Citi reduced bonus June 2023. Current bonus is $100 to $500. Also works if opening in person at branch too

@greatgifts + Citi Bank

Citi changed the bonus June 2023! Other referrers may be saying you can get a $2,000 bonus, but Citi no longer offers that. I had the $2K listing too but I updated my link. Don't lose the chance to get a bonus by clicking on old links! You are eligible to open a new checking account if you have not had one with Citi for the past 6 months. Open a new checking account at or in person. Just take copy of my link with you. Citi current offer is valid until 1/9/24. Bonus is for opening a new checking account. You get $100, $200, or $500 based upon the amount you deposit.

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@greatgifts 🎤

I think of this like I would a CD or what to do with savings bc banks are paying very little interest. The amounts are high, but bonus is higher than other investments and you only have to keep your money in acct for 60 days! Earn $200 if you deposit $10K, earn $500 with a min deposit of $30K, earn $1,000 with min deposit of 75K, etc.

a year ago

USA is smart! 😏

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