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There are currently 2 different sign-up bonuses ongoing: • Available to everyone: Deposit $1+ and keep it on Abra for 1 day to get a $15 bonus in CRPX • Referral bonus: Deposit $15+ and keep it on Abra for over 30 days to get a $25 bonus in CRPX It's easiest to just deposit $15+ in crypto , as that means you'll collect both sign-up bonuses. Once your bonus confirms, it'll take another 5-7 days for the CRPX to actually show up in your crypto balance. Abra allows you to trade many cryptocurrencies, and earn interest on some of them. You can swap the CRPX to other cryptocurrencies if you'd like. You can withdraw any cryptocurrency supported by Abra, and the withdrawal fees are relatively low. Highly recommended, both for the sign-up bonus as well as for trading crypto and earning interest on it!

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