✨ 10€ bonus + 0,75% Cashback ✨

@azurium + Iuvo

⚡10€ bonus + 0,75% Cashback (up to 200€) ⚡ of invested value in 1st 60 days (min 100€) using my referral. ✋ To be eligible write me an email and to get an invitation email. 🛈 Referral invitations are personalized via mail. 🛈 You can still ask a referral invitation if you opened an account less than 10 days ago and have not added funds yet to your account. 🛈 You need to register within 2 months after the referral date. 🛈 You needs to invest a min of 100€. 🛈 Bonus is credited after a period of 3 months. ✔️ IUVO is an experienced platform ✔️ Invest with AI (automatic investment) or manually. ✔️ Primary and secondary market ✔️ buyback guarantee

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