$15 of bitcoin (10 from them 5 from me!)

@cryptomantis + Coinspot

$10 from them $5 from me! Message me after offer completion for extra $5 deposited into your account! It works buy awarding both users 10$ in bitcoin once they have signed up with the referral code and made a deposit. You can create your own referral link and get $10 for ever referral! Depositing as little as $1 will credit your account with a bonus $10 of bitcoin! Great chance to get a little bit of bitcoin before it goes to the moon (the halving is in 9 days!) AUSTRALIA ONLY

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I did it. Here is my paypal-paypal.me/kendawgtheking

6 months ago

Raden A

I have used your promo code. Once my account is verified, I will make the initial deposit. My BTC Wallet Address is: 1FFfGbZmYbBpRFkFX7RaM1eTP9rVjjZ5V Please send the $5 asap. Thank You for your assistance.

6 months ago

O is smart! 😏

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