time, where players can entertains themselves and others.

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